The story plots along the expected route

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The story plots along the expected route

Postby Theresa » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:57 pm

The story plots along the expected route
These types of thrillers are a dime a dozen and though Quaid as a bad guy did get my attention cheap dvds and likely will draw the eye of a few curious onlookers, Beneath the Darkness doesn’t manage to use that bit of upper hand to its advantage. Quaid with crazy hair and a shit-eating grin is scary as all hell but his scenes are few and far between as first time screenwriter Bruce Wilkinson chooses to focus most of the story on building a romantic relationship between two of the teen characters. To their credit, both Tony Oller as Travis and Aimee Teegarden as Abby are likable but their characters are uninteresting and their teen romance lacks spark.It doesn’t help that Beneath the Darkness lacks “thrills.” The story plots along the expected route but the bad guy is never really scary. Yeah, he kills a Buy DVDs Online in the opening scene and he can be a bit short and even has a few moments terror, but they don’t permeate through the story to build any tension and as soon as Quaid is out of the frame, he’s forgotten. No looming feeling of terror here.
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