The beauty of a woman, pat the individual portrait

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The beauty of a woman, pat the individual portrait

Postby jacky8554 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:48 am

Today two of the beauty of women to come together, try on clothes, direct mountain, just the two of us doing home models, the momentum to a careful search get out of hand, wardrobe, clothes is really a lot, but the woman's wardrobe forever few clothes, ha ha ha, see the beautiful clothes or think constantly of, not to buy back stop, oh oh, so that children and women to earn money best, streets are women clothing store, if do not make money on anything! Woman beauty, business clothes make you beautiful, each takes what he needs.
, natural circulation up. My this two day to go shopping to buy clothes, wearing this beautiful, wear that is also good, well, buy it, with my words " anyway,Gucci Outlet, not bad money Oh! " buy! Look back, a pile of clothes Oh, very love! Love sling and short pants! Feel good! Woman crazy is unstoppable, me and YYY two till we have 30.
30 is a turning point in the life of a woman, away from the girl's innocence, move toward mature females, youth is slowly passed, catch the tail of youth, more beautiful, to their own life left traces of beautiful youth.
We a bold idea: to pat the individual portrait." " " what time? We need hot, today! " " " fit in easily with good!. take your clothes, we promote hasty comes to Zhangjiagang, saw a pair of Teenmix discount sandals, at first glance, like, buy it, I believe the first feeling.
Drink porridge Bajie porridge went straight to the theme. Look at the two set, since each studio, studio is almost the same. We selected 699 price, everyone can afford, YYY said, we are the children's mother, not the wedding photographs of young men and women,Louis Vuitton Outlets, we want to benefit point.
See some family photos, feel good, professional make-up artist. Very cute, change clothes aunt very be courteous and accessible, the clerk is very enthusiastic, our photographer RJ, a look around 25 boys (I guess he has 30, the woman's feelings, he should be a man with stories), very dedicated, very professional photography, is the affinity of the language, because it is the weekend shoot people very much, for a moment to rest, but he can't because the more people and lax on photo requirements, or the very heart beat, until the customer to his request, to see that he seriously professional interest, I reallyVery moving, this is what people say about passion, he was very involved in chat! Know, he is from Hunan, worked in Hunan TV filmed the super girl, Wang Han shot back,Coach Outlet Online, in any environment and clothing can shoot.
Encountered so dedicated professional photographer RJ is our blessing! I should choose a wild leopard Suspenders and bright patches of black skirt, sprayed some red as a foil to publicize short hair, full of personality! White background makes everything simple and direct, is very cute.
Second I chose a street, was walking in the street, a body small floral skirt, with sunglasses and Flower Purse, is a fashion sense out. Look at crowded, some also stopped to have a look for me, I was very shy, afraid of people see, more afraid of my students in the street, my skin is thin!!! Then good point the photographer, see Ajay to look, put some of the surrounding when there are many, I naturally, in the film dynamic time, I always can not reach a photographer's request, to run away many times.
As long as there is a good photo, take a few more return is worth third, I choose. A white shirt, pinkThe trousers, white canvas shoes, sunglasses, a hat, a bicycle, a group of cute natural location came out, before wearing dark colors like clothes, pretend to be mature, now likes to wear colorful clothes, act young Oh! Ha ha ha, this is the age of the changes brought about by the dressing change.
The bike but I come Hui rode many times, also in order to capture the dynamic moment. I also let Ajie comrades take two pieces of his clothing, very satisfied! Very life of my love, beauty, dream, have
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