Goldman Sachs will pay a price. prix longchamps

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Goldman Sachs will pay a price. prix longchamps

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:54 am

Merkel at the moment is estimated that belly full of anger, because Obama
SEC audacious a check in the end, Goldman Sachs, this time all the tricks are exposed, always to the interests of customers, which is Goldman Sachs paid lip pursuit. John Paulson at the moment should steal laugh, the interests of Goldman Sachs for John Paulson, for the transaction of $ 15 million sponsorship fee, the CDS trading income of 841 million yuan, Goldman Sachs,soldes longchamp, the German is very uncomfortable
Germany IKB is being taken advantage of, their boss at the end of 2006 is still very cautious, but the U.S. subprime mortgage market's crazy difficult for them to control their own young and frivolous Tuoer Lei may be famous too early,soldes longchamp, as Goldman Sachs Young Turks, the Tuo Erlei natural Superman marketing,prix des longchamp, public relations capacity. Although the ACA do not know John Paulson in the end is what role, Tuoer Lei ACA has become a stepping stone in a month's time.
$ 150 million,prix des longchamp, not a large sum for a bank,sacs �� main longchamp pas cher, but IKB, but can not afford Goldman Sachs CDO re too stupid to not IKB, Goldman Sachs and John Paulson are too wily German had to roll up their sleeves to save financial IKB, the rapid deterioration of the financial institutions of the German Development Bank join forces to save 10 billion euros eventually let IKB dying. feud always obscure
mall, IKB,prix des longchamp, Goldman Sachs to play dead last corpses of the United States isolated Star Fund, this fund in the field of financial mergers and acquisitions,sacs �� main longchamp pas cher, has been a strong competitor of Goldman Sachs. Although people like to stubbornly believe that Goldman Sachs is very powerful, had to admit that Lone Star in Korea, so that Goldman Sachs had no face,sacs �� main longchamp pas cher, of course, Goldman Sachs and later a tooth for a tooth,sac �� main longchamp, and finally a large number of politicians involved in Korea, the South Korean political turmoil.
Merkel, of course, to anger,soldes longchamp, to Greece that year, Goldman set a trap, Europe, little brother to fool Big Brother Germany, although the Greeks feel that they beyond the Germanic civilization, now the Germans are the boss of the euro-zone economy, little brother colluded with the United States people, not precisely the Jews, they hesitate to financial fraud entering into the European Union, Goldman's body stuck to the Game of Death in German must pay the CDS German Game of Death of
Goldman Sachs, ABN AMRO Bank had with the German,prix des longchamp, all foot the bill for Goldman Sachs. Dutch banks to issue the CDS, Goldman Sachs became the financial adviser of the International Group of the Netherlands, brewing acquisition ABN AMRO Bank, ACA fully agree with the 90 portfolio selected by John Paulson, Goldman Sachs suddenly with the ING Group termination, Bank of the Netherlands last won the British,prix longchamps, even though they are a very happy, and now the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mo Kerr, like a very angry,sac �� main longchamp, because the Royal Bank of Scotland have to pay for the folly of the Dutch bank.
the SEC investigation of Goldman Sachs with Brown, Angela Merkel find the opportunity to vent,prix longchamps, this is not Obama's stupid, Obama is not could allow the SEC to clean up the Goldman Sachs In addition to Goldman Sachs a lot of sponsorship Obama, Obama must be considered for the presidency, as well as the future of American now Obama's public support rate since World War II, a decrease of the fastest President , Obama is now the capital of Wall Street bigwigs embarrassed
when a large number of troops to Afghanistan,prix des longchamp, Obama was a nightmare wrapped this nightmare once the Soviet Union is no face, even though the local war the Soviet Union in the upper hand, despite their powerful artillery offensive, and adequate logistical,sacs �� main longchamp pas cher, the Soviets finally had shame to get out. Obama is not a Washington politician he was just a lawyer mixing out of the army of the Americans succeed in Afghanistan withdrawal standing body,soldes longchamp, there is no real money to support, not tenacious and excellent operational intelligence, it was all talk.
Obama's real money only on their own, Germany and China is now the largest exporter in the United States country, a huge trade deficit Obama very hard to accept, will never allow the United States reduced to the world's second speech on Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill lawmakers to tears. excited after the Members of the United States,prix des longchamp, but watched the Obama Ma, Obama had set up a Trade cabinet rate is getting lower and lower, because of the high unemployment rate has made of Obama Horsehead., there is no financial support, Obama's Industrial recovery plan can only be a fantasy, then luxury trade cabinet, industry and are not what you export ? atomic bomb? or spacecraft?
Obama edgy stand up and say there is no communication with the SEC, which has warned the SEC, do not engage in expansion,prix longchamps, this is not just that Goldman Sachs is a fatal blow, the bigger hit Obama's support for the future and fate of the Americans,prix longchamps, the Americans can not afford a second round of financial turmoil. Angela Merkel does not like the grinding mill chirp man, she needs an excited German results Brown is the same Obama will not let the German National People's Congress to make a fuss, the British do not have the resources, or toss it up, without firing a shot, Goldman Sachs will pay a price.
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