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Postby jacky8554 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:07 am

Profile of Fu Zhenggang grade :blog blog points: 1386 blog access:1579320&3687:pay attention to the places I the domestic ( 0)abroad ( 0)notice that life is short ,how to give up halfway !Announcement unmoved either by gain or loss ,see the courthouse blossom stay or not, heaven Yunjuanyunshu small file ( Chinese ) :Name Fu Zhenggang Name ( English ) :Jerry Fu Sex: Male Height: 187cmWeight: 72KGBust: 97CMWaist: 75CMShoes: Hair : Black 43#Eyes : Black Shows: Dior Homme Burberry Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani Givenchy Missoni Agnes B Hogo Boss Romeo Gigli Jeroen Van Tuyl Vanbenthum Daniele Alessandrini Gant Ports 1961 Magzines:Austrilia: &lt ;GQ&gt ;England: &lt ;Wallpaper&gt ;Italia: &lt ;GQ&gt ;Thailand: &lt ;BAZAAR MEN&gt ;Singapore: &lt ;Arena&gt ;&lt ;Style&gt ;&lt ;August&gt ;&lt ;New Man&gt ;&lt ;Urban&gt ;Hongkong: &lt ;Men s UNO&gt ;&lt ;Esquire&gt ;Taiwan: &lt ;Eastwest magzine&gt ;&lt ;GQ&gt ;&lt ;Men s UNO&gt ;China: &lt ;Vogue&gt ;&lt ;BAZAAR&gt ;&lt ;BAZAAR MAN&gt ;&lt ;Men UNO&gt &lt ;Esquir s ;E&gt ;&lt ;ELLE&gt ;&lt ;Marie claire&gt ;&lt ;L officel&gt ;&lt ;FHM&gt ;Email: JerryFu625@163.
com thank you if food my Sohu blog visitors loading ... Music player loading ... The United States of America local time on February 5th afternoon at home should people are immersed in the spring in your sleep ,it .
.. .BROADWAY .New York street, he was nervous ,hurried footsteps across the pedestrians ,although the entire head was Hoodie hat cover ,but also casts a sunglasses ,but was the &quot &quot ;touch ;the red right hand clutching map and eagerly search number expression has proved that it is a &quot &quot ;outsider ;~ he is a two day just from mainland China to the model ,he is heading to the next interview ,New York checkerboard as street terrain although not too difficult to go to a destination ,but for just a step on the land he, from the oblique cross the New York BROADWAY over a hundred to more than one thousand ,he has been in the subway in and out three times ,take two station is a subway to confirm number ,interview guide time has passed for more than an hour ,he was in a hurry but helpless.
&quot &quot ;give up ;there is a voice in his ear always around ,but he really doesn miss a possible jobs .Six or seven degrees below zero in winter The wind with rain tapped on his face ,a cold sore.
But now he feels comfortable ,because just give him the heart of that fire and hot-headed cooling. Finally found ,the interview is not over ,he glad not to abandon this may be some jobs .
He drag has been pour half wet coat to see his friend SEAN is inside ,she will get the label :Beijing East a famous restaurant ,nest in a not too deep alley exit. I heard there is often some domestic first-line stars to patronize ,because of this ,it also follows a name ,the business is prosperous ,the shop today is exceeding one of cold and cheerless ,upstairs downstairs together two seat diners ,like specially for me and the front of the chat with a relatively comfortable environment .
Front ,is a well-known modeling studio under the flag of a hairdresser ,medium stature ,young ,handsome ,because long-term hard work and travel ,on the face always wears a tired ,her eyes still showing a be cynical ,perhaps it is this little evil be cynical &quot ;&quot ;gas ,let him more mysterious or for girls to attract Force .
&quot ;I shall really said ,till also does not say ,&quot ;through the pot to take up the heat ,I see the front because of the role of alcohol ,has flushed ,now focus on bow lit her cigarette, Mengxi an after the smoke rolled into thin lips slowly spit it out ,a very enjoy look ,&quot ;I have made anything ,went to &quot ;,he almost half lying in the chair and stared at me be cynical ,&quot ;&quot ;he sings most incisive !I looked at him ,and didn just wait for him to open the sluices .
&quot ;when I was 20 years old alone ,carrying a backpack from Qingdao to Dalian Dalian .At that time I was a city ,the train ,under the skin ?I really didn ,before a few media interview time ask me how to care of their skin ,I is the his set of procedures give chapter and verse for tell them, basic and these years according to their skin characteristics is summed up .
A person should follow several factors related to ,first ,age !Everyone was born small ass calf is slippery ,increased with age. Long ,skin aging ,to a certain age or even the appearance of wrinkles .
This is the irresistible life .Second ,the environment! Remember 08 years I worked in Singapore ,in preparation for the return a few days before the invitation company boss ( female ) to watch the Olympic Games in Beijing ,she exclaimed &quot ;I do not go ,my the skin will not stand !Beijing is so dry .
.. &quot ;Beijing relative to domestic other city south than it is dry ,dry ,dry !All year round ,especially in winter, home to the inside heating after like a long time without a decent sends a group of their own films ,this is the recent himself more like a group of light ,quiet ,inside contains a unit impulse and explosive force .
This or Xu Zheng was himself at this stage of the state .People say 30 yearsafter a person slowly into your rising sign change ,can be away from 30andthen a few years ,always feel he has already begun to Taurus personalities to God ,into a house .
Quit today should just a week ,basic emotional stability ,except at the end and just fitness in the meal that moment really TM wanted to draw two export ,but think it really does not ,human life has Live not easy enough ,water ,food ,air ,and the name and desires are to some extent or absolute degree of control over our thoughts and the way of behavior ,so get up every morning the first thing lighting the thought I took it out ,a little less walking on the road .
There will always be a little easier .In fact many times addiction easily ,an inveterate habit .I hope everyone can get rid of those who want to quit the habit. People idle ,spend two or three days let the heart also slightly down .
Like a high speed driving car ,to stop is the need to slowly the brakes .Today is very hungry ,nap time, dreams are stewed chicken ,stewed pork, various people greedy ... Actually I to eat do not care about the people ,Chanel Purses For Sale,but recently perhaps the fitness too fierce ,and eat too little .
Why ?Plastic !This afternoon I own the be keenly aware of ,so the model is a torturous thing ,bitter !Since when do not know ,designer clothes began to get smaller, from 50 to 48,now runway dress has small to 46, according to the ratio of normal walking ,restoring the shape.
A small indoor though is full to the brim ,to He always feel empty. The willow branches swaying in a layer of dust in the winter is still cold ,Cheap Oakley Sunglasses,do not want to have the &quot ;green &quot ;.
Go on, I have to forget how hard to understand or feel the &quot &quot ;separation ;die die ,that you have not come back before. Is it ?!dear Pisces .Though you are my imprisonment in the few square feet of water ,and you can always be happy ,after three seconds everything is new !If I could .
.. You are hundreds to thousands of years ago a duckweed ,repaired to the thousands of years after the vanity earth marriage ,can be in this sense secular back and forth to a few? !I ever want to call a &quot &quot ;stay ;,but no fish .
What is fish body ,can we are imprisoned is heart !This &quot &quot ;imprisonment ;drove us like a dead-alive person ,not be quiet !Now in my no quiet before, I can also dress up as a common head into the clouds in the clouds ,occupy a place of struggling, and waiting for the next time you return back .
After I took you find that a heart of pure land. Go ,just come home safely !Very ashamed ,distance on models of camera lens by :Prior experience life has been a month and 4 days, I think the whole series of things should be within one or two weeks to finish ,did not want to drag on.
Just because recently is really busy ,busy home blackouts also do not have time to buy electricity ,almost to the tropical fish freeze ,busy home on the sofa clothes pile up like a mountain hand in various forms have no mind to finish, also do not have much time to go to the gym ,no time for the static under heart to come have a look book ,eleven period also bought a set of four famous ordinary world one two three ,in Mao Dun Taiwan writer San Mao and Jian Zheng in each set, who knows I just took them home ,let them quiet upright in my desk.
Busy body ,chaos is mind. Sometimes you want to find time to read a few pages, write a few words of mood essays ,but after all mind is not on ,just sit at the computer and my blog today, 4years 227 days!2006 03Sept.
08,in Sina blog home. I in 2006 08.25 August,the first upload pictures to the album. These years, Sina blog ,to accompany me one point one write a number of articles in life .477picturenumber 4 3 people visitedthe 1529147 deepest hurt and most difficult Leslie Cheung is born ,overnight foam star ,he is treading on thorns bumpy road ,work steadily goes to later star throne .
In restaurant ,bar singing ,each have the courage to face their own ..the most painful time, when he sang the hats to the audience, but the audience was put back into the table !Leslie Cheung was blue in the face,Coach Outlet, eyes straight .
A female singer just patted his shoulder ,he suddenly jumped to the other arms ,like a child crying ... ... This hurt ,let the sensitive Leslie Cheung video player is loaded in a lifetime .
How do you post a pic?
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