so please cherish women are vulnerable. 26

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so please cherish women are vulnerable. 26

Postby jacky8554 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:06 am

Make their own pain; do not doubt his decision because he has already decided; Do not try to save is not worth it; Do not worry miss he will be the most horrible thing in your life are not afraid to miss you, what are you afraid; do not be afraid you are about to fall into the love life, because that is impossible. After breaking up, smartly move forward, because the worth of man, it is far away. :

Many things: life is a goodly portion of luck, deliberate attempts something perhaps we'll never not not been looking forward to something is often unexpected in the indifferent calm . Life put up, inner freedom, we must first have a carefree and comfortable heart,Coach Factory Outlet, revel all, go with the flow, not Yuannu, not impatient, but not too fussy, not rigid, do not panic, do not carried away, do not pleased not to have compassion.
3, you or a person, and occasionally alone occasionally uncomfortable to want to have personal hug you or in the It does not matter, you will get it. You must believe that person has also experienced a lot after looking for you. You have to do is take care of yourself, so that in the best state encountered the best of him.

4: a man in a big crowd like a woman and the courage to date her the probability is: 1/2000; women and men dating, like the probability is 1/4; men insist on dating the same woman four times the probability is 1/2; last marriage of two people in love The probability is 1/3; while the divorce rate is about 1/20. In summary, the probability of two people from the love to grow old is 19/960 000

5:1. Always down to earth without bluff, the quietest group of people that is often the most powerful; forever durability lonely without hot-headed, because the toss is the standard of inspection personnel; always steadily forward without instant success, because ideas determine, the mentality of the decision state; always low-key calm and not anxious lit the first Millennium bastard have years of turtle, the accumulation of very important!

6 :: If one day you walk into my heart, you cry, because inside you. If one day I walked into your heart, I will cry, because there is no me. If one day, in the noisy city, we pass, I stopped and stared at the retreating figure, telling myself the man I once loved. I thought seriously like, you can impress your original, but it just touched my own.

7: phone, play twice did not take, do not resort to third; SMS, send three did not return, would not have issued the fourth time. Not so humble waiting, if important to you, sooner or later will come back. There is no need to do not know how to cherish your Fanjian, if a person starts to neglect you, please leave. Maintain a self-confidence, to keep a dignity, rather proud of the moldy, and not die tied to the humble.

8: people are forced out of. A person, if you do not force myself to one, you do not know how good. Everyone has the potential, so when the face of pressure, to believe in yourself, everything can be handled well. The only pressure will have an incentive to the poor longing for change, when the world make the hero, desperate hero can to desperation. One's growth must be tempered. Sometimes, to be hard on their own time, otherwise you will never live not.

9: The best love is that you can completely do it yourself, and your other half is still obsessed with the real you. Reference
10: True love is not love at first sight, but soon fell in love; real fate, not the arrangement of God, but you take the initiative; real inferiority complex, not that you are not excellent, but you think too good; genuine concern, not what you think good to ask him to change, but his change is found; real paradox, not that he did not understand you, but you will not be forgiving him.

11: Maybe I'm just a traveler in your life, but you will not meet the second. . .

12: 8 sentence of life fatal] ① man, why too persistent ② life, why make things difficult for themselves ③ man, first ④ man, relying on its own ⑤ life, do what ⑥ life. Remember to reflect on their own ⑦ life, why not plunge the ⑧ man to live in the moment. These words, and occasionally ask yourself.

13: [sentences that make you feel bad, I love you, love the whole one once;, kites wind sea, dolphins, I exist outside of you; think you some happy time, happy and some sad;, I did not cry, tears streaming down; uncomfortable 5, habits, and habits of thoughts, habits, etc.. But it has not been accustomed to see you. 6, the time is not make people forget the pain, but people used to the pain. the

14: [the secret of a happy life, 8:00, 12:00, to sleep; turned at least five books, run 30 minutes' walk, the smile on a stranger, praise an individual, say a I love you; at least a week to do 1 love; at least monthly a progress; travel a half-yearly; year on 1 dentist to do a second physical examination; at least one person worthy of love; at least one hobby let you Qierbushe to; at least one dream into a reality; at least five calls in the middle of the night to disturb. the 15

:: people three things is not hide, coughing, poverty, and love; you want to hide the more trying to hide something. The people there are three things should not be squandered, body, money and love; you want to splurge, but worth the candle. The people there are three things can not retain, time, life and love; you want to retain but lopsided. The people there are three things should not have memories, disasters, death and love; you would like to recall, but miserable.

16: Two people together can do most things, is to accompany. I do my, you do your two or three hours of evening prime time, they are exclusive. But you know that a space with another person sitting there, you feel very at ease - this is the so-called Although the two or three hours they are in their own world, but different, She was with another person - this is love, the most normal of love.

17: If one day you find the mother cooked the food is too salty to eat too difficult; If one day you find that the Father always keep coughing; If one day you discover that they like to eat porridge; If one day you find that parents' reactions to cross slow; if one day you find that parents do not love to go out; if so, the parents are really old. Tree may prefer calm and the wind blows, son wants his parents are not you pay attention to their parents?

18: life is long, but passed is pronto. You will meet some people will stop and say goodbye to some people, familiar from the strange to come back from the familiar strange, diverged from like-minded to, but not as good as from Brief Encounter to ... not everyone will be your partner, nor is each friend can meet hepatobiliary, no trouble or angry edge to the quoted with a laugh, the edge of the bulk, quoted by tire.

19: smile to anyone, but your heart, only to a person, it is.

20 :: Love a person too much, the heart will be drunk; Hate a person too long, the heart will be broken. love someone too deep, the heart will be drunk; hate a person for too long.

21: I suddenly realize that the excellence of a woman, not because she has what looks, money,Tiffany and Co Outlet, social status. But rather, by her side, stood a kind of man. 22

: Time gone, used to have, do not forget; has been obtained, but also to cherish; their own, do not give up; has been lost, keep the memories; want to get, must be efforts; but the most important is to take good care of their own. Cherish today, looking forward to tomorrow.

23: [realized following this life without regret] that there is corn in a thousand dan is also three meals a day, Qianwan Guan is also black and white one day, ten houses, but also couch a car treasure Baicheng, there is also the worry there is trouble, greatnesses, but also daily work, queens, only a night of joy, delicacies, only a pot, wealth,Discount Louis Vuitton Handbags, and only superficial, much or how little, enough eat like people ugly people, pleasing to the eye like! Elderly less healthy like

24: life 10 points to keep in mind: 1 Appreciating words do not have to do, to leave more discreet; 2 person in charge of harsh do not have to do, to leave more magnanimous; 3 can be proud of do not have to do to stay some meaning; four edge exposed do not have to do, leaving some deep convergence; five active need not invited to do, leave some humility; Tegretol do not have to compete to do, leaving more tolerant; graces do not have to rely to do, leaving more posterior; 8 momentum do not have to lean on do, some kind; rich do not have everything handed to leave some of Fukuzawa; do not have to do to do 10 things to stay the more I Germany.

25: hearts of every man has a favorite, an irreplaceable woman, but a long time, like always taste fresh and did not want to let the youth so dull tide, so they will get to know other woman, when the favorite found, will be duty-bound to the election back to the favorite, but this has hurt the two women, heartbreak favorite, make a pay but found only a joke, so please cherish women are vulnerable. 26

: The girls at the appropriate time stubborn, proud, 20 teenage girls is the most beautiful, wanton smile can be stubborn to cry. 20 teenage girls to do the most real, most beautiful left a brilliant smile, Ganaiganhen, dare to pursue. :: 27

, I almost never get angry, because I think no need to go to solve the problem, do not let the mistakes of others affect their This is the secret of most of the time happy. But I am not angry, does not mean I have no temper. I do not care, does not mean good temper. If you have to touch my bottom line, I can tell you, I am not good.

28:2012 of the most embarrassing thing for someone: Happy New Year! But you facing this strange number in a daze. But were afraid to ask: Who are you ...

29: living the sum of our joking, you what to expect, what will be farther away from you; you Who will whom hurt the deepest. Things do not have to look forward too, insist on not too persistent; learn to lay down, lay down unrealistic expectations, put down the results of perseverance; we have to be bearish, look on, see through some of what is lost on one second has passed; what stay live, do not turn back, the only moment of joy and happiness.

30: life on the road, we are on the run, we always catch up with some people, there are always some people beyond. The essence of life, one and enjoy the scenery, the two arrived at the distant end; the secret of life, looking for one of the most suited to their speed, MO due to illness and then overburdened, Moin slow and make no use of life; the joy of life, walking own way, to see the King, beyond the others are not proud of, and others beyond losing Chi. the

31: Do not for one very good, because you finally have one day be found for a long period of time, that person will get used to, and then put it all as is well deserved. was so foolish at all costs regardless of the return, but the reality is people are always cold heart. In fact, you knew that the most menial, but feelings, the most cool but people.

32: What is the man to care about the standard? First woman, followed by the family, then friends, and finally the eyes of others, their own. Your woman to accompany you for a lifetime; family the rest of my life, they have their own life; friends can leave; you do not have to care about others. Maturity is aware of this order; fool, that is, life does not understand.

33: two people quarrel, first say I'm sorry people are not throwing in the towel, not forgiven. He just than the other, more appreciative of the relationship.

34:15 swimming is difficult to give up swimming, to 18-year-old encounter a person you like about you go swimming, you have to say 18-year-old English is difficult to give up English, 28 years old but a great work of English, you had to say More life early troublesome, the more bother to learn, and later more likely to miss the people and things you tempted to miss the new landscape.

35: the girl is her answer.

36: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. true friend in the whole world away from you, is still with you side by side.

37: Some people say: If you remember the scene, then you first met your fate did not do.

38: things sometimes, parting sometimes love Sometimes, flowers bloom, has its own clock; animals and birds insects and fish, but also the function of the induction time. To embrace, and say good-bye sometimes, if you always refused to forget the past, if it has been reluctant to never see the skies.
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