Chou Chou four weeks bulls jerseys

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Chou Chou four weeks bulls jerseys

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:31 am

Lavender and cactus
pink nine (Adult)
balcony pot of lavender. Live in a small the Tao mud pot, comfortable and cozy master likes to put it in the sunniest corner of the balcony,nba jerseys cheap, the breeze blowing,iphone 4 cases, it happily shaking his head and forgot to tell you it is a little beauty, grass green floral dress,bulls jerseys, small yellow gem shoes, purple flower hat, it is extraordinarily fresh and elegant,bulls jerseys, it is never to cover up its own elegant and refined temperament, every day, put up a beautiful head and watching everything around noon, they wait for the owner to enjoy it upwind the dance. masters of mood will be more care to take care of it.
lavender lady today from a dream,apple iphone 10s cases, wake up and feel a general uneasiness to Jitter dress was wet with dew, stretching,iphone 6s cases, let the incense of their covered diffuse gas in the air, ready for the day in a good mood, as always, Chou Chou four weeks,cheap iphone cases, only to find the side moved to a new neighbor mm a monster, short and tall,iphone 4 cases, wearing a ragged clothes (rags because clothes its own burr all the holes), thick from head to toe. really strange neighbors, not even make a lavender lady could not help but asked: patience, and cleared his throat, Haoshenghaoqi said: , or heard such a pleasant greeting, is dumb also point to express it. not the guy with the such speech is really demeaning, but fortunately no one sees next, but it will not say out. rotating around her.
noon, the owner, as always, to look at it, lavender lady immediately shook his head efforts to head higher in Ngong, pleasant to the owner must look at me intently with her graceful dancing, bursts of intoxicating fragrance drift off the balcony suddenly become quiet valley of flowers. indeed the master is carefully looked at her,iphone 4 cases, his mouth is saying something, but she did not personally they simply immersed in their own dream of the owner looked at her a few minutes, put a glass of water thrown Rupen, lavender lady sucking the sweet juice, hard dance skirt wind raised her belly full sucking eyes a look and found the owner a glass of water down to that little man, I thought: it does not do anything, I let him feel relaxed, it
may be a few days later the lavender lady is really a disaster,miami heat jerseys, if the day she listen carefully to what he said what if she not drink water, leave in the soil, perhaps behind the five days it will feel better after five days masters of something to go out, needless to say, lavender lady almost died of thirst, she was on the fifth day, and strive to open their eyes to want to Finally look at this beautiful world, she was accustomed to a take a look at four weeks, actually surprised to find that the smaller the head opened a white flower hat, the little flower braid, very beautiful, may be wearing a top flower hat, the little man no longer looks ugly rags Golden Phi covered under the sun, a shallow green, ! thought, she turned the last of the air force with crying, later she was crying tired, gradually sink and fall asleep in a dream she can suck the sweet juice, all sorts of it,nba jerseys cheap, really happy, this dream will never do wake up just fine.
The next morning, the warm sun as usual to visit this balcony, lavender Miss squint slightly open eyes, and found that he did not lose anything,iphone 13s cases, and was pleased to shake up the body, the original last night, that dream is Really,iphone leather case, the owner came back with a big glass of water, came to the balcony watering them. lavender lady is too excited, the owner came back,iphone 4 cases, I can dance to the master to see, life is too good! the lavender Miss decision immediately prepared to wait for the master the approach of noon, she firmly shook the dress to shake off the dust and refresh the head of the purple flower hat happily waiting for when she was suddenly struck little around a lot, the head of the flower hat the two white, she was a little surprised at the little man and indomitable willpower, but decided to ignore it. master at noon,iphone cases, with a glass of water, after reading the the lavender Miss perfect dance,bulls jerseys, pouring water to them, but also appreciation they can be tenacious of life, the lavender lady heard this shyly bowed his head,[url=http:///user/view/1059277]miami heat jerseys[/url], eyes Chouchou that smaller,apple iphone 7s cases, it still stood silent, but as if the head of small white flowers slightly nodding to the lavender lady points, lavender The lady smiled sheepishly, she understood that the smaller the real appreciated. she decided a little man with a happy life in a warm balcony.
Since then,nba jerseys cheap, from that after the people, as long as you are to the front of the house expiry of the balcony on the corner, you will see a slim lavender breeze,iphone 11s cases, dance to her for a pot of cactus quietly appreciate the little white on her superb dancing, cactus flower hat will be slightly nodded. so a good neighbor, peace and happiness to life.
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