River open A on the 21st the iphone 4s cases

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River open A on the 21st the iphone 4s cases

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Rabies prevention knowledge of civilized dog series m (comp) ,buy toms shoes
Beijing bark meow pet hospital series pets literacy activities (the the Dinghui west 150 meters south 88,229,464 81,beat casque,913,559)
Rabies is a national statutory B infectious diseases are zoonotic diseases, which is caused by a rabies virus mainly affects the central nervous system. nervous system damage after the onset of the over-excitement,monster beats pas cher, fear of water, afraid of the sound, it is also called hydrophobia.
rabies has the following characteristics: 1
. virus infection;
2. the vast majority of animal bites infected;
3. immunity are likely to be infected;
4. more than the incubation period of 1 to 3 months and 5 days, the shortest period of up to nearly 20 years;
5. incidence, about the general course of one week in;
6 symptoms: fever, the main fear water, can not drink water, or even hear the sound of water, and painful expression,discount oakley sunglasses, tears, and sensitive to light,mens sunglasses, the spirit of panic, the site of the bite itching and other irritation. last mental disorders, paralysis and died. people have been bitten by Rabies about 1/3 To onset; be suffering from rabies bitten by a wolf, half the incidence. incidence is very painful, the diagnosis of rabies has not yet cured. death of 50,000 people per year worldwide caused by rabies is rabies so very terrible,toms shoes, but can be prevented.
control Rabies measures
First, wash the bite wound virus-containing saliva,toms canada, blood flush
is crowded places to squeeze,longchamp handbags, and shoots the water's edge to the wound outside the squeeze, to prevent the virus absorbed into the human body.
three disinfection. Flush 75% alcohol or iodine immediately after use to rub the wound inside and outside, as far as possible to kill the rabies virus.
injection of antibodies.
rabies vaccine.
experts have warned that in case the bite. to take immediate and reliable measures for prevention, only 1% -2% incidence, timely precautions, but also treatment measures, everything has to be too late to wait for an incidence of high-risk groups should be vaccinated for rabies prevention, high-risk groups including the family dog ​​or friends and family dog,soldes longchamp, medical personnel, and often come into contact with the animal population. Most people do not need vaccination.
be bitten by the pet (grasping) Haidian District, as well as peripheral injection of rabies vaccine in the hospital after the injury Tel:
Shijingshan hospital: No. 24 Shijingshan Road,soldes longchamp, Tel: 68666995 (Shijingshan District the)
Haidian Hospital: No. 29 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing Tel: the 82,619,miami heat jerseys,999
Beijing Chest Hospital: Beijing Haidian District, Hot Springs Road No. 118 Tel: (010) 62,456,644 the 62,453,972
Qinghe,beat by dre, Haidian District hospitals: Haidian District, Beijing Qinghe Town Street 72 [Phone]: (010) 62,913,353
pet rabies vaccine Hospital Tel:
meow,iphone 4s cases, bark, Beijing Pet Hospital (the Dinghui west 150 meters south Tel: 88,229,iphone cases,464 81,913,beat by dre,559)
bark meow animal hospital is approved by the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Agricultural Commission the formal animal health facilities passed the inspection of the Haidian District,cycling team, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture approved rabies immune designated places! hold the dog registration certificate and registration invoices to the hospital free of charge injection of rabies vaccine will be free to become a Court Member and enjoy various membership concessions.
dog management and supervision of institutions Introduction: Search dog management office of the District, members of units telephone:
District CDC 62,sacs �� main longchamp pas cher,611,737 *** District Administration for Industry and 82,692,011 *** District urban management and monitoring brigade 82,669,451 *** Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station 62,967,244
Tamura region Kennel Management Office of Profile:
responsibility of police officers: Zhen will learn Tel :010-68,228,454-8019
Zhen police officers to send statements: building a harmonious society. close to the people to do real work, Kennel office of the city, district-level extension of the work, the Tamura police station Kennel office in a specific work, levels, the principles of grass-roots to build dog households think, will implement the service awareness to.
of publicity activities theme: pet prevention of winter viral diseases and the monitoring unit the treatment
Tamura (Tamura Road,ray ban sunglasses, Haidian District,bike jersey, No. 37) neighborhood offices
Haidian District Veterinary Station (Yuanmingyuan East Road, Haidian District,iphone leather case, River open A on the 21st the)
Haidian District Kennel Management Office Tamura police station (Tin Tsuen Road No. 89)
12 October 2006
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