everything changed

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everything changed

Postby k3by6e46h2 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:12 am

Xue Zhaofeng
few days ago, the EU anti-trust court disclosure of Microsoft's internal documents, as evidence of the company to exclude competitors from using unfair means. Microsoft in order to avoid hefty fines, forced to jury to apologize, admit that their past behavior is the fragmentation?
competition is always defeated rival for the purpose of question is what means Microsoft has always been to develop its own products under patent protection, and then to the outstanding features to attract users through a user voluntarily vote with money, indirectly to defeat the competitors, this is precisely the model of market competition, rather than ; value if the company's products have been destroyed physically, then the government should be protected; but if the company's products fail to attract customers to the loss of value, no need for government to come forward to protect what
Microsoft What is wrong? it hurts the user what benefits? The fact is that Microsoft has developed a graphical interface of the Windows operating system, not only to replace the difficult to use the DOS operating system, but also at the same time integrate a large number of small procedures, in order to defeat the IBM and a large number of add-on software vendors and technical staff. high 2000 yuan Han cards; to the coordination of several commonly used software, you have to study around the clock and try to configured in the config.sys file HIMEN and EMS parameters; I ran to the enterprise staff class, just to teach people how to copy files and change path, you can make the purchase of 30 multi-volume Encyclopedia of the money with the advent of Windows 95, everything changed: Hanka was defeated WYSIWYG soft character base became self-evident standards; operating system can automatically deploy massive amounts of memory space, the config.sys parameters without manual changes; close convenient user interface, and then no one would pay money for me to teach how to open the folder and copy files. Microsoft more than a decade innovation, eliminated tens of thousands of old technology and skills and who suffer, who benefits is clear.
EU published material, Microsoft executives to the Windows operating system for a toll bridge. to each computer levy of $ 45 to $ 80, ranging from royalty to be levied compared to the toll. incredible is that this has become incriminating evidence why the bridge-building is entitled to receive toll-made software on no right to close the user fees? simply because Microsoft products , compatible and make it disappear. Microsoft do not need to really make their own CPU, hard disk and motherboard, as long as it and other manufacturers, computers and software made one, everywhere marked with the mark of Microsoft, while Apple's computer is doing so from a effect, the Microsoft model market is much larger than the Apple model to win if you switch to the Apple model, Microsoft, users and third-party developers, they will not enjoy such a huge progress. Looking back, Microsoft's open platform, this trick on the Netscape and Lotus was the opportunity to compete with Microsoft, it is also because Microsoft is encouraging third-party developers the results.
but now Microsoft's open platform , but to suppress opponents of the charges incurred if the punishment is too large, Microsoft is likely to adjust its strategy to follow Apple to go closed the road of development, then the victims of society as a whole. EU accused Microsoft of unfair tactics against rivals Netscape and Lotus , but just the fact that Microsoft is encouraging someone else is saying race, and Microsoft, in some cases outperform it. Is opponents underperform, it shows that Microsoft is not fair?
Microsoft should not apologize, I think Microsoft is in the United States and Europe lost on the court with their legal advisers do not understand the economy, unable to confidently defend their own legitimate business behavior, which to the public, juries and judges to furtively dilemma impression of a great relationship. In 2000, I went to Seattle with responsible for anti-trust lawsuit, Dave Heiner talk about one hour, subject to criticism their backs straight enough.
today, if I was Bill Gates, I will be the European Union, said: Moreover, a day the cost is only one Starbucks Coffee. Netscape and Lotus to compete with me, the opportunity precisely to if I had an open platform, they simply did not to develop software. they later lost entirely the user's voluntarily choose to fine me so much money, I do not sell you on the Silk Road to find smuggled goods.
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