flying saucers and IPC are all very great

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flying saucers and IPC are all very great

Postby netants3 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:09 pm

Despite Monster Beats headphones only features a history of in excess of two a long time, but no brand dare to deal with Monster lightly,due to the first paragraph headset Studio,Monster turn out to be well-known,and now it truly is the second on product sales headset brand in America,which has greater than 10 designs well-known products .Meanwhile, the Monster headphones can also be the representation of fashionable form headset,justin bieber beats by dre,behalfed by the rap godfather dr. Dre's,and musical platform thunder mother Lady GaGa take part in the style, even the Apple corporation do very recommend , additionally,there are many stars in America's entertainment market and athletes have Monster headsets, if you're even now asking which headset LadyGaGa or Bryant are sporting, you will be already out.
/monster-beats-by-dr-dre-studio-c ...
What kind of headphones on earth is just very good? You'll find 3 easy guidelines for reference, including good sound, beautiful appearance and comfy sufficient,beats headphones cheap, if one particular can match two of them, it can be observed as the top grade, and the Monster newest headset Beats by Dr. Dre studio is this kind of a rare solution since of meeting the above 3 concepts of products in the same time, immediately after you attempted it only one time ,it essentially provides you with a deep and unforgettable impression, similar to restore the lost songs language.
Headphones is created by legendary musician and recording producer Beats Master Dr. Dre, Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Ivine together with Monster company for three many years, so take its called Beats by Dr. Dre, the characteristic is having high definition, strong bass and high-power output to restore all kings of sound the musicians and recording producers manufactured in professional studio. Beats by Dr. Dre adopt 40mm unit and digital amplifier, make earphone can replayed intensive sound, meticulous treble and vigorous low-frequency, then manufacture a noise isolation technology through electronic device, recur recording indoor sound insulation effect, listening to the any tiny songs change. Besides,Beats by Dr. Dre use very thick ear cover, strengthen the comfort when sporting.In addition,we attach two Monster headset wire randomly, one is iSoniTalk implanted into the microphone and incoming telegram answer keys,can cooperate with the iPhone, BlackBerry and other songs cell phones.
Introduce first, the United States Monster which is said "Monster" early, is a widely used large civil and professional wire brand with great catholicity and reliable performance , many goods are popular with low price but great quality,excellent craft and stable performance. This earphone is created by Grammy winner Dr. Dre. Together with the Monster audio expert team, using advanced loudspeaker style and dynamic isolation technology isolated noise, can deliver higher definition music, proprietary driver technology is connected by Monster wire.
Inserting headphones, the songs play immediately, the very first feeling is pure. From the headset shape, you must can not imagine the voice is this kind of clear, transparent, details are in focus,along with the positioning is very accurate, it won be vague or confusion even under great dynamic, especially when hearing some crazy drum, you can clearly distinguish each drum percussion position, space stereo sense is very strong, SA5000 can not give me the feeling,and listening to some live recording will make you have unprecedented feeling. Vocals is very outstanding, which is very obvious that it is before the musical instrument,both male and female voice are remarkable, low-frequency feeling is sufficient, submergence is very deep, the speed of recycling descend fairly fast, it is very enjoyable to listen to pop,rock,JAZZ and crazy HIPHOP,furthermore, string and piano performance are all very very good, sound field also quite big, estimates that listening to classical is fine. Demand for front-end is not high, performance under X - Fi and D50, flying saucers and IPC are all very great, very easy to push, after all, its positioning is carry-on headphone. Effect of noise reduction is very very good, I didn't hear that my dad at my door outside knocking knocked about until with the last strength in taken , then Iput Z5500 open to ordinary,listening to songs volume, then wearing your headsets listen , also did not hear the voice of Z5500. The B on the right with the earphone is a button, will mute when pressed, and a similar effect like PTH of shure, can magnify the voice nearby, the layout is very convenient. Besides this street lead high when wearing out, the physical appearance is very fcucking , especially the monster line, red flaming, work is very excellent. The recording technician is Monster series headset's best model, the greatest characteristic in the headset is dazzle cool physical appearance , black specular shell technology is extremely dazzling, and low frequency is strong, like flooding came back, dynamic range is wide. The recording technician headphones also with noise reduction devices inside that can isolation outside noise through active noise reduction ,dr dre beatbox, which is very practical. Now the price of this sort of headphones in is just $169, we advise it to you who likes fierce dynamic pop songs for key reference.
This kind of headphone is very perfection as carryon equipment with a lot of details, pure voice, the prominent voices, shock of low frequency and is very easy to drive, , sound doesn have obvious shortcoming, makes me very surprisied.
Headphones market is not easy to manage, this will be the common sense of the world manufacturers, but on the contrary,although Monster has decades of history, but only two years of headset business, in late 2008, he is previously the second native American revenue brand, a large number of stars use Monster products,and a strong wind raised by Monster.
You may not know Sennheiser and the triangle, but in case you didn't know Monster beats until now, then you completely behind The Times,
when Kobe Bryant are fined $10,000 simply because of sporting a Monster Beats Studio at a press conference, and Lebron, Lady Gaga, Eason Chan and other stars are wearing headphones for the presenting on public place, as a young people nowadays, you have no excuse to ignore the existence of Monster, just like Nike .
For instance,beats by dr dre custom, if the Monster doesn use numerous stars?endorsement offensive, perhaps for quite a long time he is even now just a wire brand only recognized by enthusiasts and professional personages, however , through the fashionable and popular series of cooperation propaganda, now he doesn need to carry forward its own brand through the traditional route any far more, just Google it, and you will find that about "the headset Cobe are wearing " news can be listed with dozens of page. We think that the rise of Monster has made a excellent beginning for other potential manufacturer who now want to enter the row of doing headphones or earplugs business, tell everyone how on earth can make your own brand grow fast, which, of course, are built on the absolutely quality assurance as the premise.
We are very happy to see we injected some new vitality inside the depressing headset market relative to others who have new technology and new products everyday,we wish this situation can maintain long-term even expansion continues, bring us much more and better items.
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