This bundle of lilies have been placed for several

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This bundle of lilies have been placed for several

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:41 pm

Flavor, it seems more and more rich. She turned to see the busy figure to the kitchen, I think that periods of heavy rain the night, smile on the face as they watch.

day her 23-year-old birthday, she did not like before, to all friends and family clamored to beg for blessings. This time, she quietly birthday. This time, she would like to know, she is no longer all over the world to declare them if they would remember her birthday.

in the morning to receive his blessing, happy birthday! Although it is known that he had not forgotten, but this is just a birthday blessing it, there should be a birthday gift, birthday surprise in the back. She was happily waiting for.

work in the same company, half past five after work went to the technical department to find him, colleagues say he is under the plant, estimated to be late before I came back. Through the windows to see outside the dim one, raining harder and harder. Suzhou rain on and off next month. Go this morning a hurry, not even the umbrella forgot, it is estimated that a rain back. Sigh, came to his seat, sit down, clean and tidy desktop computer next to them last Christmas, she sent him the blue crystal apple. the

the computer is not closed, the report on credentials window is still open. She did not touch them, casually open a joke site, quiet sitting in the soft chair and looked at.

I do not know how long and far to hear his voice, she has been waiting for the sound. She looked to the door of the elevator and saw a group of people pushing the instrument out of the elevator door, the middle of his two-handed empty-positive and others joking. Her heart got a little sadly, look back to the site still looked quiet.

Yuehua Jian, he had placed his seat and went over, a smile still on his face, did not notice the position she has been the point of displeasure.


he will no longer speak, squat down next to him down. Move the mouse, drag the side of her site, open the certificate document. Xu is squatting a little tired, and he touched her chair legs, chair aside with shift shift the body toward the middle of Nueliao Nue. the

He immediately stood up, her yell scared, looked at her, looked at the surrounding colleagues. Usually work, she often occupied his chair, he is also moved the chair aside with a move never seen her so happy. His eyes a hint of doubt,Moncler Coats On Sale, but also like to think of what there is no debate, continued to squat to get his report.

she no longer speak, eyes peering staring at him. Maybe, maybe too soon will receive a surprise, she thought, and so the eyes of anger gradually into calm. Do not look at him, turned to look to the street of the windows in the rain, rain, flashing vehicles.

not long before he will be off the computer, gently pull the still chair the absence of her, let her at the door waiting for him, he went to the umbrella. Waited for two minutes at the door, he came out empty-handed, it seems, did not find an umbrella.

she Lengheng soon be shading his hat on his head, walked straight to the rain. He followed, gently took her hand. the

to any discourse, the only feeling would only slightly holding her hand tight.

Slowly pumping the hand from his micro-hot palms out, back into their own pockets, and still did not answer him.

from behind catch up, and gently pulled her arm.

appeared to be the His grasp of her arm, looking at her, like a child is so overwhelmed, rain has wet his hair and glasses.

eye to the tears flowing students that want to swallow back. Or does not respond, just a little harder to throw off the hands grabbed her by the arm.

, murmured.

excuse. She thought, If you care about her birthday, he will be well prepared, rather than nothing. the

has passed. Corner there is a just swallow back the tears fall. She quickly blinked a few eyes, and bow to flash into the supermarket.

see the figure of his disappointment, her mouth with a hint of a smile, heart trace of pride, waiting to see him next how.

bow silently lug meat, vegetables, and did not forget to buy some fruit.

two in silence out of the supermarket, he no longer speak. Silence, the rustle of the rain and the occasional steam-ming.

back to the hostel, he silently into the kitchen starts to get busy.

she went into his room, closing the door. Sitting on the bed, turn on the computer no longer cover up, despite the tears, big stars big stars fell. What is this, so even yet, he was prepared to do yet. Heart waves of sorrow and grief, full of grievances.

he dropped came in, saw her sitting on the bed, open the computer. Silence was about to leave, and I see the open computer on a blue, what page did not open. Aware of her wrong, hastened to the bedside to squat down and saw her nose red, and tears a face.

The heart is self-blame and pain, should be prepared to do more,Coach Outlet, it is her birthday. the

she did not ignore her, still immersed in her grief, his mind cranky, he must not care about her, do not care about her birthday.

he silently go out and still return to the kitchen busy. the

I do not know how long he will re-open her door, entered the room, at the door and said to her, the the

meals do on the outside, you eat it. carefully for a cool and gently close the door.

she was somewhat surprised, wiped off the tears, came to the living room. Saw him take off his glasses, holding that are still wet the coat seems to have to go out.

her cold heart swarmed surge of warmth, and know what he wanted. Turned around and looking out at the heavy rain, hesitated to

her eyes rest on the table, just made a big table of food is tasty steaming. The grievances of the heart, unhappy suddenly disappeared, but a bit frustrating. Is wrong, so much rain, let him go, the stopping him.

slowly to the table, his glasses, his cell phone. What! Phone! How he did not carry a cell phone, braved so much rain cycling glasses do not wear no poncho umbrella nor with, it is because it is not easy, the phone how can you forget to bring it. Did not wear glasses, sight is not good cars, the roads are slippery, if what happened, we can not immediately contact Pei Pei, how can we expect him to trouble.

But now how to do it, would certainly have to catch up. She was anxious to blame themselves, stopped him early enough.

she turned into the house to put on a jacket, take on the umbrella, go to the cell door he.

dark night, rain the next wildly.

her umbrella, eagerly gait, now has total disregard for those little puddles. No matter that splashes wet her shoes, wet her legs. My heart is full of remorse and regret, not a birthday can wait until the weekend to fix before, should not be so.

pace too fast, and almost slipped. She thought that is really in a hurry, he will not ride very fast, it will not fall. Secretly pray in my heart, began to complain since the February rain.

each area at the entrance of people can all see, there is a girl insisted on handle umbrella in the rain, nervously looking around, waiting to find who returned for each rain cycling person by far and near staring carefully, until you are sure to slowly release the eyes than she is looking for talent.

do not know stood long, and ushered in the number of people, I just feel the eyes are a little spent. Her look that way to draw the line the only way he back and forth, or go to that. Stride forward, staring at the roadside, walking slowly. Really made a mistake, she thought, if he is really what happened, after this life, she will not be a birthday. She was too headstrong, and are enduring now, he punish her? He is deliberately not carry a cell phone so worried? He knew she would worry about him.

think he gave her meals out there, she knew he did not care about her, she deliberately misinterpreted his.

remember they had with her first birthday, he sent her a pot plant pocket, coconut, chocolate, touch her head, and asked her to take good care of his plants. When she is not his girlfriend.

second birthday, she is already his girlfriend, he sent his hands folded 365 paper cranes, with a big red heart-shaped box filled, and installed a box full of the most above that he wrote her love letters, two full pages. third birthday of

campus radio stations sounded he had written her greetings and her favorite song of his points - Xu Song, The campus radio sounded, he was downstairs in her dormitory, she lying on the dormitory on the windowsill, the two faces are filled with happiness.

fourth birthday, she was unemployed, his internship in the field. His home to him that living expenses are basically left to her own live frugally. Hand there is no money to buy gifts, he hesitated to go back, but you are afraid to see her disappointed eyes. She called to say, even over as long as you come back to my birthday. He found the students to borrow money, they surrounded a small cake, happy and sweet. the

fifth birthday, is now, she is a rainy night anxiously waiting for him to find him, eyes filled with tears.

far, he saw a faint light near the man does not have a raincoat, a black jacket, hard riding in the rain. Him, she lost control ran over to greet. Is an unfamiliar face, indifferent looked to run past her, and she pass away the. silk sun

heart just thrown dim. the stomach

pain these two days is just big aunt Duty, she clenched umbrellas along the street, squatting down.

Icy streets, pedestrians, and only she crouched there.

heart burst moved, she shook her head, watching the taxi away.

pulled out a cell phone, 8 o'clock 50, he has been out for nearly an hour. she was very familiar with that road

normal cycling back and forth for 20 minutes is enough, and perhaps buy something wasted little time, how could such a long time. She stood up and looked down that road, dim lights, dark, sometimes one or two beam lights flashed.

to wait another ten minutes, not ten minutes later came back to find him.

Then she kept to dig the phone.

8 o'clock 52

8:00 50 four

8.5 15

8.5 17

never felt so long now ten minutes to actually make her so upset. Every one minute, more anxious.

phone suddenly shook, and hurried to open. Is a good sister, wish a happy birthday over the phone. She clasped umbrellas into the phone, Just noticed the front not far from the beam faint light slowly forward, slowly rode, one leg propped ground.

that figure is not him. Right, yes he came back. An anxious heart finally put down.

their enthusiasm is strong and sisters back to the sentence to greet him in the past.

he found her, although the umbrella head low, did not see her face, he knew it was her. Out of the car by hand pushing the line slowly, accompanied by her. you how this came

His words are plain, the fundus was more than a trace of joy, he knew her Xu worry about him.

She did not answer.

Close to him, will be held the umbrella in his head. the

come back just to ride a car no electricity, while riding the back side with legs propped... What? afraid of my accident? half of the sentence thrown, the hand holding the right hand she held an umbrella, only to find that her hand is cold than this rain. the

She did not speak, by his more recent, the umbrella on the two head.

he stopped the car, carefully rubbed the back of the car the edge of the sleeves and wet clothing, until very clean, there is no trace of water stains.

droplets patter drops in her jeans, but also drops in her heart.

she no words. He has no words, but a careful look at the road, legs propped car lag.

to the dormitory,Gucci Purses, he put away the car, and the hands of more than a big bunch of lilies and a box of cake.

She is happy to take over the lily.

He risked so much rain to buy, not her who is.

a little bit embarrassed.

fool, she thought. Smelling a hint of lily incense, looking at the rain washed more blooming lilies, her eyes shiny full of sweet.


face flushed a while, She was embarrassed hung his head. They quickly raised his head and his face Qingzhuo one.


Sheng good bowl of soup, he came over and took her hand, his smile is so happy.

said gently in her ear,

marriage for the hearing of
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