it is in this context cheap ray bans

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it is in this context cheap ray bans

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Backdoor listing, mergers and acquisitions, asset injections, the sensitive topic of these affects the nerves of investors, gave birth to the stock market one after another of the wealth story. Investors remain vigilant and strive to capture the first time these may be imminent wealth story,cheap ray bans, and allow themselves to be part of the story at the same time, have to be careful of falling into the trap of lies. the case described, is such a lie made up the Fortune story.
inadvertently caused uproar in a long silence, the stock market bullish in early 2007, the stock has been rising and rising popularity, but this time, the backdoor listing of the securities company kinds of rumors filled the ears of investors, all kinds of speculative reports occupy a prominent position in the media, it is in this context, the hero of the case Dimou (a pseudonym) is played. Dimou is
then worked at a domestic securities company's research department, a minor celebrity in the market also claim to this topic according to his own statement, he backdoor listing of the securities company is particularly interested in, so focus on these aspects have been studied and study after the says precisely this casual act, but immediately in the market caused an uproar.
securities laws who Yang Zhao counsel argues that it was his own purely speculative content as facts on the number of domestic well-known online media published his article on the backdoor listing of securities companies. in the article, Dimou positive tone,ray ban sunglasses, pointed out the backdoor listing of the number of securities companies, including the Bohai Securities ; article published immediately caused an uproar in the stock market.
Dimou in articles published in the backdoor listing of the securities company objects to make a very positive judgment, the point is very clear, read people will not consciously believe the true read these articles told reporters precisely by the clear point, and really quite the impact, investors began to flock to buy the article pointed out that the backdoor listing the stock of the object,ray ban sunglasses, the share price as it started to rise sharply.
mentioned in the article , stock prices are also daily limit to close within three trading days, the stock price increase amounted to 30%. found the company's stock price the transaction, Qinghai Gelation clarify the notice issued in the fourth trading day,ray ban sunglasses, Dimou in article conclusions to be denied again,ray ban sunglasses, Qinghai Gelation share price immediately dropped 8.16%. the backdoor object of the securities company
while the other one Dimou said in the article, the reporter find the time, stock prices, basically the Qinghai gelatin is similar to the listed company's share price is rising fast in Dimou article after,ray ban sunglasses, the continuous limit. In this process, the company has issued several regulations to clarify the notice for Dimou article and its conclusions do denied.
It is understood that the regulatory authorities is through the above-mentioned stock transaction immediately instructed to investigate, and eventually locked in Dimou who found out the letter I fabricated the story of wealth .
fabricated out of thin air Fortune story. seriously inconsistent with the facts, conclusions, constitute fabricating and spreading false information behavior.
at the same time, the article published in the media,cheap ray bans, causing investors to follow suit to buy, stock prices appear to change. It can be seen,ray ban sunglasses, Zhai certain this behavior has been misleading information to investors and enable investors to make bad investment judgments and decisions, to the detriment of the interests of investors, is a serious securities violations, the regulatory authorities under the Securities Act. the first paragraph of Article 78 on Dimou to make the decision on punishment.
why the Dimou an ordinary article can in the stock market cause such an uproar, careful study, was mainly due to the special status of the Dimou due. Dimou is itself securities professionals, and to borrow on behalf of the securities companies they worked in the published article. In China, securities companies and securities practitioners must go through regulatory approval and recognition, Di Mouli with this a duty identity will be more likely to win the trust of investors.
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