you there is such a feeling

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you there is such a feeling

Postby jacky8554 » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:08 pm

Recently attracted for Qiaqia brand to design a new logo. In his view, Chinese brands have completed the primitive accumulation stage and are beginning a new period of thick and thin hair.

Sina fashion: What is special about this to contact contact design logo?

Alan Chan: I have done all the projects inside Qiaqia special, because the first species category I have not done. The second seeds is a very long tradition of food, talk about it anymore bluntly aging in a food, transformed into the present state, selling so well. The market is open so wide, why? I think because it is a culture, I think the culture whether it is food, home, clothes, Ye Hao, articles, or will be handed down the. So when do Qiaqia LOGO, I think particularly meaningful, because we basically want a cultural passed along, to expand its influence, also told me to do a design philosophy, Chinese and born in China live this concept coincides with, so I think it is very interesting.

Sina fashion: How do you go to the performance of Alan Chan

: seeds can bring the taste of a life, a life of the state's food. After this little thing brought out in different states, you can enjoy a pleasure. Different countries which can bring a joy, this joy is the joy of a traditional Chinese, I think this is a very interesting state.

China is to create to metamorphosis

Sina fashion: from imitation to how you look at the transformation of the Chinese industry brand awareness? Alan Chan

: I think the brand awareness and the beginning of imitation, including Hong Kong and sixties are constantly imitate. But the imitation stage has been the past two decades later, you will feel alone imitation is not enough, each brand must have its own personality, which is the strength of the brand. For example, we see on the market nondescript Chinese clothing, you can be a Prada and U2 together, Giorgio Armani and the Jeanswest mixed together have, but not the so-called Chinese market is so big, you can slow slow to accumulate, to create it.

Sina fashion is primitive accumulation: Do you mean before?

Alan Chan: the status of previously primitive accumulation is no standard, who run fast who come out like this. But you know that a hundred years of the brand is not doing so out.

Sina fashion: You just said that China is an imitation of, how would you look at China from manufacturing to China to create such a leap at this stage?

Alan Chan: first as a designer you have to adhere to your state, is that you do not follow others too. I am also from a small company began 31 years this year. I always do not do the pitch, I insist that this state, because I think that if the customers do not know who you are, come to you to do the pitch, it represented that he did not understand you is a good thing, everyone doing different levels, But I know I have the energy to do more height.

Sina fashion: how do you view China's creative force?

Alan Chan: China's creative power has two states, or imitate earlier this one is his own personality to grow slowly, slowly to experience. Another is because the Chinese too much space, a lot of abstract state can survive, this is a good, because I think good art is eclectic. Under such a state today, you see the greatest projects of the world's most famous architects, architects, construction companies, it has emerged in China, why is this? Because China is such an open space, it is very easy to meet these creative people, including architects, fashion designers, including me, never been able to realize the concept, where you can carry forward.

Shanghai equivalent of the sixties New York

Sina fashion: this state, you said some people will say, cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, just like 10 years ago, New York, you there is such a feeling?

Alan Chan: I think Shanghai is a sixties New York is such a feeling.

Sina fashion: the difference for so many years?

Alan Chan: modest. More than 10 years, how would you see in Shanghai are exposed, the appearance of the packaging only after the door is open, you open another door, and then again, you see not the case. Not bad Shanghai, is not in this state, it is only a superficial

want to focus more in the realm of art

Sina fashion: you will be more focus on areas in the future? ...

Alan Chan: 1997, Shanghai Art Museum invited me to open my personal exhibition, I am very bold, because most people, cutting-edge design in general from art, from the decoration, sculpture, photography have in this regard I would like a fire in my heart, not out of.

Sina fashion: Specifically, what is the fire?

Alan Chan: Last year was the 60th birthday, after I told myself my life, what do want, and then there might be another 10 years, 15 years, 20 years I do not The design of the above, I have nothing to do. I think we can leave something to the younger generation, I am thinking to open my private Design Museum.

this program has been doing, I was in Beijing to find a few places to find a place in Shanghai,Moncler Jackets On Sale, have been thinking about how to open up this desire. Things I will do it, because it did not sound good to talk about, after I left, I hope that not only have a few books Liuzaishishang, I hope to have a place for my company over the past ten years, including my creativity, as well as so on a fixed place in publicity materials, affecting the creative forces in the past few decades, this place if I was still at the same time, I can promote a lot of young designers to do exhibitions, lectures, education, etc., which are I prepare the rest of his life to do things. So be sure to do it, time will certainly inform you.

Sina fashion: to be successful in terms of a designer, the most important what is? Alan Chan

: To contribute to the society for the next generation of influential countries have a certain amount of, I can not say that the contribution is can push the country toward a more civilized, more generous, more atmospheric an image. Reference
two: the Sohu commercial fashion the Interview

Moderator: Honourable Sohu users Hello, everyone, welcome to watch the commercial fashion interview. Today, we are very honored to internationally renowned designer Alan Chan Mr. acceptance of our visit. Chen should talk to our Sohu friends to say hello. Alan Chan

: Hello, everyone, I come from Hong Kong, Alan Chan.

more simple and more able to express themselves

Moderator: Chen to see your first impression, reminds me of a person, your appearance and temperament with the Chinese New Culture Movement Hu Shih, a representative figure of very close.

Alan Chan: Yes, you are not the first to say, probably because of my glasses, I thin.

Moderator: glasses, your style is very similar. Your own aesthetic is not respected minimalist, retro?

Alan Chan: My aesthetic has gone through a process of change, the 1970's when all my clothes to buy their own fabric design, shirts, jackets, pants, including a tie choose their own fabric find a tailor to do it. 80's like to wear clothing design taste, usually decorative than doctrinal point, because I wanted a little more than express themselves. The 1990s, like the simple things until now, 60 years old, I do not use clothing to wrap my own, I want my clothes to reflect my personality, I how kind of a person. I think the more simple, more able to express what I want to say.

design DNA regret: You best start since the father

host in an advertising firm as an apprentice, and later to join the design is what triggered your interest in design? Alan Chan

: should be subject to the influence of my father, my father is from Guangzhou to Hong Kong opened a fruit shop, and sometimes imported wood wardrobe at home all her own. I was a kid like a little assistant with him at the edge of small things. I believe that my artistic beauty, the DNA is my father left me. My mother is a very common, traditional Chinese woman, all efforts were made to the family. The DNA of the father and mother are transmitted to me, so I can eat hard, very hard work. Today, I come from Shanghai, attended a press conference today here in the afternoon go. Such an experience, I think there may be Cantonese working very hard, and really enjoyed the work. My mother told me friendly to people, can really help others. For example, Japanese to play in Hong Kong, my family is more affluent, 6 pm every day, my mom and dad to send food to poor people. So I now have extra money, I'll go do the charity thing. join

, designed for only because like

Moderator: Do you remember your initial design work? When you do the design, what is the pursuit of the goal? Alan Chan: time out to work

, no goals, just do something you enjoy, and have been trying to do. But I am more lucky, because I work at an advertising agency in the 1940s is a foreign advertising company, when all the best ideas are imported from the United States, Britain, Australia, etc., are imported talent . I was in a foreign advertising company, my boss are foreigners. I have something to do with five or six bosses, each boss has the expertise and sometimes designed, sometimes shoot the film good, and sometimes advertise the good, the DC tablets sometimes do better. I told each foreign boss to learn a creative state of mind, training in the 1940s I was back 30 years of development is very, very important.

Moderator: of your design career, you have encountered a very confused and kind of bottleneck period?

Alan Chan: confused Of course, there, the company now has more than 40 staff, all day long on the outside run. I have no entrepreneurial pressure, I only have the money pressure. Because companies are reluctant, but also the operation, you have to feed over 40 families, this is the pressure, so how to do good projects, we happy together in doing the work, the only such pressure, there is no other.

design back the Chinese the dignity

host: You once said you are doing the design, the dignity of the Chinese get it back, you think you do?

Alan Chan: I think to a certain extent, I was doing quite well. China over the past 50 years to develop the brand, now has a lot of changes, the span of a certain degree of difficulty for China. A brand relationship with the community, without which life in the international environment, it is difficult to do an international brand out. I think the Chinese market over the past five years, gradually open up the domestic customers and the masses have accepted foreign affairs, not only to accept or even understand why this is better than that, this is excessive is very important. So I think the past five years, I have spent a lot of efforts to provide training to domestic customers, to open their horizons.

Moderator: You can now enjoy a lot of honor, the head of the halo is very large, you enjoy this status? Alan Chan

: I think this is every successful creative staff will look forward to, this state, it is difficult to run forward to enhance the quality of the customer, but also because this state to give you a convenient, so I think it is interactive. We want to lead the media to promote this thing, people can appreciate, understand, understand why the image of this excessive, why the image is to do so, so I will accept this state.

Moderator: That you will have thought about retirement? Enjoy what a quiet life.

Alan Chan: One day I found your company do not come to visit me, know that I will retire.

Moderator: in the domestic company to be established? Alan Chan

: in Hong Kong. So I average one week to sit in a plane over.

Moderator: not 12 team is responsible?

Alan Chan: all in Hong Kong. never

denied merchant identity

Moderator: you feel that your identity into a businessman's role?

Alan Chan: has been a businessman, I have been a commercial role, I have never denied this status.
Moderator: - that you would like businesses to package their company's image and personal image? Alan Chan

: everyone has their own image of each company box is very important. But I own, including my company's image is purely a step-by-step operating out step by step, including the clothes that I just said, begin a design, then buy a different brand worn, this is an excessive, not deliberately, such as cultural combination of style, nor is the sample loading out, because I live in Hong Kong, this environment is so. Fashion is the happy enjoyment of the moment

Moderator: this part is called the commercial fashion, we will understand the business part, we will ask some of the views of the field of fashion. You how to define fashion? Alan Chan

: fashion a moment you feel good, happy to enjoy, which is a kind of fashion. Definition of fashion is not the same in each individual the eyes of, because you see I look completely different.

Moderator: What do you think your own is a fashion?

Alan Chan: I think so. the courtesy the gentleman


appreciated the most: that this column also ask you to help us draw one, you feel that your own most men's side, you can tell us a simple sketch about it. Thank you. You appreciate the quality of the male is what?

Alan Chan: I think the man must be a gentleman courtesy, regardless of any occasion to do things, go to the staff, for girls, including a waiter in a restaurant which first met, and should also be courteous manner treatment. Including the plane, the staff of the aircraft above, how do you treat them, this is very important. This is very important

appreciate Zhou Xun the readily

host because of your accomplishment, completely after a different crowd,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags, and then learn to appreciate and look at others, look at their own: So your friends should be very, compared with what kind of hit it off it?

Alan Chan: understand art, taste, polite, cultured, beautiful.

Moderator: you in your circle of friends which you think is calling the most tasteful man? , Alan Chan

,: I.

Moderator: your own.

Alan Chan: This is hard to say because I said a man next to be jealous.

Moderator: What do you particularly appreciate what is the quality of the women?

Alan Chan: Zhou Xun, I really like. host of

: like her what? Acting?

Alan Chan: I like her personality. She is a girl, but she has a boy's style is very straightforward, not contrived, and I really like this girl. There is Du.

Moderator: Supermodel.

Alan Chan: She is my friend, so little girls can do so in the international modeling industry, and every time she was out of a show, I feel more gas field, not the same. the

celebrity Ten Questions - Travel to find the inspiration

Moderator: that the last part, we called celebrities Ten Questions, you can simply answer this question. Do you think you have the most significant personal style?

Alan Chan: glasses, mustache.

Moderator: your favorite Chinese dynasty which intellectuals?

Alan Chan: the word prosperity of the Tang and Song The simple, this is my favorite.

Moderator: that you create in times of difficulties,Gucci Bags Outlet, you what will happen to find inspiration for it?

Alan Chan: to travel, do yoga, go for a massage.

Moderator: the city is where most want to live?

Alan Chan: Kyoto, Japan.

Moderator: What do you most want to thank the Who? Alan Chan: My father and mother, and my wife.

Moderator: your usual body essential thing is?

Alan Chan: glasses, do not have this how to see things.

Moderator: what is your most satisfying work?

Alan Chan: my most satisfying work is with Seiko do a wall clock can be later distributed to you. the

Moderator: What is the secret of your success? Alan Chan

,: Do not give up.

Moderator: What are the disadvantages do you think your body without its drawbacks, is the need to change?

Alan Chan: The drawback is that my tolerance is too large.

Moderator: Thank you very much to our interview, thank you.

Alan Chan: Thank you. Alan Chan Alan Chan,

, one of Hong Kong's most famous designers, award-winning, known as the godfather of Chinese design. Alan Chan Design Company has been GRAPHIS magazine as one of the world's top ten design firms, is the only award of the Chinese design company. His posters and watch even satisfied that the United States San Francisco Museum of Modern Art permanent collection. In Japan, he also in 1991, 2002, held in Tokyo in the East meeting West
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