Netscape failed

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Netscape failed

Postby Kdu74sgu671 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:52 am

Chiang note] that conflict is inevitable between Google and Microsoft, after all, by the PC era to the full transition of the Internet era, for part of the success of the enterprise, there must be some companies sacrifice. Recommended.
If the confidence is accumulated in the practice of life, business confidence must be erected in the market of actual combat this, Google fully understood, its Microsoft by fear to test the current provocation test and then, their confidence after rising in tandem with Microsoft, many PK, linear upward trend.
for Google to challenge Microsoft's hegemony, the industry has been cautious optimism, it is no wonder we have this reaction, and want to jump peep etscape was the rapid development momentum. the industry to think it can break the Microsoft monopoly situation, but in front of the capital strength, a little bit of technology leadership is useless, Netscape, still disappeared. lesson Bukebufang, good at summing up historical experience and lessons of the observers and the media, Google to mention a wake up much earlier gave the original, Netscape was arrogant, very looked down to Microsoft, so Microsoft is enraged, slightly Shi blow, Netscape became others foregone conclusion, of course, in this Netscape is a failure does not make sense, recently, I see an interview with Netscape founder, in his view, Netscape was selling a good money from an investment point of view, the return is very good.
However, from the point of view of Microsoft, Netscape failed, Microsoft's competitors disappear disappear that for decades, only to last year, that she heard the news of Netscape's said and Hewlett-Packard computer bundle , re-stir up trouble in the browser market. In view of this, against Microsoft, Google, did not forget to kindly remind Google, not fully mature, do not harass Microsoft, or awakened by the PC giant, then, can only steal sheep gone. Google did enough caution, with virtually no direct confrontation and Microsoft are not even apparent conflict, however,
in a way has been developed to the peak of Google, forced to search engines profits have been squeezed to almost everything, had to expand to other areas in order to maintain its inherent momentum of development in order to maintain its strong performance in the stock market then staged a Google and PC giant Microsoft, Internet giant Yahoo Inc. to compete for AOL scene happened at the beginning, given Microsoft's fierce offensive the industry generally believes that Microsoft's determined to get AOL, Google and Yahoo specify whether to stand a chance. However, things are far less think it stands to reason, after several months of Super PK.Google speak louder than words the way that it is not as general upstart new enterprises as there is no foundation, unable to withstand the test of market, credit and can not stop the old guys blow even in the face of strong, such as Microsoft , Google still is panic, easily staged an a comprehensive challenge Microsoft's ambitions in recent days, according to media reports, Google money out of people, the technology, the support of the open source browser Firefox (Firefox) This message is actually from Firefox, the chief engineer (Ben Goodger, leakage) in the online post said, this from working at Google since January this year. they are trying to improve the browser's tab, than Firefox dominant Google has hired a number of the Mozilla (Firefox of the owner) programmers, the development of the experimental version of Firefox, to improve the performance of the tab in order to promote the use of Firefox, Google has also recently made public a as a referral program for AdSense ads service. connotation of the terms of the high value of the plan, if the owner of the site is placed on a special button on a web page, this button Firefox has been downloaded once, they can get $ 1
in accordance with official statistics, Firefox already accounted for more than 10 percent of the browser market to shake the dominance of Microsoft's IE browser. Of course, Google is the reason why obligations for Firefox, on the one hand, of course, is against Microsoft with the addition rapid development is also the one hand, want to use Firefox to promote themselves. previously has been reported to the Mozilla Corporation to accept Google7200 Million-dollar sponsorship, on condition that the Google search bar embedded in the upper right corner of the Firefox browser Mozilla CEO mm Mitchell Baker said in an email: partners achieve the specific details of these terms are confidential. extremely important a feature. In fact, Google has been in the recruitment of engineers to develop products of the operating system and browser is an indisputable fact, Google is said to widespread use within its self-developed operating system called Goobuntu, but Google has been no external introduction of this system. Ubuntu (Goobuntu, is based on it) founder Mark Shuttleworth revealed that Google internally and not just use the Ubuntu Goobuntu a version of the Linux operating system, it also has a variety of Linux-based operating systems, such as the current release of the popular such as Red Hat, SUSE, and Debian, Google them on the basis of developed its own operating system., two in addition to the conflict on the operating system, office software and browser in the search market, the Google the VS the MSN, Gtalk and MSN Message, E-mail, blogs, there is competition in the field of instant messaging in addition to the traditional areas of business such as operating systems and office software, Microsoft is the relative advantage outside, in the emerging based on web2.0 business, Microsoft has always been in the position of the pursuer and the followers.
as consumers, we are happy to enjoy the Google and Microsoft's World War, because there is competition in the market only products the improvement of quality and service quality, only the decline in consumer costs. In view of this, let lying we see the situation from sidelines!
as early as October 4 last year, according to AP reports, Google and Sun Microsystems Inc. signed a cooperation agreement, Under the agreement, Google will help Sun to promote its development of starOffice to make it become the most powerful competitor of Microsoft Office; the Sun on its Web site Free Java software provided with the Google search toolbar download.
so, Google declaration does not enter the operating system market, but it is in fact the formation of the three mainstream products with Microsoft in mm operating system, office software and the browser market competition. Prior to that, Google Google operating system, including but not exposed in the office software is also near, did not arouse enough attention of Microsoft. with this in the browser market force, coupled with Microsoft Firefox's innate hatred of the war of the two most likely to be fully started.
: Jiang Jiang Source: NEW YORK
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