at least to AI end

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at least to AI end

Postby Hsd605gbu0 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:06 am

crab would like to go out with Abu, but as a dark-game set, Abu very clear that there can be two people with the opportunity to escape. and dignified manner to comply with rules will get out of hope to the people entrusted to him, which made me moving in the the 5ds team, Abu is always silently aid care everyone.


to see the ending, if you do not spit on the lunch curator of New pit fishing Abu ... ╭ (╯, ^ ╰) ╮ hum

MSN Spaces perfect move to the Sina blog

NW advance spoilers I was depressed for an afternoon and night yesterday at midnight, also made a of Abu collar lunch nightmare ... [Although the different versions but it seems that this also but also the idea that child] did not know because not chew raw meat because today, the graph is not a lot, I seem calm and collected than expected to some.
place full of state resurrection, at least to AI end? as school Gaultier Elijah is good too ...... teacher adults, as can also be portable?

In fact, the beginning I also thought, why set such a cruel laws of life and death?
no way, Who curator like knights and dedication, as well as the type of guide?

sunglasses is Abu ontology ah! you say I believe crab fast away! maybe sunglasses manifestation [you tear]
short is too light's plan to me to go of SHI ... Do not harm my poor open new pits!


Brooklyn travel enthusiasts from all ...... curator will be strong enough to stand up ... in order to p> ------------------------------------
but is often in between life and death, human beings can transcend their own limits, first Shirley war, and I just feel a tacit agreement of the teammates, or Shirley wayward eldest Although the simple desire, but not enough to carry a heavy fate, the fate of the force of natural Great and Abu from the far from adequate, so bet on the second war of life and death, to do a threat to the lives of his teammates, only Huanglong awakening. the crab as well, without limit forced him to go beyond the limits, just rely on to teach up to only to have to accelerate the level of cohomology, can not be compared with the strength beyond the Awa Elijah ZONE. crab will die of the future, believe the kind-hearted Abu bear to see, without betraying the oath premise ZONE He hoped that the meaning of the name in ANTINOMY is played to the largest asteroid beyond himself, beat his own, to change fate. have the identity of the contradictions and ambivalence.
festive dinner had no desire to eat to be enthusiasts spoilers, quickly eat the two on the back Figure thoroughly prepared in advance, napkins, then start

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

sentence - = so good people do not spit lunch ... crab you still studying the generation of despair to the black of forget ...

PS: halberd gunner home violence Meteor Dragon ... put a enough ... the occasion, that two of the child ...... I have heard the halberd gunner's effect is specifically for acceleration with the strange tone of? monster so specific and long-lasting mutual child I was the first time I saw ... screenwriter group of self-respect ... do not let us increase the odd CP.

was the tenth generation of tears, Aidekaisa all live to use the right path Well ... crab ah, as Star Dragon King anyhow Long and India is not the total used to open hanging?

............ lacrimal gland collapse ... ......... than when the teacher adults last smile poignant and much more ... the original God painting the occasion, no loss.

... today would have the unit open year-end summary of the General Assembly, to eat a festive dinner enthusiasts through live content, meal I could not eat I have been guilty of blocking could not help but think of the first learned to like the role to be linked to the August 17, 2009, Lolo to save Lelouch lunch, that when I is also a crying mess.
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