washed my face on the bed

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washed my face on the bed

Postby mysta784 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:14 am

2012,1 March 1, and be with him, although on the surface coat do not care, but in fact more than happy not to mention heart, went back to the restaurant early in the afternoon, and I like a madman back to the restaurant, there is no image of the chaos jump run around, also seven points early on sleep;

2012,1 May 2, today at work, how business is not good, but at night or on to the three o'clock before work, after work I a cry, because keeping everything a pain; finally feeling much better, washed my face on the bed;

2012,1 March 3, sleep twelve to get up, nothing better to do , went to cut a nasty sea dined, then went to our family dog ​​to buy a bag of ham, put it straight at me beautiful, Oh, I really like dogs; nine at night on the bed, but only twelve asleep, think too much, tired heart;

2012,1 May 4, busy at work, doing the cleaning time lying about on the music too, and now can not touch the work computer, and I will not pick vegetables, depressed ah; our dog is very picky, so it is enough to eat every day, really worried about it, buy it today did not give a ham tomorrow to give it more buy, the way they also share a little sister, or they have to be jealous, I can not afford to offend ah;

can work at one o'clock this evening, but I want to sleep so early, and sleep Eventually, used to sleep at night, when I calm down and think of many things, so I have a headache all things work out for two years to the present, or nothing, to get bruised himself, Can not live so tired, I want a little happiness, a little happy, but I can not, my heart has lost in a corner, and my father also sick for two years, up to now has not recovered well, I hope he quickly better it, do not let my mother so tired, I'm not feeling the family is almost nothing to say, because a lot of reasons, I do not like that at home, feel that is not my home, feeling unreal, it is an outsider like me, like, no, I do not want to stay at home, in the past, now is; a lot of things I can not do anything, I can not change, is still occasionally think about the family; want parents to be able to happy life, happy to grow old; I can do for them on only these; quick points, I also experienced a day, and I am also very tired, and I have the rest,

on their own say good night my dear, I also want people to say good night, I very much want you, I hope you will take care of yourself;

hope tomorrow will be better, bo;

2012,1 May 5, boring day, ah, go sen goods Court to play a bit, saw an acquaintance, but can only turn a blind eye, sad ah; then went Shapingba bought a dress, a pair of shoes, and a hat, or less after shopping, or I will sooner or later street, hey, this had a hard time ah; especially money day;

evening dined and went to Court cents goods, just want to see what those friends; also very reluctant to go the heart of;

nothing to say, sleepy, want to sleep, but also to go to work tomorrow;

2012,1 6 months seemingly simple and easy task, but when done carefully, when there are so tired, really tired, what is a person dry, can not rely on others; clothed yourself, for tomorrow's life, in order to food to eat tomorrow, I'll do it;

2012,1 May 7 in the morning until half past eleven sleep to get up, have to sleep head dizzy in the afternoon went to four standard, and the rest is not to say ;

2012,1 May 8, there is not so dead set on such a person would I? Love me? Hurt me?

good storm, but can not work, body and mind I do not know how long it can hold? That is not all self-inflicted I do? That I deserve;

can work when they do not want to sleep, hey, take a bath or go to sleep in; cold day did not want to move ah

2012,1 January 9, evening stroll for two hours and Andan nothing to buy, and play two pierced ears, killing me, really suffer ah;

not go to work tired and go to work tired, I do not want to do it know? Wanted to be with him, I can not always be to disturb him, or he will become increasingly far away from me; or silent so it;

night my sister invited me to eat barbecue, and let I eat a meal, eat a lot, support stays, but the mood is very low, do not know why?

ear hurts, the pain of the face is red;

2012,1 March 10, watching so many people go home, really admire, my heart kind of speechless feeling; repeatedly every day, as the living,

Can a change; really Damn;

2012,1 January 11, if one day, we became each other's irrelevant. Never betray you. What are considered.

numerous in a dream I hug you, in reality, but can not find your shadow. Many words to say, I regret that I not good at expressing; really bad is not terrible, terrible is the false good;

invisible is not equivalent to non-existent? Remember is never go away? Life, there have been entering or leaving, so, see the sight; forgotten, remember. There have been life or loss,

wages today, and looking at the meager wages that point, my heart sour, Boyd; when they could not short of money tweed? Alive tiring; when they could escape it? Or early end to it;

watching a TV series, the finale is happy; so-called course of time to be living situation;

2012,1 12, living or not you lie to others, what others deceive you, to the last deception is not yourself? Or learn to bear it alone;

base base also picky eaters, do not like to eat, these days I eat instant noodles, there are delicious thing to it; can only buy it to eat ham , and finally work, but the base-base go to send the guests, and Zhenguai, so it only came back I went to sleep, if I close it it can only sleep outside, and really want it to hurry back to sleep , so I can go to rest, bless it quickly came back, and I was waiting for it then; Amen;

2012,1 13, the day today, headache, and sleep an afternoon sleep, more pain, back pain the whole body;

2012,1 14 months, and today the business is poor, deserted ruthless, idle is not something to do out there embroidery stitch, embroidered long before then that wood a little bit, but also very fast, I have worked for, today is my sister's birthday, wish her a happy birthday, but not very happy to see her, eat her lunch back in the stone Nianpan, and not come back to sleep at night , go back home and look at the family right; today, my mother called me and told me to go home New Year, I said I do not go back, she did not say anything, because my heart is always some bumps has not yet solved, and never have untied the,

2012,1 15, spent the night wandering outside at night, not going anywhere; know cold wind on his face, but no warm place; only has the stray;

2012,1 16 months, although today the sun, but the same feeling like a rainy day;

2012,1 17, a kind of speechless feeling; how back thing? Dark my head began to hurt, to eat dinner I went to bed, but fortunately fell asleep at once, and no sleep,

2012,1 18, I find that story where people can finally own a support;

shameless some people to face, but also insatiable; really want to take you feed the dog;

2012,1 19 Today, the base-base with mortar Shapingba, because, and I did not visit, no way, pleased to see a super guy, awesome, but also driving a car, although only see the side, but also to meet a; at night and sleep,

2012,1 20, a holiday tomorrow, but;;;; hey, upset; some words I do not want to say that the tired, said there is no use , to let it rot in the heart, tomorrow I going? After I go from here? I think there numb, go home to face a lot of things are so bad my head the amount of things; I do not want to face, do not want to think so much, do not want to have too many emotions; a song can dawn, let yourself become tired it; tired, I would not think that the,

Chongqing Chinese New Year will come after work, or because I want to go,; my heart is still there,,,, ,,,

all night tonight is the night, no sleep sleep, clothes are not equipped with two stuffed into the bag to two bags, depressed, buy more clothes, but also suffer ah, next time do not In buying them clothes, or wear it rotten to buy it, no home base base, we have two days back, where it is to eat it? Really enough to worry about it, they can not take it away, or put it to pack to go home; hope they will find it to fill his stomach to eat it; hope I come back it in the restaurant, obediently waiting for me; I saw it will forget all the troubles, it is my pistachios; like God bless its happy life, has been accompanied in our side,

2012,1 27, again in their homes, came to Chongqing, the time is always so long and so fast; hope the new year, everything will be fine;

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Re: washed my face on the bed

Postby hanlontny » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:09 am

away, or put it to pack to go home; hope they will find it to fill his stomach to eat it; hope I come back it in the restaurant, obediently waiting for me; I saw it will forget all the troubles, it is my pistachios; like God bless its happy life, has been accompanied in our side, I agree with you,thanks for you sharing!

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