Casque beats a single from the most well-known he

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Casque beats a single from the most well-known he

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:09 am

Noon to sleep to remember to shut the computer
Do you often feel head heavy or memory loss? Share tummy to sleep when you want to remember the computer shuts down, not just turn off the screen as only screen turn off is unable to prevent radiation, and we all sleep on the head directly into the computer, the day had Alzheimer's disease or brain tumors will be too late! radiation is really terrible,what is your joys for playing with headphones casq! careful ~ health important than all the
* computer users killer --- thoracic outlet syndrome
often sitting in the computer desk, is it to sit for several hours and incorrect posture, always feel inexplicable neck and shoulder pain. even the motivation to work? you make a small test, you looked to your head to the left direction, down your head 45 degrees and then slowly bend down action to do here, and your neck and shoulder and neck feel normal pain? If you have these symptoms, you have to be careful,casque Beats Headphones are amazing for an product, because you are very likely to be victims of modern computer diseases of civilization
a computer family, you may often wonder why often feel back pain, body resistance is increasingly weak, the spirit is often unable to concentrate, you absolutely can not imagine the reason in the computer, the computer emit radiation waves are often ignored, according to the International MPR Ⅱ radiation safety requirements necessary in the 50cm distance? 25V / m, amount of radiation exposure, but you know how much the computer the amount of radiation is?
tell you -
I keyboard 1000V / m,
II, mouse 450V / m,
III, the screen 218V / m,
IV, the host 170V / m,
Ⅴ,Get you the best outstanding casque headphones cas, Notebook2500V / m,
recipe for effective anti-computer radiation:
first move: put the computer next to the potted cactus, which can effectively absorb the radiation;
second measure: for life is stressful and busy people, against the computer radiation is the most simple way is to drink 2-3 cups of green tea in the morning,you'll get the ideal outstanding beatcasque headph, eat an orange tea is rich in vitamin A,casque Beats Headphones are astounding for an prod, it is absorbed by the body can rapidly converted to vitamin A. Vitamin A can not only synthetic vision rhodopsin, but also make the eyes to see things more clearly in the dark light, green tea can not only eliminate computer radiation hazards,what is your joys for playing with headphones casq, but also to protect and enhance vision. If you are not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play against the computer radiation and regulate the function of the body, spirulina,Casque beats a single in the most well-known heads, sea buckthorn oil also has anti-radiation effect;
third measure: online prior to good skin care isolation, such as pearl film,casque Beats Headphones are astounding for an prod, unique pearl Tsui film the formation of a layer of 0.001mm pearl film on the skin, can effectively prevent the pollution of the environment against radiation; followed by computer use, the face will absorb a lot of particles of electromagnetic radiation, to promptly wash with water,Beats finish low-cost and fresh music casque monst, so that would reduce the radiation suffered more than 70%!
fourth measure: the best to operate a computer display on a computer special color filter panels to reduce the radiation hazards, not be placed indoors loitering metal objects to avoid re-emission of electromagnetic waves using the computer , to adjust the brightness of the screen, in general, the bigger the screen brightness, electromagnetic radiation is stronger the smaller the contrary, however, can not be stressed too dark,Casque beats one particular with the most well-known headset, so as not to effect the brightness is too small and could easily lead to eye fatigue.
Fifth trick: as far as possible to buy new computers, generally do not use old computers, old computers are generally more powerful radiation at the same distance, under conditions of similar models,casque Beats Headphones are incredible for an productive lif, usually 1-2 times the new computer
sixth trick: computer placement is very important. try to not let the screen toward the back of someone's place, because the computer radiation is strongest on the back,Get you the best exceptional casque headphones bea, followed by left sides, the front of the screen but the weakest radiation. : Note that indoor ventilation can see the words shall prevail, at least 50 cm to 75 cm distance,Casque beats 1 with the most well-known headset be, which can reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation.
seventh move: research confirmed that the computer screen can produce something called brominated dibenzofurans carcinogens. place the computer room is best to install ventilation fans,casque Beats Headphones are astounding for an prod, if not, the Internet with particular attention to ventilation.
eighth trick: pay attention to, where appropriate,searching for optimum audio tracks degree of quali, to eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes , lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamins A, C, and protein foods,beatcasque seems rather cool, often drink green tea and so on.
ninth trick: often the people who work at the computer often will feel dry eyes, pain in computer desk it is necessary to put a few pieces of banana on the potassium in bananas can help the body expel excess salt, and let the body of potassium and sodium balance, relieve eye symptoms. In addition, bananas contain a lot of beta carotene,beatcasque seems to be rather cool, when the body is the lack of such material, the eye will become painful,beatcasque have remarkable seem degree of quality, dry,Casque beats a single from the most well-known hea, dull eyes,what is your joys for playing with headphones casque beat by dre, dehydration less God and more bananas not only reduce these symptoms, but also to some extent, alleviate eye fatigue, prevent premature aging eyes.
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