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pumps Nike heels

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Local car prices headed in the Guangzhou Auto Show, is no longer Xiali A +, QQ,silver and gold Cheap Gucci Bags, BenBen, free ship models previously sold in large quantities in rural or small and medium-sized cities, but such as the Charade N5, Imperial, Ruiqi G5 boutique models more suitable for urban needs.
Guangzhou auto show whether we pass the local car prices what signal? before
, local car prices due to its own strength is weak, not with the strong joint venture car prices positive battle, those who somehow region.
In short, regardless of Geely, BYD, Chery and other local car prices, before all claim he adopted a strategy of ?
local car prices, the share of passenger cars the proportion of overall sales in recent years, major changes have occurred in 2007, about 20%, 30% in 2008, into 2009, so far, this proportion has been upgraded survey found that sales improved rapidly in the second and third tier cities, enhance the share of sales in the proportion of local car prices have made great contributions such as the January to October this year, Tianjin FAW, second and third tier cities in several provinces in North China sales to upgrade to about 40%, enhance significantly faster than the sales of the two super cities of Beijing and Tianjin. It is understood that, from January to October, the largest city share of passenger car sales, compared to just 25%, the remaining 75% in the second and third tier cities, or the majority of township .
Tianjin FAW Party Ren, assistant general manager, said: products to meet the needs of different users from urban to rural. introduced the convenience store-style service to the end of this year, Tianjin FAW in the county-level market sales and service 500, the future development ideas will focus on the establishment of small 4S shop, to build more sales and service convenience stores. follow-up three years of sales and benefits planning of the shop is: 300, 500, 800,and once there Gucci Bags, 2011, when sales network will reach 1100.
strengthen the network construction of the second and third tier cities is certainly important, but the key will have to see the local car prices in the second and third line city, whether it has a very competitive products.
Xiali N5, Dorsett, Ruiqi G5, more boutique models for urban needs, the reason for the Guangzhou auto show to showcase, in fact, like a big parade, sounded the horn of the local car prices of mass into the second and third tier cities.
Fortunately, compared to the Xiali N5 equipped with the 1.3 l the CA4GA1 technical level of the engine, ahead of Toyota A8 engine which 1.3L maximum power of 63kw, the maximum torque of 110N.m Xiali N5 maximum power of 67kw,pumps Nike heels, the maximum torque reached 120 Nm reason why Xiali N5 power of the core indicators have greater advantages, equipped with 1.3 liter CA4GA1 its flagship 1.3L displacement engine, using advanced VCT-i (Intelligent can variable valve timing system) technology, FAW Group to invest 1 billion yuan, the introduction of international advanced technology and equipment, after years of independent research and development, with a new generation of high-performance engine of the international advanced level.
local car prices, technical made notable progress, but the local car prices, the ability to capture and hold the second and third tier cities, is still a huge challenge, and now includes the strong brands of Volkswagen, Toyota and other foreign, already have developed measures for the siege of the second and third tier cities.
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