Surprise! Light pollution must be careful poisonin

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Surprise! Light pollution must be careful poisonin

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:02 am

Edison created the lamp this great invention ,certainly not expected ,after more than 130 years will be experts blame &quot ;lighting is a drug &quot ;&quot ;&quot .At night sleep ;is the innate human physiological rhythm ,Louis Vuitton Outlets,but in the modern society, some are city lights light ,disrupted.
White wall ,billboards ,computer screen is the light pollution experts recommend :Brush yellow wall ,open lights ,don strong Edison created the lamp this great invention ,certainly not expected ,after more than 130 years will be experts blame &quot ;lighting is a drug &quot ;&quot ;&quot .
At night sleep ;human innate circadian rhythm ,but in the modern society, some are disrupted by city lights .The light is an indispensable human friends ,but too strong ,excessive ,constantly changing light ,due to the interference and even the great harm ,so many people can not think of 2/ 3 people.
Living in the light pollution of Chen Lin gets up at six thirty every morning ,the moment ,the eye was so hurt .Work during the day, she is afraid of in the sunny weather drive ,&quot ;style of the glass wall is too much, the sudden sunlight reflected annoys me.
&quot evening ,four ;Week of brightly lit ,but she worried: &quot ;the entire city bright bright ,Louis Vuitton Handbags,street lamps ,brightly coloured signs ... ... A variety of colors ,shapes ,materials of the lamp are woven into a net ,so I have to consciously focus ,with great care to drive.
To have bad luck with the last open headlight ,( on the next edition ) strong white even let my mind instantly blank. &quot ;Chen Lin covering almost every city of normal people. Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences environmental pollution and health research associate professor Nie Jing told life times reporter ,when the optical radiation to a certain amount, would have on the environment and human health adversely affected, this is &quot &quot ;light pollution ;.
At home ,white walls ,too bright glaze wall tiles ,polished marble ,white light fluorescent lamp ,Wall Decor bright mirror ,a flickering television screen ,even when leafing through magazines reflective coated paper ,are neglected in the light pollution ;office of the computer screen ,the night night of eternal light ,bar rotating black light lamp ,fluorescent light ,color light is light pollution ;daytime Street shining glass curtain wall building, night rainbow neon signs ,advertising lighting ,shopping malls ,and they create artificial daylight ,is light pollution 2001.
Years of the United States ,according to a report :Global approximately 2 / 3 of thepeople living in the light pollution .Moreover, artificial light pollution has increased year by year ,German annual growth of 6% ,Italy and Japan, annual growth of 10% and 12% .
1/ 10driversaid ,the sun will be reflected when running of glass curtain wall light of the surprise attack ,so that they can not see the direction of the United States of America moment .University of Texas Health Science Center endocrinologist Russell ?Rett even said :&quot ;light is a kind of drug.
The abuse of lights, is a health hazard. &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;effects of sleep ,visual acuity and sexual development when you are glass curtain wall reflex light cut eyes ,you can also instinctively a blindfolded or evade the light ,but some light pollution and its harm, perhaps you have no consciousness.
In recent years ,due to light pollution caused by the dispute is increasing year by year ,the health effects have caused our attention to cause cataracts .According to researches ,age 2 nightlights on the sleeping child ,the myopia rate of about 55% ;and out of the sleeping child ,myopia rate of only about 10%.
The light pollution caused by poor visual environment are considered to be important factors in high myopia .More study shows that ,long time in white Color light pollution of the environment of work and life, the incidence of cataract high of 45%.
Of Ophthalmology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital director Li Ying told reporters ,if long time in light color or light environment ,the eye lens function will be affected ,after injury may lead to cataract .
Therefore ,the sudden light must avoid direct eye pain, anxiety ,.Can sleep live in downtown Shanghai Nanjing West Road Lee was near many-storied buildings all-night neon lights up the had to find a sleep expert .
&quot ;begin to sleep without sinking, then is unable to sleep at night ,and later even fear ,anxiety ,nerves .&quot ;sleep experts ,Shanghai Chinese medical insomnia Collaborating Center Deputy Director Shi Ming said when people sleep ,although their eyes are closed ,but the light will still through the eyelids ,affect sleep.
According to his clinical statistics, there are about 5% - 6% of the insomnia due to noise ,light and other environmental factors, including light accounted for about 10%. &quot ;once the insomnia ,the body cannot get sufficient rest ,will trigger a deeper dimension of health problems .
&quot ;effects of hormone secretion ,and even lead to precocious puberty: Russell ?Rett found ,as in the retina light at night ,will reduce the faded black bowel Element is generated ,and the hormone that regulates circadian rhythm is an important material.
Light plundered the night ,disrupting hormone secretion rhythms ,may lead to the normal cycle of unbalance. The Endocrinology Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital professor Wu Xueyan said ,if the children are exposed to too much light ,melatonin secretion will reduce ,which leads to precocious or genital excessive development of other hormones .
Secretion also have a circadian rhythms ,such as androgen seven or eight am in the morning to the highest point ,the light will affect this .Light pollution will affect people ,it will indirectly affect hormone secretion .
People become depressed American Ohio State University professor Randy ?Nelson in January 21st in the United States Department of Neurology annual scientific meeting that night too much :exposure to light may lead to depression .
Nie Jing said ,light pollution can cause dizziness upset ,depressed ,physical fatigue and other similar symptoms of neurasthenia. For night work or a long night life of people affected by light pollution ,the more damage the United States 2001National Cancer InstituteJournal published research shows :female night time is longer ,the greater the risk of breast cancer .
Nie Jing also tells a reporter ,long-term by the song and dance hall decoration light Shoot, the ultraviolet light induced epistaxis ,tooth loss ,cataract ,and even lead to leukemia and other malignant .
Color light source not only adverse to the eye ,and interference with the brain central nervous ,let people nausea ,vomiting ,insomnia ,inability to concentrate, low sexual desire and other symptoms .
As little as possible to the wall with the mirror for glass curtain wall and other large outdoor light pollution ,perhaps our own inability to change ,but the decoration caused by the improper indoor light pollution ,as well as local inspect environmental pollution ,such as paper books, computers ,television and so on ,we can hit out actively .
Expert advice ,the following methods can eliminate the harm of light pollution .Indoor lighting is very important :should be avoided to be riotous with colour .Rotating lights. In terms of color ,the living room ,study ,kitchen, play a major role in the headlight illumination best choice of cold tone ,is also can emit white light; and the bedroom ,bathroom ,balcony to the yellow light warm color light source .
Local lighting ,shading and good application of the lamp, to prevent this kind of light source contained more infrared radiation. As little as possible to the wall with the mirror ,glass and other jewelry .
Regardless of the office or at home, as far as possible the use of incandescent lamps instead of fluorescent lamp .The UV and blue light in skin and retina damage. The decoration should use inferior smooth brick :office and home ground ,if the use of polishing brick ,light reflection coefficient will rise to 90% ,cause light pollution ,such as matt tiles do not.
If you have used polishing brick ,do not use too much degree light point-blank ground ,should try to open the lamp .Home study and children room ,should try to use the floor instead of tile .
Whether living or office space ,metope coating preferably with beige ,light blue, light ,too dazzling white reflective strongly ,preferably not. Choose good shading effect curtains :this can help you in &quot ;artificial daytime &quot ;to create a dark environment.
Shi Ming suggested the use of deep color ,double thick curtains .In addition ,Li Ying also remind you ,Coco Chanel Handbags,must not long time direct light ,strong sunlight had to wear sunglasses .I should also pay attention to eye health ,watch TV or use the computer every 45 minutes rest ,avoid too much or too dark visual environment in reading ,also can put in indoor green plants .
&quot ;the government should also be reasonable planning of night lighting area ,time and color ,avoid as far as possible in the living area adjacent to the implementation of light City lighting engineering .
We should choose the right light source ,lamps and lamp collocation scheme ,try to use the beam divergence of smaller lamps ,and in the lamp adopts hood or septa measures ,strictly limit the light pollution ,don not nocturnal city took our health .
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