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Postby iyppAyCt » Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:40 am

Although it may initially seem like a paradox, particularly when considering a number of large companies who appear to sacrifice environmental ethics for profit; financial gain and environmental awareness are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Admittedly, the idea of simultaneously making money and benefitting the planet is not always a realistic aim for those who work in industries which necessarily impact upon the environment in the performance of their primary line of work- but for the vast majority of businesses it genuinely is possible.
The single biggest aspect to consider here is a very basic marketing concept which although relatively cynical in motivation is a genuinely ethical ethos if properly adhered to. Quite simply: 'Eco Sells'. Given the increasing environmental awareness of the majority of the population,Christian Louboutin Daffodile, where there is no difference in price or quality,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Toe Pumps 44_1401, people will generally opt for a product or service which is actively eco-friendly compared to one which is not. If you are in a position to offer an environmental slant on your core line of business then it can really pay dividends. With the development of organisations who plant trees on your behalf in order to attain carbon neutrality, almost any company can quite literally buy their way into the environmentally ethical angle. Although this cost may be substantial to aircraft carriers, plastics manufacturers and other high carbon output businesses,sac Chanel,chanel Bags outlet 49_968, to the majority of companies the relatively small cost is easily recouped by a cleverly targeted marketing initiative and the resultant upturn in sales.
If the step of 'buying environmental credentials' is a little too extreme for you then there are a multitude of smaller ways to embrace environmental friendliness and similarly keep cash in the company coffers. These simple practices essentially fall into two categories: using less and buying intelligently.
In terms of using less,Christian Louboutin Shoes, common sense prevails. By turning off electrical equipment when not in use you use (hence pay for) less electricity which both saves money and reduces your impact upon the environment. The same applies to printing. Printing materials such as ink and paper can be costly and certainly play their part in depleting natural resources. A huge number of emails and documents are unnecessarily printed in large offices- bringing in codes of practice which prevent this will ultimately save money and benefit the environment.
Buying intelligently can refer to all aspects of a business, specifics depend upon the industry in which a company operates. Recycled stationery supplies and consumables for instance can now be purchased for the same price as standard items and in some cases even less. Finding ways to benefit both cash flow and the planet is a simple procedure which will ultimately pay dividends.
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