Most people regret the tortoise mm Yang Jian cycli

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Most people regret the tortoise mm Yang Jian cycli

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Most people regret the tortoise mm Yang Jian ,ray ban outlet
Yang Jian was a good emperor, even should be the connecting link between the figures in Chinese history, but unfortunately Wanjiebubao ill son Yang Guang to take liberties with his favorite wife Rong Huafu (Chen emperor's sister) is the gas expired,cycling team, Yang Guang came to the throne was made after the first thing is to let I became a turtle, followed by kinky queen mother Xuanhuafuren a nominally
2, when the turtle number of the emperor mm Yang Guang
Yang Guang own father and brother when a turtle, but his official Lady the Xiao Huanghou (Southern Liangdi Gong master) after his death, the imperial concubine successively became Yuwenhuaji the Princess, Picea pet concubine, two generations the Turks Fanwang Princess, and finally became the harem of Emperor Li Shimin Zhao Rong Yang Guang has five officially put on the green hat is the patricide Tuxiong retribution.
3, as also the tortoise , the loser turtle mm Li Yuan
Li Yuan and Yang Guang fairly cousin,bike jersey, it was his Holi confused kinky two concubine of his cousin Yang Guang, to make him determined to anti-Sui,rayban sunglasses, as the generation of the founding emperor, however, two concubine and later built adultery with the Prince, so that Li Yuan has become a turtle, it would be the Xuanwumen event of a fuse, leading to Li Yuan abdicated
4, Li Shimin of the reputation of the best turtle mm
Although the generation of enlightened ruler, but it is undeniable that he is a turtle, he first kinky wife Shaw and daughter of uncle Yang Guang Young, after the prostitution of the wife of his brother Yuanji Young, the results of his old age pet only people Vu Thi fornication and his son, let him when he was not dead when the turtle
5, the most useless turtle mm room left love
Li Shimin 17th Fuma, Gaoyang Princess husband, Fang Xuanling second son,cycling team, that he was a good family,ray bans wayfarer, but he unfortunately married a princess, his wife fornication carrying him and the monk,cycling jerseys, but also gave birth to a son,bike jersey, another high yang princess and his big brother and Gaoyang half brother Wu Wangke relationship are Buqingbubai, he can only turn a blind eye, eventually, and when the turtle with the rebels, but also because of his reasons for disclosure, ended in failure ruin.
6, the Millennium bastard years of the turtle mm Li governance
, Li Zhi, the guy had enjoyed no human bile, let the father when the tortoise,mens sunglasses, letting her husband when the turtle, but also to play mother and daughter worked Kazuo game, shameless to the extreme his retribution. largest,cycling team, Yang Guang the number of times when the turtle is actually far can not be compared with him, but let Yang Guang when the turtle is a hero or emperor, and his wife Wu Zetian life and how many men incest who can not tell, In short, Li Zhi turtle qualities of thousand years does not fade.
7, the tortoise in the tortoise mm Linning
Li Zhi, and Empress Wu's third son,gucci sunglasses, he grew up in a turtle era of rampant, that he was naturally point angular can be many years of exile is bald, his wife Wei to give him a cuckold than Wu Zetian had it all and Wu Zetian wide raised surface, after all,cycling jerseys, after the death of Li Zhi Wei after her husband under the eyes of the Emperor and undermine the erotic,ray bans wayfarer, from the Wu Sansi, Zong Chuke,carrera sunglasses, Ma Qin passenger, Cui shi as minister of state, down to the physician and the cook of the palace,cycling team, even the husband of his daughter left off, while Li Xianming knows it not angry, and even after Wei and his lover who gamble also helped count the money,ray bans wayfarer, really do turtles do at home, after the last Wei did not let go This is the turtle, and daughter poisoned Linning
8, the most talented turtle mm Cui
Cui was a famous poet and handsome man, and greatly famous turtle, and he had sex with a woman in countless, Pacific Princess, what Wei Wei the daughter of Wing-lok, the princess, the daughter of the Princess Taiping, Shangguan Waner, he also have the ability to make every woman he attached to endless, his greatest skill is his wife and daughter to Li Longji (Xuanzong) sleep, relying on When the turtle has been illustrious career, but later the reign to kill, it seems that the turtle is not a panacea, politics is the first
9, the favorite wife of others tortoise mm Li Longji
famous Tang emperor , creating a Golden Age Kaiyuan, a promiscuous animals, Cui and her daughter,prada sunglasses, I know the Emperor when Prince kinky father's concubine Young, when the emperor and then robbed his son's concubine Young him in my father's son when the turtle has virtually When a turtle is said Concubine Yang and An-lu Mountain collusion into adultery, Yang returned to dry son bathed
the the 10 people when the turtle turtle lives mm He Lanmin
above emperors, compared to this guy Caoji unknown, he has been able to Tang history of leaving a completely because he is the son of the Empress Wu sister He Lanshi,ray ban outlet, his aunt is the Queen, his mother and sister adultery and King Gojong, but also at the same time Aunt Wu Zetian killed, he not only inherited the true nature of family promiscuous, or a color not to the life of the guy,biking jersey, he was very young when they were foster grandmother,bike jersey, and their pro-grandmother. Young Mother of Empress Wu of adultery, it is probable that they raped as young as eight-year-old cousin, Pacific Princess, really should be Qianlong's famous quote: and in addition to students and students who can be kinky. Crown Princess and later Wu Zetian selected as the crown prince Li, this guy even pre-emptive rape of the future Crown Princess Young (I do not know where so many Young). Wu Zetian unbearable for him to kill him, can be considered dead on people when the turtle.
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