can not easily complain not satisfied easily

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can not easily complain not satisfied easily

Postby d7mk85asy9 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:26 pm

God at the weekend to open the eyes, arranged a cloudy day to facilitate a weekend getaway, Today is Tuesday, rainy start was not complete, this comparison, the original dry cloudy day weekend two days are so precious!
Friday night, I had some educational consulting bonus prize awarded by the beloved Zhu Shuji place for all of the bonuses hit the arrangement on Saturday and Sunday, two days, Saturday to visit mentor, Sunday Japanese training registration fee but also the value, after all, did not ask the family for money.
[The picture shows me and the provincial education department leadership, the hospital secretary, Professor Zhu Jitai]
Saturday morning to meet the Hefei College side of the external teacher, I went to visit my beloved teacher Sang, a secret painting system Parkson Plaza Walking Street X layer XX Institute Meticulous epic piece of giant Anhui Artists planning by the President of the Association, the giant painting will be completed in 2010, the completion of the day changed history, this picture will be China's largest and most sophisticated a painting meticulous Figures, Museum of Chinese History has been pre-paid one million ordered two years later, in the hall of the Museum of Chinese History in Beijing the most obvious position, will be dominated by, and I see a copy of the writings of the only students.
Zhang (Anhui Chairman) said to me: Jiangsu Province Chinese Painting Research Institute) invited me to lunch, combined with the landscape master of Anhui Chairman Zhang teacher with the Central Academy of Fine Arts, I was a great excitement, all of this, let me feel happy! found himself all of a sudden slip to the high life: eating, drinking, enjoying themselves to stimulate me: After dinner, I quickly fall back to the middle class status. Although my work is considered to Hefei, the small white-collar, but after all, from the My ideal is far worse. Sang teachers and the Teacher Chang told me: can not easily complain not satisfied easily, after all, now called leisurely iron rice bowl can not be easily obtained, and the true meaning of dedication and practical to do practical work is a man! as long as the work is conducive to future development, it is a serious effort to do! br> Sunday, I went to seven years Japanese translation Wang teacher, I would definitely learn Japanese, learn Japanese, go to Nagano Park to see the falling Sakula to Mount Fuji Wishing to go to Hokkaido to enjoy rotating sushi, go to Tokyo Tower overlooking the hh city life can be so beautiful, a dream of course, so I think the struggle has meaning! the past year by some of the boys love Ye Hao happiness, the original is a little charm! hee hee hee ~ ~
Last night, I stand idly by your own prediction: Snake Year of the Dragon 2012 or 2013 according to my age, married, 2014 Year of the Horse birth to a foal and success, it would be good, ha ha ha ~ ~
attached I just got the good news: the Higher Education Teacher by a one-time, full after one year working experience can apply, I was known for the ...
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