Deficits in love part 2

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Deficits in love part 2

Postby jacky8554 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:51 am

Bi Soth lying in bed ,a lot of talking nonsense ,&quot ;brother ,don - go - don you let my brother ,my brother ,brother !!!&quot ;Lv Xiao gave Bi Soth cooked hot soup ,served to feed her drink ,thinking that the peso calm down ,finally drifted off to sleep .
See her fall asleep it is more charming ,Lv Xiaocai felt a little relaxed. He helped Billy Soth built the quilt ,Burberry Outlets,then gently shut the bedroom door, a man came to the living room ,on the sofa and sat down day had dawned .
After waking up ,Thoth ,open your eyes ,suddenly feel that binocular pain. She sat up ,wearing slippers ,came to the living room. Then ,the sight is not ban that her eyes are moist :Lv Xiaozheng crouch in the corner of the sofa asleep ,blanket has mostly fall on the ground.
Her heart had it was a shock ,the heart feel warm. She walks past ,gently picked up again for the blanket ,Lv Xiao covered tightly .Her hand close to Lv Xiao and handsome face ,his hand touched suddenly like electricity, stopped in mid-air ,and quickly drew back.
&quot ;you ?&quot ;&quot ;so early? &quot ;Lv Xiao opened her eyes and asked to .&quot ;sorry Last night ,I was rude ,is it right? ?&quot ;Lv Xiao is staring at the Bi Soth laugh .
&quot ;really rude ?&quot ;bi Soth embarrassed to ask to .&quot ;not ah ,cry your eyes swollen ,red ,Chanel Online Store,like a little white rabbit ,really good cute! &quot ;Lv Xiao still can &quot ;really ?&quot ;bi Thoth was anxious to cry ,she hurried over their eyes .
&quot ;Hello ,deceive you, or two beautiful big eyes !&quot ;Lv Xiaowang Bi Soth eyes affectionately said. Bi Soth that sweet smile ,then pretended to be angry ,stand up ,&quot ;hate ,ignore you !&quot ;then, went to the door ,good shoes ,to go.
&quot ;Hello ,really angry ?&quot ;Lv Xiao getting up from the couch ,walked to the Bi Thoth before. &quot ;really sorry to bother you ,.&quot ;Suo Siwang Lv Xiao sorry to say .&quot ;never mind ,I you every day can be disturbed.
&quot ;bi Soth listened, suddenly there is a feeling of want to cry ,then we said :Well ,&quot ;are going to get married, be careful that the bride ,wedding festivities night penalty you kneel washboard !&quot ;&quot ;I promise to marry her ,and not because I loved her! - &quot ;Lv Xiao suddenly very firmly on Bi Southcott said.
Bi Soth surprise ,and then said with a smile :&quot ;this is enough !&quot ;she closes the door ,leave .Bi Soth came to the street, go to a newsstand ,to a newspaper ,see the above headline ,is she and Ning Xin wedding news ,photos have been early exposure ,is very beautiful .
She felt boring ,throw the newspaper into the side of the garbage box ,go away .When a well-dressed lady came over, picked up a newspaper ,and stared at the photo ,can not help but to go Bi Soth figure looked, suddenly her face suddenly changed, however ,she wants to go looking for the Bi Soth figure, but no longer find .
Airport people came flooding back ,in the rush of people, one in what is elegant, fashion ,with the broad brimmed Sunglasses girl behind ,along with five man in dark glasses ,to the exit of the airport came.
When he heard someone calling :&quot ;it ya! &quot ;she took off her brimmed sunglasses ,smiling to hold Lin Shichang ,&quot ;Daddy ,hello ?&quot ;Lin Shichang grinned from ear to ear ,&quot ;my baby daughter ,finally home .
&quot ;after the chorus behind Hello :&q Uot ;welcome Miss Lin !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;thank you! That ya said with a smile :&quot ;Daddy ,where are we going now ?&quot ;&quot ;dad will give you a big gift ,want to take a look ?&quot ;Lin Shichang uncannily laughs .
Oh ,is &quot ;?&quot ;that ya happy. &quot ;that miss miss ,please ?&quot ;&quot ;Oh !Oh !Just like the emperor lived in the palace ,Belstaff Jackets Sale!Is it for me? &quot ;that ya see so luxurious villas ,screamed .
&quot ;how, the environment here is Singapore difference ?&quot ;&quot ;Oh ,good. Can I go see it ,Daddy ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;of course !- Oh ,so beautiful !Daddy ,you are so kind! Thank you! Now I live here ,okay ,Daddy ?&quot ;&quot ;of course ,is the house prepared two masters.
&quot ;&quot ;Oh ,what ?It for me? &quot ;that ya feel surprised. &quot ;no, no, no, I mean ,my daughter is need someone to take care of .&quot ;&quot ;dad is really mean ,so a large house ,just to please a servant .
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