a Ten singers on campus. In 2004

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a Ten singers on campus. In 2004

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edit the music section of the road
concert of Xi-jun (20) a Ten singers on campus. In 2004, under 16 years of age to participate in Shenzhen, Liu Xi-jun proud flag for music's She comes from the Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and Sister Bibi has many similarities with the age of 16 blockbuster,Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, with a rare two voices Xinghai School. Shimei longer follow the famous line when the line of duty, never assume that the exchange of experience before,Mulberry Bag, but Liu Xi-jun, but Ken's love of package by the judges,Ray-Ban Sunglasses sale, including Ken has personally sent PASS card, but also a solution of the judges sitting round forehead furrowed, ridicule and said: Liu Xi-jun, Xu professional assessment made by Emperor never hesitated and said: conditions, and I chose Liu Xi-jun. Still in high school, Liu Xi-jun on the flag with pride music signed on as the sects signed singer. Xi Jun little pride flag in the music studio has produced two EP,Ray-Bans for Cheap, the first recording to sing just It is this experience, Liu Xi-jun to own a position: for the singers to sing in the studio. Moreover, each time recording will progress each time,Cheap Hermes Bags, as Liu Xi-jun own words: basis,Cheap hermes Handbags, as well-known local singer Shenzhen Asia concert performances guest stars, and Tao, Jolin Tsai, Xu Wei, Dylan Kuo, Ady, Anson Hu and other famous singers sing the same stage, with a fresh and cheerful she was amazing audience. After that, as a representative of Shenzhen, Hong Kong singer took part in the ATV In addition, similar to the She is the drama process is slow lyrical songs in concert, of course, Ken's instructions with the package before, but more is Liu Xi-jun should I explain the slow songs are good. around to find some closer to the sound of the singer Anita Mui to the interpretation, because the drama is mainly about Anita's life story, so look for a lot of singers to sing, but had not quite satisfied,Prada Handbags, always feel that no elected So I sang that version of the trip, but finally decided to use my voice to illustrate the role of sound that, although he was also very small, but also that their teenage Mui can be deduced how the vicissitudes of the kind sound,Ray-Ban Sunglasses Cheap, but I try to go grew more experience. There is a style called quiet quiet with the Xi-jun who never become obsolete. Childhood by the influence of southern Guangdong culture, Liu Xi-jun in the audio world is always a nice appearance, as long as the home a cassette player, cassette she will be totally immersed in the sound created by the music world. Liu Xi-jun on stage is a soulful young woman,Ray-Bans for Cheap, the audience of the Xi-jun is a lovely quiet little girl so stupid. Say that girls can play quiet music, beautiful hand piano,Mulberry Bag, but unfortunately they look giggle Jun joked: Etude will be playing the kind! Edit this paragraph
growth process
Liu Xi-jun was born in Shenzhen City,Mulberry Handbag, Guangdong Province, Meizhou Hakka mother. She grew up in the music talent show a high, high school to learn vocal,Cheap Hermes Bags, 2003, had attended secondary school in Sha Tau Kok, Shenzhen campus singers contest, get the first ten singers. 15 years old her parents divorced, living with her mother after. In February 2004, was still in high school, Liu Xi-jun in the proud flag of Music's music road. In the same year, their debut single Liu Xi-jun has also become a minor celebrity in Shenzhen local singer. In 2006, Liu Xi-jun was selected as the TV drama She also obtained a result in 2006 in Shenzhen, In the same year, Liu Xi-jun was admitted to Xinghai Conservatory of Music, became a school girl Bibi. It is worth mentioning that this year the famous British pop singer Robbie Williams World Tour will be held, and Liu Xi-jun had likely been invited to Hong Kong Station in November with the same stage singing, but ri Lanka's own health problems, including Hong Kong,Cheap Hermes Bags, some standing on the Asian tour last abolished. December 25, 2007, his personal debut EP 3 songs, Liu Xi-jun music on the road has thus upgraded to a new level. May 2008, the fifth campus in Pioneer Invitational, won the runner-up music. On 8 July the same year, the second EP And their debut album March 2009,Mulberry Bag, Liu Xi-jun as the representatives of Shenzhen, Zhejiang TV,Ray-Bans for Cheap, She also served several times after the Zhejiang Satellite TV 2009 Hunan TV After she successfully cut over 300 strong, and June 13, fifth in the 300 into the 60 packets were Ken praised the judges for the With a good shape and solid vocals, Liu Xi-jun won the judges highly favored. June 26, 18 into the finals the first 10, she became the first to qualify for the national top 10 of one of three fast women. Liu Xi-jun, after all the way into the national top 5. 4 in 5 games into the stop at the National 4 strong. Liu Xi-jun after the game released their single The year-long extension of his debut album With this album, Liu Xi-jun on March 6, Pioneer in Music list April 15, Liu Xi-jun went to the water to arid regions of Guangxi, and later on May 7 held in Shenzhen charity concert held in individual, the proceeds donated to the arid southwest. Then,Ray-Bans for Cheap, sign up sound international, and in May 2011 issue of the new 2nd album Fresh songs, Sentimental concert, shell wind chimes, rickety, which is when young childish play, love her garden filled with golden dreams, shy, throbbing; gentle, unassuming, youthful, printed on the mouth. Is still a long hair, big eyes, still, still quiet back then,Prada Bags, still smile, still a happy girl growing up on the road burst into song. Yes, she is Liu Xi-jun. High school campus singing competition, singing is her first stop shining,Cheap hermes Handbags, inexperienced, it highlights her natural temperament of the singer's potential. Unfortunately my mother very early to see the top talent in the music king. Because Liu Xi-jun was very young, she formed a deep bond with the music. Liu Xi-jun living in Meizhou, Guangdong Province is a very ordinary family, my mother was a company clerk, has a busy work day, my father is often out of work, with little time at home, for the Liu Xi-jun, the mother is the only childhood memories, but unfortunately the king with a small taste of father still does not understand that,Ray-Ban Sunglasses, in her 15 years old, my parents divorced. Although the Xi-jun would say the divorce of their parents have little effect, but she knew it was unfortunately the king's pretending to be strong, she just is not so to be able to blame her mother. The plight of single mothers, good strong girl, the kind of mutual shielding each other's heart, we are all deeply moved. The lack of fatherly love and family difficulties, and did not let Xi-jun lost yearning for life, she is like the rock side of the weeds, the environment is harsh, strong and more able to survive,Cheap Hermes, but God seems to have not forgotten the blessing of this effort children, the fate of the closed door for her but also for her to open another door, that is music on the road leading to the door. In February 2004, her 15-year-old proud flag of music held in Shenzhen, Sign So Liu Xi-jun's musical journey started, and with the support of her mother, with his own insistence. Fortunately, Liu Xi-jun by virtue of their love of music, the pursuit of music, with songs again and again to prove himself on the stage in all her constantly hone their sizes obtained by excluding the award is number, the most important thing is a very young age she would be able to perform to earn their own living expenses, although not much, but to reduce the mother's burden. Natural to obtain a good singing voice kept her Anita's voice hoarse vigorous days, and Liu Xi-jun's voice is gentle and sweet, such a big difference to Liu Xi-jun did not miss this opportunity, Liu Xi-jun with their own voice not only conquered the director, Anita Mui love conquer all audience, more so that they have gained unprecedented recognition and support.

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