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Living tips Daquan, have you really need it, worth

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Sunglasses do not choose red ,green sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet eyes burns, but not all of the colored lens can block ultraviolet rays, only in lens coated with UV resistant membrane ,can play the role of eye protection .
People in the choice of sunglasses when love red ,green ,and the medicine advocates pale hue against .Actually, brown ,light green is beneficial to eye color .Remove refrigerator odor trick 1 teain addition to flavor taking tea 50 gramsinto gauze bag ,placed in the refrigerator can divide peculiar smell.
After a month out in the sun, and then into gauze bags into the refrigerator ,can be used repeatedly ,the effect is obvious. 2in addition to flavorof fresh orange peel and orange peel ,dispersed in the refrigerator, three days later to open the refrigerator will smell of the fragrance .
3 rice winein addition to taste with a bowl of rice wine in the fridge bottom ,generally three days ,smell would be in addition to the net. 4 vinegarflavor in addition to take the vinegar into the open the glass bottle, and then into the refrigerator ,in addition to smell very good .
Salt new 1 bitter,bitter and astringent turnips and other vegetables ,after a good cut plus a small amount of salted ,filter the juice after the burn ,can reduce the bitter taste .2 freshfish in the salt water washing can remove the fishy smell Taste .
3food is fried,the first in the pot put some salt ,can make the oil on the cooker .4eggplant sliceswith salt for ten minutes and then fried ,not only fuel-efficient and delicious. 5 to makevinegar for long not membrane ,can be in the vinegar salt in 6,and the toothpaste is common .
Use can make teeth whiter 7,mushroom soak in salt water for a while before washing ,can be its surface sediment debris washed .Dumplings boiled without destroying the coup in flour with a little salt ,may also be added egg, to increase protein content ,improve the gluten quality.
Then flour dumplings .A good pot, both crisp and easy to break the skin, pot water fast ,not easy to adhesion ,when fresh slippery palatability. Rice washing foam fungus dried fungus Chang Zhanyou sand impurities ,easy to clean .
But if using rice water soak two hours after washing, can not only be washed clean, but the bubble the fungus mast ,soft ,delicious taste .The banana peel wiping leather sofa leather sofa in the long-term use, often because of the accumulation of dust and gradually lose their luster .
If the banana peel inner wiping with a dry cloth ,Coach Shoes,wipe it again ,can make the sofa to restore luster .Fresh membrane wall suction oil fume in the kitchen walls often because and gradually lose one ,if in the wall With a thin layer of fresh keeping film can absorb grease ,after several weeks ,the film on the greasy ,need only gently ,to post a can.
By displacement method in ear bug if there is a small insect ear ,desirable cotton swab dipped in alcohol a little ,to smear on the opening of external acoustic meatus ,the smell of alcohol into the ear canal ,the bug a moment can climb out of the ground .
Sludge washing powder sprinkled in the kitchen ,toilet ,platform and other grease stains where ,on sludge thicker where the water a little ,the sludge softening ,with flat shovel scraping ,and slightly wet rag and wipe clean.
Suction cold boiling water to treat rhinitis, wash your face every day ,to face with the immersion boiling water basin in boiling water and inhale gently ,let cool nasal mucosa and full contact, then look up the water out ,so repeatedly for two or three minutes ,then with both hands to knead pressure on both sides of the nose 20.
Long insisted ,can relieve the distress of allergic rhinitis ,and rarely get colds .Leek food before the application of lye soaking with leek leek maggot insect pest serious ,often growing in vegetables in vivo .
Although some vegetable grower with insecticide spraying and irrigating insecticide ,but leek contaminated is inevitable. Therefore ,leek Food before eating ,preferably with lye soak for one to two hours after consumption.
Chinese prickly ash salt foot you walk for a long time ,feel aching feet .A basin of hot water ,add a pinch of salt ,a pinch of pepper and half a cup of vinegar ,foot bath 20m25 minutes.
I feel very comfortable, eliminate foot spent also very practical life .The utility of small secret welcome to add * * CD maintenance * * beloved music CD accidentally scratching ,often affect the playing effect ,there is no method can make CD plate to return to the original rhythm ?Method is very simple ,as long as the use of oily pen scratches can be coated ,no matter what the color of the pen can be oily .
In radio station staff are aware of this open secret ,but for deep scratches ,this method is not very good !* * silk pillow hair deformation * * every girl has this kind of worry, not easy to do hair salon ,after waking up ,the hair deformation !Actually, this situation is preventable ,just before bed pillows spread in a smooth texture of silk ,so ,will not clutter up the hair ,and can keep beautiful hair! * * * * * * * * to the supermarket for the treatment of acne in Semen Cassiae ,bubble drink after dinner every day ,The next day acne disappear ,abdominal plain ,weight loss ,* * remove blackhead method * * on the nose blackhead acne is not elegant ,hand to squeeze and often leave traces ,can in fact after washing the face ,fingers stained with some fine salt in on both sides of the nose rub ,and then washed with water net ,blackhead acne will clear clean ,pores become too small .
* * blower easily to label * * buy gift to give ,the price tag is difficult to tear ,Louis Vuitton Online Shopping,using hand to dig will pull the black dirty but more ugly ,if use the hair dryer blowing hot again tear ,will be very easily tear down ,leave no trace in the wound !* * take a shower before wiping cream * * take a shower ,body if have a cut, hit the water ,will be very painful ,and inflammation will not care ,then can be applied on the wounds of oily substance, such as face cream, isolated with water ,would not pain !* * how to identify eggs ?Eggs used as lighting ,small shorts, egg completely lucent ,with orange eggs ,no spots ,no red shadow .
If the fresh eggs to be measured ,can be immersed in cold water in the egg .If the eggs are lying in the water ,that is very fresh ;if the dip in the water, the egg is at least for 3 ~ 5days;if straight Stand in the water, can be stored for 10 days.
In addition ,if the egg floating on the surface ,then the egg is very likely to have deteriorated .* * perfume spray mosquitoes * * no way !!coup Shachuang lateral stay if mosquitoes ,that your family has been pegged to the mosquito .
If you don hurry to get rid of mosquitoes ,it may wait in. Don spray ,to be downwind to Chuiru house ,is harmful to the human body ,and pesticides will be attached to the yarn online ,the smell lingered on.
Can use perfume spray a few, mosquitoes will immediately fell to the ground, leaving at least more than pleasant taste insecticide .* * * * * * * *, protein function cause bleeding ,at this time can use protein to hemostasis protein onto the gauze, and then dressing on wound is good ,because the protein composition of the role of blood coagulation can stop the bleeding .
* * * * * * * * treatment of nosebleed nosebleeds when ,if left nostril flow ,on the right ear blow ,stop !And vice versa .Don two nostrils are flow how to do ,if you really so bad ,suggest you go to hospital for treatment of oral ulcers .
* * * * if there are mouth ulcers ,the use of vitamin C posted on the ulcer, and so it melted ,just the basic ulcer... * * off eye The dust in the * * small dust into the eyes ,coughing Bishang Yan forced several times ,in the eyes of the dust out of their own will.
* * * * * * * * treatment of hiccup hiccup when ,with the strip a twirl ,poke into the nose ,make some sneeze ceased sesame 1 medicinaltreatment of postpartum less milk .Sesame Chaoxiang ,plus a little salt ,grind in all delicate last stage ;the other the eggs cooked ,shell ,dipped in sesame end consumption, such as pig instant effect is better .
2.Treatment of hyperacidity .Sesame direct chewing ,often feed has obvious effect. 3.Treatment of blood stool black sesame 500 .Grams ,500 grams of brown sugar,sesame fried coke ,add brown sugar mix ,optional edible .
4.Treat tracheitis ,asthma in the elderly .10 grams ofsesame ,walnut kernel two ,ginger two ,a total of chew ,chew ,night time. 5.Treatment of dry cough without phlegm ,early light nights .
Sesame 120 grams,30 grams of crystal sugar,together with the pound, boiling water, 30 g each time,two times a day. The computer can raise cactus cactus grows in anti radiation due to strong sunshine zone ,therefore ,it has a strong ability to absorb radiation .
If the computer is placed adjacent a pot of cactus, let them try to absorb the computer release of radiation ,to reduce the human body subjected to computer radiation hazards are Good .Cool boiling water rinse Anti Snoring every night before going to sleep with a cool boiling water ,then throws his mouth, try to keep water and &quot ;small tongue contact &quot ;after a period of time and then spit it out.
So repeatedly ,drink some cold boiling water bed ,which can effectively prevent or reduce snoring ,snoring level .For steaming food of lotus steamed fish or steamed meat ,the steamer water opened later on the drawer, can make the meat or fish external suddenly meet high temperature moisture and immediate contraction ,internal juice does not drain, cooked, delicious taste ,glossy.
Each egg flower treat chronic gastropathy: a eggs in a bowl mix well with boiling water ,after washing ,the water poured out about a small bowl ,with thick is appropriate. Every morning before breakfast and go to bed in the evening before each take one ,may be effective in the treatment of chronic gastritis .
Vinegar Qiao wash oil smoke will lampblack machine surface impeller remove ,soaked in 3m5drop ofclean and 50ml vinegarmixed a basin of warm water ,soak for 10 minutes to 20 minutes,and then clean dishcloth scrub.
Use the same method but also cleaning enclosure and other components ,can make the surface to maintain the original luster .Honey plum cure pharyngitis with Wumei several sprinkled with water ,to be meat soft after enucleation in 250 grams ofhoney dip into Bubble days ,preserved with clothes .
Several times a day ,each time one. On this side of the sore throat ,dry mouth ,empty fire rises and the chronic pharyngitis with good therapeutic effect. Mobile phone photo backup to backup mobile phone image ,image can be sent to the computer from the mobile phone mailbox mailbox ,Coach Outlet,then in the computer receiving the message and save ,this method basically all of the mobile phone are applied.
The correct cooking wiping the glasses lens ,lens easily stained with grease. If not properly cleaned ,easy to wear glasses. Then rinse lens application ,then use towel to the lens of water dry tofu preservation with the brine tofu .
Save for a long time, the surface is sticky and odors. To preservation ,can put the amount of salt in the water boil ,after cooling the tofu into tofu ,water overflow can be. So once a day saline ,can make the tofu in a few days to keep fresh ,also can remove the brine tofu taste .
Not immediately take a shower take a shower after a meal ,the skin the blood vessels dilate, blood flow is exuberant. If after a meal immediately take a shower ,gastrointestinal blood flow will be reduced ,the secretion of digestive juice will be reduced ,so that the digestive insufficiency.
Therefore ,postprandial fasting should not take a shower of egg white liquor for light .Micro burns if accidentally by boiling water or soup ,scald ,can use cold water to wash the wound several times ,and then take an egg egg white ,add a small amount of white wine ,stir with chopsticks into foam shape ,with sterile gauze dipped coated wound .
One day 3m5 time,generally about 5 days can be cured .Soap :olive oil ,coconut oil ,palm oil production of soap in the best quality. Good soap appearance bright luster ,no smell ,and the soap body is smooth ,no irritation .
Try to buy white ,ivory and other light and elegant fragrance soap .The selection of the best professional soap in infants ,and should not be used frequently. Toothpaste toothpaste :the main role is to prevent tooth decay ,clean teeth ,therefore ,when choosing toothpaste should take this as the main basis, is to use fluoride and high-grade silicon rubbing agent of toothpaste toothpaste .
Prudent drug selection ,selection and attention to symptomatic ,can not be used for a long time. Children should use low fluorine toothpaste ,minimize Mint additives. After brushing ,mouthwash to pay attention to the removal of the toothpaste residue ,in order to avoid the adverse reactions caused by entering the body .
The toothbrush :only in line with the requirement of oral hygiene care toothbrush can play a cleaning effect, but also Do not damage the teeth and periodontal tissue .Health care toothbrush is characterized by :the small brush ,in the mouth can rotate flexibly ;bristles and elastic, the top circular in shape ,is reasonably arranged ;easy to clean ,is not easy to damage teeth and gums.
When brushing the teeth ,to thoroughly clean the toothbrush ,suggested that replaced every three months toothbrush .Tableware detergent :quality tableware detergent with a certain fragrance ( mainly with fruit flavor ) ,liquid consistency moderate ,no layering, no suspension or precipitation ,usually lighter shades as well.
Wash tableware ,suggested that the detergent water rub directly on the tableware ,the tableware than will be soaked in detergent solution effect is good .When washing fruits and vegetables ,first fruit and vegetable washing decontamination ,and then into the detergent solution soak for 10 minutes,then rinse clean with water .
Generally speaking ,hot water washing effect better. Washing powder :good quality washing powder, pure color ,no pungent odor .Uniform distribution of particles ,bagging fluffy full, feels a loose feeling smooth .
Dissolved into the water quickly, clear and smooth solution ,no burn hand. Buy washing powder to try to select a simple function ,add component ,light odor .Best choice for water pollution of small without phosphorus Washing powder .
Do not use washing powder shampoo or prolonged skin contact ,if hand washing ,it is suggested that the best use of soap. The washing machine ,first with warm water washing powder dissolved ,then the wet clothes soaked in it, 15 minutesafter washing the best results.
Pay attention to in the use of washing powder with enzyme ,the water temperature can not be more than 60 DEG C,otherwise it will affect the effect of washing .Shampoo :must use for their own hair shampoo, can play a clean and protect hair effect.
With ginseng shampoo for hair to provide the necessary nutrition ,suitable for neutral hair ;containing saponins shampoo can go itching ,suitable for oily hair of tuber fleeceflower root ,;black sesame shampoo makes your hair became darker and brighter.
Shampoo to wash clean, because the residual surfactant left on the skin can cause dry skin .After washing hair with conditioner can make the hair supple and smooth ,easy to comb .Red pepper can prevent cancer a new study found ,eat the red hot chili peppers may contribute to cancer .
The researchers selected two kinds of survival rates are very low cancer mm in pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer ,in order to determine the diet and nutrition for cancer development have he effect .
Study finds ,red hot chili peppers appeared to be effective in the inhibition of cancer development .Capsaicin is the cancer cell ,it can induce apoptosis in cancer cells ,but not normal cells of the pancreas produces significant damage to glass cleaning five 1stucco wallglass window will stick on the lime water lime ,to remove the remnants ,with the general water scrubbing is more difficult.
Therefore, to use a damp cloth dipped in fine sand glass window ,can be an easy job to make lime spot off. 2gypsum powderor chalk ash water dip coated on glass ,dry cloth wipe ,can make the glass clean and bright .
3 glassfalling into black, available muslin dipped in toothpaste cleaning .4 fresheggshell water after washing ,can be a kind of protein and water mixed solution ,with its polished glass furniture ,will increase the gloss.
5panes of glasshave trace or stained with oil ,in the wet cloth on the little drops of kerosene or liquor ,gently wipe, glass soon bright plastic bottle for containing wine, vinegar nowadays, all kinds of plastic bottled beverage favored by the vast number of consumers ,at the same time ,people had to fill the empty bottle beverage also show special preference to &quot ;&quot ;all kinds of exquisite appearance ,and transparent empty bottles of wine to take home for , vinegar ,soy sauce and other condiments .
Within a short period of time ( usually less than 1 weeks)with the problem ,but a long time will cause adverse health effects on the human body .The production of various beverage bottles is the main raw material for polypropylene plastic ,which in itself is harmless ,for containing soda drinks no adverse effects on the human body due to the plastic .
Bottle in the production process is still contains a small amount of ethylene monomer, if long-term storage of wine ,vinegar and other lipid soluble organic matter ,chemical reaction occurs ,vinyl single of the slow dissolution .
Long-term consumption of wine ,vinegar is ethylene pollution ,will make people dizziness ,headache ,nausea ,loss of appetite ,memory decline and other symptoms ,severe cases can lead to anemia.
In addition ,beverage bottle holding wine ,vinegar ,in the air in the bottle can be affected by oxygen ,ultraviolet radiation and the role of aging ,release more vinyl monomer ,the long-term storage in the wine in the bottle ,vinegar and other metamorphic stale.
Beware infectious gastropathy chopsticks chopsticks if not pay attention to disinfection will be stomach trouble &quot ;killer &quot ;.Reportedly ,half of the normal human body is carrying Helicobacter pylori .
And such pathogens is mainly through the chopsticks ,kissing or fed by mouth The chopsticks ,is one of the most important aspects .Helicobacter pylori can cause the occurrence of gastric cancer .
A pair of chopsticks used one or two years is common ,chopsticks on the residue of many bacteria, most especially family wash the chopsticks are all put together a scrubbing ,ignore the chopsticks are necessary disinfection treatment .
There are the parents of their own suffering from stomach cancer ,but often use their own chopsticks to child food ,feed ,finally put his stomach to the child. Clinically, most patients with stomach are spread through family have .
Therefore ,the family uses the &quot ;&quot chopstick division system ,on a regular basis ;their chopsticks disinfection prevention of stomach ,is the effective measures. How to remove carpet furniture set trace eliminating carpet common recessed imprint ,trial steam iron to concave spray some vapor ,or wet towels in the hollow place ,then with the iron .
Then a hard toothbrush hair provoke concave hairs can be cold fever coup .In life, someone cold and fever ,may wish to adopt the following way :treatment with the size of the thumb ginger piece, washed and cut into two pieces.
Two pieces of cold through the inquiry into powder coated sprinkle cut into two valves. Take two tablets through research into cold Powder coated cast in ginger section, then dusted with powder ginger section respectively adhered to in the cold fever patients around the inside of the wrist pulse ,and with medical tape the ginger slices are fixed on the wrist ,elastic to powder not scattered for the degree.
From the ginger paste in the cold fever patients when the wrist to calculate, general 5m10 minutescan be antipyretic treatment method .The cold and fever in patients with multiple ,repeated by repeated test .
Aloe Vera Ye Qiao cure gout friend Wang gout disease ,recurrent, painful. I introduced him to a party ,trial by the good results .The method is: will the fresh aloe leaves open ,to get the juice ,and apply to affected area ,to apply on the plastic paper ,fixed with adhesive tape .
After spreading the pain immediately can corrosion solution, if taking aloe juice ,the effect is better. Patients with friends may wish to try. Calcium food cholesterol lowering according to American University of Texas experts on a group of 38 ~ 49 year oldadults performed a random test confirmed calcium ,calcium has a moderate lowering blood cholesterol .
Calcium fortified food ,help the body eliminate every day 6% ~13% saturated fatty acids;high calcium food can make blood total cholesterol ,thereby effectively reducing arteriosclerosis ,to protect the blood vessels ,preventing and treating cardiovascular and blood Tube disease.
Calcium rich foods ,such as soy products ,dairy products ,fish, shellfish and so on. If each night before bedtime drink a cup of milk or two tablets of calcium ,can improve human blood calcium concentration of soap in the soap box ,often be immersed become wet greasy bear.
Can find a 5 mm thicksoft the foam is placed in a box ,so the surface of the soap body ,the soap will soon be adsorbed on the foam, not only can keep the soap dry durable ,can also be used for the adsorption of the soap foam to clean washbasin .
Rub chopsticks for arm numbness if the arm is often numb phenomenon ,can make the rubbing chopsticks sports .The method is: take the chopsticks square prism pairs ,two palm repeated rubbing ,and washing chopsticks motion similarity .
Rub for at least 5 minutes each day ,rub two or three times, make Laogong point fully massage ,promotes the blood circulation, improve hand strength and sensitivity. Method in sheet or a nail easy to split the wood nails ,wood is often easy to crack .
If the clamp screw tip will again cut nails ,wood will not split .In a hard place nails ,nail bending easily ,if the nail tip with some butter ,soap or wax and then nail ,don be a nail Bending .
Hardwood screw in the screws ,the screws can be coated in a little oil or soap ,and then screw on the province so much energy .Loose screws on the doors and windows ,as long as the original screw Kong Zhongsai a match stick or toothpick and cement ,and then screw into the screw on the line .
Silk clothes ironing clothes of silk dress to feel smooth and comfortable, but easy to wrinkle ,ironing trouble .You might as well try this :the silk clothes clean, let it drain water ,and then put into a plastic bag into the refrigerator freezer frozen for 10 minutes ,take out again in ironing very quickly and easily .
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