to share with you very warm growing

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to share with you very warm growing

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Fully open invite you to blog channel of the CCTV network to participate in with the celebrities write warm Chen Kaige in Spain, the opera chorus, and earthquake information from the Internet, and Chen Kaige requirements of the captain of the chorus, after the end of rehearsal, he arranged for five minutes, he said: singing me to heaven. The reason I say that because we have some kids for the sake of an earthquake, buried in the rubble, in order to survive, in order to support each other, encourage each other to give warmth. they sang songs in the ruins, which is the day I am filled with emotion because I also heard from the ruins beneath, and today you stood on the stage singing. after the little things to tears, said: , compassion is the same. acting on the growth, she said, This is where spent ten years, so may be a bit strange, but I think so. major concert, the International Music Foundation was established at the end of the year, these constitute his harvest year.
earthquake, the mother for our children to sacrifice their great maternal love; soldiers to rescue the victims, red in the affected areas line; this spirit, this love, warm the heart of Lang Lang.
Yang Lan: disaster areas, an I a memorable young mother
of Yang Lan tells the story of the disaster area, a young mother in the earthquake just after. victims of settlements in Mianyang midst of it, Yang Lan found a pile of gunny seated, a young pregnant woman, and she was holding his stomach with a smile at a stretch in to enjoy the sunshine
Yang Lan: not afraid? here health conditions? under the child, and she named him shock Austrian.
GJM: In the dream the way, to share with you very warm growing
2008, Guo is one of the busiest writers, the magazine he edited the fifth novel in the Years later, when we look back to former years, but never regret. the love of his mind the greatest warmth, so that parents have a better life is his constant insistence of
Donnie Yen: the family made me feel the warm
Donnie Yen talk in their own family and a look of happiness : watching them grow every day faster than the blink of an eye fast the day before yesterday when I came, I have not pack my luggage, my daughter asked me to read a fairy tale to her, I tell stories very appealing, it is difficult to listen to my wife that simply will not tease the child, but the day before yesterday, I tell stories, I found that I made it very moving, really, my skills are very good at that time more than 10:00, I 5 o 'clock, I have yet to pack up, I slept for two hours, but I insisted to put that story, I really enjoyed the warmth of the kind of family that the warmth of the > Indah, 2008, more time has been placed abroad, to make a father's responsibility to play hockey with his son in a foreign country.
this year, INTECH from constantly Strip children understand the people living in the end In order to do business for what, what family, children on their own what it means, he knows a lot. a spiritual inheritance, the inheritance of a value in a foreign country.
Indah encountered an American father, said at the time a Indah moved by the very words that meant the father must be present when the children grow up, every stage of growth in children as a father are present, body rumors teach teach children how out of the woods, how to improve the most important and best things passed on to the next generation to experience the warmth of the affection in the process of inheritance.
Xiaoqi: I adore the hero
shooting in Beichuan used a lot of local extras on the film of the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake the Xiaoqi the hearts of a kind of deeply touched hh
in the evening to participate in sympathy Space Hero Khan.
experienced three decades of reform and opening up, watching the country little by little change, little by little, rich and strong in the face of disaster, the state has the power to have the ability to timely rescue. see that the States were represented by the Civil Aviation plane to pick up due to Thailand turmoil stranded outside the Chinese people, these are the screens Hud felt the warmth of the country. warm
Zhu Shimao: feelings of disaster, the disaster in the moment you can see the love and mutual aid of the humanities; time can experience the warmth of the country's state leaders come to the first line in the disaster, which represents an image of the party, an image of the country, which makes him feel a warmth than any substance kinds of affection between father and son, Zhu Shimao feel the warmth of the small This year is their crystal marriage, life and love he has their own perception, he said: This hand, once loosened, then fine crystal will be out out of the ground rupture. I is happiness? you will suddenly find, for example, my wife back after she tired of her asleep in advance. Sometimes I looked at her, when at the bedside, I will have a particularly happy feeling that I will feel bad I think she was really tired in the first decade of this feeling hh But now my parents have left, I suddenly think, if I did she would do? If she does not how I would do? each other, we lose each other how to do? concerned about the life and death when you discover that life is very fragile.
Sammo Hung said in an interview: excited, looking forward to my (many things) are very pale, but I look at this Olympic Games is on Hainan Island, the hotel inside, lined up all eat, waiting for the opening ceremony, very warm. Li Ning the final perimeter wherever he goes, and finally lit the torch, is really simple, because of my relationship, I know that kind of pain, and that difficulty, Li Ning the torch so to go, simple. Maybe the audience is generally believed that , can you not know this actor, the athletes are doing this moment is to pay how much spirit, stamina, with the kind of courage. was really touched. Lin Yongjian 2008 most valuable word.
, along with the reform and opening 30 years, grew up in Lin Yongjian, and think their generation is 30 years of reform and opening up to the beneficiaries. cloth ticket from a variety of food stamps, and three seven cents to buy a bunch of pork 37 votes; from , people can begin to private cars, live in a big house all to let Lin Yongjian more treasure.
When the Wenchuan earthquake, see state leaders to visit the disaster first-line; when the launch of Shenzhou VII, see the Gobi desert stick to their posts, dedication decades of scientific and technological workers; see Li Ning circling a week to light the Olympic cauldron at the opening of the Olympic Games, all these, Lin Yongjian the soldier, this Shandong man touched.
it all, Lin Yongjian conclusion is that TV to bring the colorful world. .
God seven successful launch of the success of the Olympic Games, and mutual assistance between people in the earthquake relief. these excited, these proud, to narrow the distance between these people, let Bin produced a warm in the heart of Zhang Bin, warm first is a kind of recognition, whether it is anti-ice and snow, regardless of the earthquake, or the Olympic Games, have reached a speaking for the Chinese is the most basic recognition. We are all Chinese, This recognition is particularly important, because may be when facing a disaster, everyone felt the distance between each other all of a sudden closer because we are all Chinese people, so our feelings are consistent with this identity is warm, in particular, is particularly important Qin Yi.
: the pension donate the money
Zhu talked about the past after the earthquake, May 16, relief benefit filmmakers, Qin Yi teacher had prepared to give his son left 20 million in retirement money donated to the disaster area, this is her life's savings after the end of the event, the Zhu and Qin Yi teacher, : Liang Xiaosheng Olympic Games so that felt a surge of national pride, Paralympic Games, made him feel a love boundless.
Liang Xiaosheng said: all staff, opening programs in the design of each dance, consider every detail, inside flowing love feelings. that the performances by the arm and feet of countless performers, as a body language gave me a shock, so I think the innovations of staff with the feelings do. Liang Xiaosheng encountered in the Beijing Railway Station, when wearing a thin middle-aged man. chat with him, Liang Xiaosheng know he was trying to someone else mentioned parcels, earn a little money home for the holiday, in fact, he received the money is not more than five to ten per month. rolled down the process to talk to them, one with a child, women's bag, his first reaction was ten dollars, to help her carry in the past, but the woman refused do not know is not assured, or reluctant to ten dollars, but this man to carry parcels to make money to see her it is difficult to rely on their own baggage onto the car, said, Well, not the money it wants to. for curiosity, Liang Xiaosheng has been in the back of them, man package Lindao wicket did not say anything to put down the package. Liang Xiaosheng so far to think about it, the kind of human warmth or interesting.
Wang Meng : intense life feeling
in 2008, Wang Meng is filled with strong insights on life.
invited to a lecture in Berlin China Cultural Centre, there are many children of friends to attend, so this 74-year-old see the truth of the continuity and heritage of the Wenchuan earthquake, the national day of mourning on the 3rd, the solemn national anthem, national flag is raised and then lowered slowly, the kind of tragic diffuse in mind.
08 years of ups and downs , so we have experienced a lot, both good and bad. Let's emotion, We are pleased, so that our treasure is, after all, the more valuable things are short, are not can be extended indefinitely.
experience so many things, so that Wang Meng, 2008 is full of strong sentiment of life.
Zhang Hanyu: the warm millet to
the movie a warm, such as Millet's something we'll
in the face of difficulties, the face of setbacks, such as millet, brother, selfless, fearless treatment of his brother, do not give up and in a disaster occurs, you will see a lot of people to stand up to volunteer, to donate money to give their love, sent a warm to the victims of the disaster area.
their country's honor and interests of their own country, when we all pull together, you will feel very warm, in fact, the earth is very warm.
feared because we are, because of cultural differences, and let the foreign audiences do not understand the facts to prove this love is boundless, and there is no racial and national boundaries.
because we have mutual aid, so we can face the disaster; mutual love, so we can pass the warm quickly into action, together with one hundred celebrities write warm!
the following forms to participate in the warmth of the investigation:
1, landing click on the blog warm survey Home fill survey respondents
2, send your article to
more warm, more looking forward to, so stay tuned,
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