either consumer grade or commercial YSL Shoes

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either consumer grade or commercial YSL Shoes

Postby chouq662 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:41 pm

Outdoor sunlight readable digital signagebr />
A. Sunlight readable and high brightness--Anti-Reflection Glass, brightness 1500cd/m2
B. Automatic brightness adjustment--Energy saving & Environmental protection
C. Advanced IP65 enclosure-system is hermetically enclosed, waterproof and protected from dust, dirt and humidity
D. Constant temperature control system--Operation at outside air temperature -40℃--+55℃
E. Special aeronautic glass--with less than 1% reflection, Explosion-proof
F. Integrated multi-functional player, support playing video, music and photo
G. Support 3G/WIFI network,YSL Shoes, centralized management by the server.

As a leader in digital signage field, Shining research, design,Yves Saint Laurent Shoes, develop, manufacture and sell in one line to meet different requirements of advertising projects. With the cooperation of many experienced and high-tech suppliers, Shining has own developing team for the hardware and software upgrade of the product, make our products more sensitive and flexible in the market. We are open to the market requirements; any OEM&ODM orders are warmly welcome.
An assumption, often made,Yves Saint Laurent Shoes Sale, about outdoor digital signage, exterior information screens and other outdoor TVs is that they are expensive to utilize. And while it is true, specific digital outdoor signage systems and all-weather LCD screens are many times the cost of standard commercial and consumer grade devices, there is, however, a more budgetary constrained solution.
Even homeowners are utilizing outdoor TV screens providing poolside entertainment or backyard viewing, and they can even be found in locations as diverse as theme parks and zoos.

Simple and cost effective protection for almost any size and make of LCD or plasma screen is readily available in the form of an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures house standard LCD devices and are commonly available in a range of sizes. They provide all the protection necessary for digital outdoor signage or exterior TV operation, protecting the enclosed TV from the elements.

Standard TVs,Yves Saint Laurent Shoes, either consumer grade or commercial, can still be used in an outdoor environment regardless of the weather conditions - they just need protecting from the elements.
The biggest advantage of LCD enclosures over other outdoor advertising lcd display systems is the cost savings. Not only is the protection comprehensive, often superseding that provided by specific outdoor TV models, but with a combined cost of LCD enclosure and screen much less than a made-for-outdoor TV, it is enabling far more businesses and homeowners to take advantage of outdoor space.

There are many locations where you will find a TV screen mounted outdoors and for a myriad of reasons too: from providing information - such as news and weather - to commuters on platforms; to advertising to shoppers along the high street using outdoor digital signage.

Weather protection,Yves Saint Laurent Shoes, controllable temperatures inside the enclosure and a steel protective cabinet provides all-round protection from both the elements and physical threats such as vandalism.

Shining Display are being utilized as outdoor advertising lcd display digital signage along high streets, information screens on railway platforms and in people's back yards.
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