Can not eliminate this tension

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Can not eliminate this tension

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:38 pm

. In fact, the glasses impede the correction, because the eyes adapt to the glasses, and thus a state of tension so that the eyes getting worse and worse, the degree of the glasses deeper. Bates glasses, but the eyes of the walking stick, and should therefore lose it.

Bates method is designed to eliminate tension. Its way to the central gaze France (central fixation) - learn to see the horizon the center of things, rather than hard gaze. Here is the description of the the Bates physicians about the importance of this approach:

method can eliminate glaucoma, early cataract and syphilitic iritis, but in fact done watching the central eye will naturally disappear, often within a few minutes to release the agony, but in rare cases, can radically cure ... This method can treat various infections, diseases caused by protein poisoning and typhoid fever, influenza, syphilis and gonorrhea, just keep watching central, even in the eyes into the foreign matter or swelling and pain.

in order to be able to watch the central or learn not overly nervous to see things Dr. Bates recommended that the following action:

(1) the palm of your hand rubbing. The patient hands palms on the eyes (do not press or rub) minds want to When the patient can see the pure black, vision is immediately improved. Bates doctors talked about the 70-year-old patient who suffer from astigmatism and early cataracts, and he made continuous eye diseases completely cured after 20 hours of the palm of your hand rubbing

Bates wrote, the smaller the black area of ​​a person think in their minds, the greater the degree of relaxation he can get. such as visual acuity chart, the top of a word, and then think of getting smaller and smaller the word, until you want a period. He wrote, would like a comma, rather than want a period.

If black makes you feel tired or depressed, it is best to select the color gives you pleasure. Bates said,

(2) Tony the doctor said The smaller the range of movement, the greater the effect. You can even close your eyes and imagine objects swing. Alternately for visual and imagination in the swing is particularly useful. A person has mastered the technology of moving and swinging, he finally be able to reach Beihong called Following Bates narrative on this issue:

attention to any part of the body can imagine the manipulation that part of the swing action. it can be conductive to a person sitting in a chair, or any article of the indoor or the memory of distant objects. Building, city, the whole world can show swing.

In addition to the palm of your hand rubbing, moving, and rocking, Bates also recommended reading in extremely adverse conditions, such as sit, ride the bus or train, in the dim light or in direct sunlight . Short time to look at the sun so that the useful sunlight retina also enhance visual acuity (By the way, this practice is likely to cause permanent retinal damage).

In addition to Bates, any one ophthalmologist presbyopia with the old, the normal loss of ability to regulate. Bates doctor immediately come out to correct them. He wrote, With the old lens hardening, as the bones harden ... but since the lens is not adjustable factors, this fact does not matter. Furthermore, although the lens with age, some people change flat or lose some flexion the ability of light, but have been observed to the 90-year-old human lens remains completely the clear and without distortion. ciliary muscle is not regulating factors, its weakness or atrophy of the weakening of the ability to regulate not produce any effect.

opinion in Bates, strabismus, the eyes of the spots, even the starlight the flashes are due to eye fatigue and excessive. For physicists, the Stars are shining and there is no mystery. That is because the constantly changing air flow has a different density, resulting in different degrees of refraction. But for Bates, flashing then there exists in the minds. If you are not over-stretched watching the stars, they are no longer flashing.

believers of the most famous doctor in the UK, Bates is Aldous Huxley. His early years, suffering from an eye infection disease,Chanel Purses For Sale, his cornea left with permanent scars. He trial of the treatment method of Bates, I feel that the vision is much improved, so in 1942 wrote a book called The book was later Bishop Berkeley famous paper on the efficacy of the tar cold soaking agent comparable to each other. Huxley summed up the theory of Bates, and add several new therapies, such as playing miscellaneous to roll the dice and playing dominoes. He claimed that, watch movies sitting at the end rows of seats for serious myopia is a very useful exercise. Eyes closed, imagine holding a rubber band between your thumb and index finger, is also good for the treatment of myopia. You this ring reshaping the oval, and then let it bounce back to continue this movement until you feel tired so far.
The most interesting therapy

Huxley advocated what he called You think your nose forward elongation of about eight inches, and then close your eyes and envisioned the nose is a pencil. You shook their heads in the air to sign a name. He wrote, palm stroked so effective explanation,

Huxley sounds like . The various parts of the body with their own unique potential. Handle on the eyes, are likely to have a role in the potential of the fatigue of the organ, and this effect could make the organization to recover and, indirectly, to make mind calm. Dr.

Bates died in 1931, but his strange way to many disciples all over the country inherited. The 1920s in the UK and Germany, dozens of schools, Professor Bates therapy. It more widely circulated during the Hitler. There is no doubt that thousands of patients believe that they get the benefits. Bates regulation theory and the efficacy of eye exercises totally unfounded, but whether the above phenomenon, what explanation?

answer is multifaceted. First, there are many optometrists want a pair of glasses sold to the customer does not need to wear glasses. They wear a period of time, the eyes will adapt to glasses, so one took off his glasses, visual acuity significantly weakened. Without glasses a week or so, vision will gradually return to normal. In the meantime, if he make the palm of your hand rubbing and mobile vision will improve thanks to this eye exercises. Quacks offered some eye exercises clinic approach to take on new patients is to take off his glasses, and then immediately with the eye diagram test his vision. Of course,Burberry Handbags Outlet, his vision in the worst state. Then do not wear glasses for half an hour of eye exercises, and then test the vision. His vision, of course, be improved. This person did not understand, gradually adapt his eyes to see things without glasses, if not eye exercises, vision will be improved.

The second consideration is that there are some eye diseases will increase with age and reduce the Astigmatism is sometimes reduced. The risk of early cataract may be a temporary period of time greatly improved vision. Many eye diseases often occur cyclical changes. If the patient for Bates therapy, this natural variability, he often changes normalized cat bashing. Love life.

Finally, and probably the most important factor, If Bates's research has any value, it is that he places great emphasis on the spiritual vision. For example, he claims, by observation of a person's retina mirror refractive errors, he is able to judge this person is lying. This is very doubtful, but there is no doubt that spiritual factors can greatly increase or reduce the discomfort of a person to see things, to check his eyes will not find any changes in organic matter. A person may be the eye fatigue and headaches confused about to go crazy, although the other person exactly the same type and same degree of refractive error, but it will not care. Eyes can withstand the damage is much greater than envisaged. As long as a good mental state (a belief can be caused by any kind of therapy in this state), a person even if there is a lot of visual deviation can also dropped the glasses and live well. Bates also said that some people wear almost a plain mirror, they will be significant increase in the sense of vision. He did not recognize his own therapy may be the only effect of such factors.

In many cases, the refractive errors of nature helps make a person wearing glasses can also feel safe at home. For example, a depth of myopia is not wearing glasses can also be little difficult to read, and if he do not care to look at the distant, blurred, he does not wear glasses can improvise. Of course, do not wear glasses for some time, he will learn over time dropped the glasses He wears glasses may be much clearer, but if he get rid of the Another example is the loss due to hardening of the lens on the natural ability to regulate the elderly. If you happened to a myopic and the other hyperopic eyes, then he can put aside the glasses do not feel sorry for the rest. He will use one eye to see far away, while the other eye to see near things. He was wearing the right pair of glasses can also use the two eyes, but if he is very convinced Bates he would be proud to the senior citizens do not need glasses.

should be noted that eye exercises for certain diseases of the eye to be effective, but these diseases are related to the external muscles of the eye, such as mild strabismus or spread sexual askance. Orthodox ophthalmologists recommend eye exercises eye exercises to treat such diseases, but Bates doctors have nothing in common. However, the most eye diseases is due to the shape of your eyeball, lens or cornea caused by refractive errors, and therefore no matter for how much movement or swing it does not produce organic matter changes. During World War II, the U.S. Air Force eye operation a series of tests. Many pilots feel that their vision has been greatly improved, the test results show that the image on the retina and does not change. Over the years, a Manhattan ophthalmologist offering a reward of $ 1,000 to solicit for the eyes after Bates therapy machine qualitative change has occurred after a qualified doctor checks confirmed, but so far no one to receive this reward.

Bates has compiled over several years His assistant Emily Lier Man chose a number of articles from the magazine, in 1926 to the clinics story published an anthology of the title. Medical record records cited in this book is an excellent evidence, said the Ming Beici therapy it is

a Medical Records recorded an old woman an eye suffering from glaucoma (eye hardening), the other eye suffering from They taught her how to make the palm of your hand to stroke. Stop the pain and the eye softened a few minutes. There is no doubt that this is the highest speed of glaucoma How to explain this miracle?

answer lies in the following words. condition almost nothing to do outside. Often a good doctor some new therapy will bring new hope to the spirit, which cause great changes. , Such patients may exaggerate the defects of vision, as the treatment progresses, the efficacy of confidence, it will exaggerate the extent of visual recovery. Later,Louis Vuitton Handbags, the old lady's disease recurrence. Bates to her house to see her, he wrote, can fantasy out of a daisy in the breeze shaking. I asked her to imagine his body swaying with the sticks to spend, she did so, her pain had disappeared within a few minutes, she smiled. Ms

Lier Man book chapter describes eight cases of cataract. Clearly, the opacity of the lens in eight cases, patients are not machines qualitative changes, however, they enhance the ability to identify the vision chart. Perhaps some patients back under the eye chart, but most patients probably do believe that the vision had improved The reader may ask, if such a thing happened, Bates therapy would not have its efficacy? The answer is The Bernal McFadden,

the first to follow one of the health authorities of the self-styled fashion by Bates. We have already mentioned that Bates early correspondence materials for advertising things. Later, by Zawahiri Ward Carrington McFadden ghostwriter, these materials compiled into a book published in 1924 under the title McFadden apparently that move and sway too complex, because he replaced them with a much simpler action, that is, from top to bottom, about turning the eye, as well as the eye and turn as Eddie Cantor ②. McFadden's another action is in the hands lift a pencil, turns attention to pencil tip and distant objects. He also suggested that frequently wash eyes by eyelid dip in the water, and then open your eyes. Bates doctors have strongly criticized any kind of eye massage, but McFadden invented a variety of massage the eye with your fingers, massage method according to the nature of the refractive error.
on the books in the Bates therapy poor

a Gaiyiluode Hauser published in 1932 called The book reprinted many times, including in 1938 called Hauser wrote, , called This treatment meal, the main component of the the Hauser potassium gravy, a variety of plant salt, mint tea and strawberry tea, Switzerland CHRIS Sangtai meat broth, these things can be bought from the Hauser in Milwaukee to.

the back of this book contains major eye diseases and Hauser therapy. The following is a treatment for astigmatism. morning, wash with cold water, noon and evening use of herbal medicines gauze apply eye ....

According to Hauser, myopia is caused by nerve uneasy, poor diet and eating too much acidic foods. Strabismus and presbyopia is caused due to poor diet. He suggested that the swing to treat strabismus.

Hauser said today afraid of eye diseases glaucoma causes of autointoxication, improper diet and sadness. Hauser

acknowledged that the cataract is very troublesome disease. lens is full of waste. for poor diet, the body had been poisoned. The fact that there is no effective therapy for cataract, it is not stumped by this brave and diet expert. His proposal is: (1) edible Hauser radical meal, (2) daily with warm water enema, and water, add the juice of a lemon, (3) of the neck to the purposes of bone therapy, (4) daily for the palm of your hand stroke 30 to 60 minutes (

the six kinds of methods is not a would-cataract effect. Hauser therapy, which is a will he discussed any diseases of the eye to produce noticeable results. Wrongly persuade readers to put aside the glasses, let the patient find the the ophthalmologist treatment recommended this type of magic, There is nothing in scientific works of pseudo-eye Hauser presumptuous.

in writing, the New York City, there are several agencies in Professor Bates therapy, including the famous Margaret Corbett ophthalmology school. It is the campus located in Los Angeles, School of Ophthalmology. Corbett wife in 1938 published a book, The wife of a man named Robert Selden advertising, said she Clara Hackett led the United States eyesight training Federation opened a school in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and Manhattan. Miss Hackett teaches history in a secondary school in Tacoma, Washington, suffering from eye diseases. Bates therapy Van Vogt, one of the

America's most popular science fiction writer, Bates's doctor's followers, and he became the General 西曼蒂克斯 and Gaiyiluode Hauser believers. He threw off his pince-nez, wrote a science fiction novel called During this period, a friend of the author and his chess, It is said that Van Vogt often do not take his own pawn and pick up your opponent's pieces. Van Vogt has put on his pince-nez, was busy as the U.S. West Coast

from Aldous Huxley, Bates since his His speech at the recently held in Hollywood at a dinner party, dramatically exposed. The following quotation is taken from Bennett Cerf's column on the the

he stood up and his speech did not wear glasses, obviously, he did not find it difficult to read the speech on the podium. eye exercises really make him restore normal vision? He is forever go on , I was surprised and the presence of 1200 guests looked at him .... Then he suddenly faltered up - so we understand the disturbing truth. he did not read his speech in what he had to put it back down. In order to re-think of his speech, his speech more and more close to the eye. speech from his eyes only an inch or so, but he still could not go on, and it had reached into his pocket to find a magnifying glass in order to see the writing which is really embarrassing ...

However, when Bates of faith who suffer from glaucoma, optic atrophy or other must be treated immediately, otherwise will blind eye diseases, and that will happen real tragedy. Around a pseudo-medical scientist has a lot of this kind of tragedy. Any knowledgeable reader, these tragedies are very simple and obvious lesson.

lesson is that when you encounter a new medical theories have been generally opposed by the orthodox doctors, you'd better believe that the views of a doctor. Of course, this self-proclaimed genius really the kind of person his pretensions, may be far away stubborn colleagues in front of another Pasteur, this possibility is always there. However, this opportunity is very rare. If there is a quack doctor later confirmed was a genius, then there will be a 000 the quacks later confirmed or quacks. Such as we see so many of them smart people, they write articles and talk very witty, very convincing. However, as a medical layman, in the treatment of the most valuable health problems, and never to believe the unreliable judgment. You can keep an open mind, but to comply with the consensus of expert doctors is the most reliable and most sensible course of action.

1 was printed on the cover of the book Peppard In fact, he was an osteopath, had once worked with Bates.
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