ostrich leather surface coating armani sunglass

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ostrich leather surface coating armani sunglass

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The leather
benchmark May CPO contract closed up 1 ringgit to close at 3657 ringgit / ton.
A vegetable oil exporters in Singapore, palm oil production vision to improve, to suppress the early market trend. Nothing more Asian electronics international trading of crude oil rose, the constraints of the broader market fell.
situation in the Middle East tension, causing the market supply concerns, to promote a sharp rise in crude oil prices. Welcome to the Asian electronic trading on the April delivery of light The crude oil contract rose $ 6.62, transactions in the $ 92.82 / barrel. CBOT May soyoil was up 61 points on turnover of 57.10 cents / lb.
boat transport investigation agencies ITS,armani sunglass, said Monday morning, twenty days before the mid-spring were Malaysian palm oil exports of 825,armani sunglass,180 tons, representing a decrease of 3.2% over the previous month, another company, SGS is expected to export 811,813 tons, were up 1.5%. the
leather shoes how maintenance? water dyed leather. waxing leather water to dye skin, waxing leather produced in Spain and India, waxing, skin surface without any decoration, but stained and coated with wax water polishing the surface of the striae clearly three-dimensional sense of strong, smooth feel. maintenance: water dyed leather waxing leather-coated leather, easy to absorb moisture and stains, the color is more prominent, dressed to avoid water stains or other stains, keeping the upper clean, non-rain, do not wear wipe maintenance, dust with a shoes milk to keep the upper luminosity, to prevent mildew. butter skin, discoloration of dough Taiwanese said hi crazy leather, mainland China, known as oil-immersed skin, the surface has a matte effect, but the feel is smooth, push the skin will changed color, the more obvious when wearing it suitable for rugged, casual shoes. maintenance: Oil skin is the name of a tanning process, pay attention to when wearing waterproof, anti-grease uppers need maintenance, it is recommended to use leather clothing or leather sofa cleaning agents. shoes purchase and maintenance (e) serpentine leather snake grain leather originating in Italy, leather coated with printing, film process, and then lacquered embossed snake scales pattern Therefore, the correct name should be called the Serpentine cow leather. the currently selected serpentinite cow leather and the serpentine sheep leather two kinds of maintenance: maintenance easier maintenance, shoes, milk and leather polishes to prevent stiffening of the ostrich leather ostrich leather Italian origin, as ostrich leather embossed grain pattern. unique ostrich pattern, stereoscopic, but the cortex is thin, elongation, and generally do,emporio armani sunglasses, bags, bags and ostrich leather shoes leather characteristics , ostrich sticks, to achieve perfect results. maintenance: ostrich leather surface coating, the tanning process similar to playing wax paper, maintenance waxing skin maintenance can the toothpick paint leather, lizard paint leather paint ostrich leather, puzzle paint cowhide, Symphony paint cowhide, silver paint, leather origin in Italy, roll coating process for the resin composite wax, a thin surface coating, colorful patterns to achieve lifelike simulation results, the bending and membrane of the skin layer cracks in the 40 000 or more times at room temperature. [general maintenance knowledge] of the shoes on a regular basis with the same color shoe cream evenly rubbed dry naturally for 10 minutes, with a cloth or shoe brush light glow of natural light and keep the shoes dry, such as the shoes get wet, dry cloth to wipe away the moisture in the shoe in a timely manner, in the shade, natural dry, do not on the sun exposure. longer storage time should be placed in the shoe trees or waste paper stuffed good shoes. matte leather, cashmere, cow suede with a brush along the comb brush (matte leather available hard brush pull the cashmere, cow suede available soft brush to pull ), Bindu king leather, patent leather, split leather, as well as some high-end shoes on a regular basis, waxing and maintenance. surface white, take efflorescence phenomenon appears if the shoes due to other reasons, wet or sweat too much can graze light soft cloth dipped in vinegar, then rubbed the same color shoe cream to dry shoes dyed lining, such as water, moisture and friction, sometimes fade phenomena are normal skin The shoes must avoid contact with acids,emporio armani sunglasses, alkalis, salts, oil substances to prevent surface damage, the impact of wearing a beautiful and shoes life in order to extend the life of the shoes, different shoes rotation. cleaning methods calf leather classification features open more than 10-year-old cattle side leather leather body, high toughness, but the smaller pores cattle coarse shoe cream, shoe polish, clean calf two-year-old calf, pores smaller than Daniel, tensile strength but more expensive than shoe cream, shoe polish clean. sheepskin sheepskin thick surface concavity, pores larger than cowhide, arranged in neat rows. shoe cream, shoe polish, clean lamb leather material is thinner, the pores are easy to color,armani exchange sunglasses, so bright colors more colors to choose from. shoe cream, shoe polish, clean cow suede leather on the back, the use of acid and brushed into a feeling of suede with sand rubber brush to dry brush,armani exchange sunglasses, not water and shoe polish , available frosted spray. the back of the sheep suede sheepskin, texture thin, surface smooth with sand glue like suede brush to dry brush, is not such as water and shoe polish can be used frosted spray. grinding Sharpei are thick, coarse leather rubbed off the surface layer, surface slip than the suede brush to dry brush with sand glue, not water and shoe polish, available frosted spray. patent leather is leather, sweep a thin layer of plastic on the surface, relatively smooth but affect skin flexible and breathable material with a wet cloth or transparent clean shoe polish wrinkled patent leather and patent leather, but the drum pressurized paint wrinkled up, leather paint soft. clean with a wet cloth or transparent shoe polish. printing fake leather snake more than leather is leather, the pressure in the epidermis sweep glue pattern. with a wet cloth or transparent shoe polish clean. Liangpi leather, polished surface of the layers of shoe polish, invisible pores,armani sunglasses, smooth surface, uniform color, but the effect leather elasticity with a wet cloth or clean transparent shoe polish, oil and leather, multi-purpose large cow or buffalo hide refueling, the body thick leather, the color of yin and yang, without shoes. shoe cream, shoe polish clean. knowledge of a do not shoes contact with acids, bases, etc.; 2. not rain soaked, water brush, sun-dried, roasted; often shoeshine oil, generally at least three or four days rub;. keep the leather soft,emporio armani sunglasses, bright, stored in a dry place ; to wear for some time to be placed on the wear of one or two days in order to avoid the deformation of shoes; leather www.51gouwu.org
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