I enjoyed The Face of Evil very much

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I enjoyed The Face of Evil very much

Postby Theresa » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:55 pm

I enjoyed The Face of Evil very much
Then again, the Doctor has his own fair share of The Closer Seasons 1-6 in this story. As popular as he was, Tom Baker's characterisation isn't exactly consistent from serial to serial. The only surety is that he's always compellingly bonkers.If it were any other character kicking the carnivorous Horda at a tribesman, for striking Leela in the face, then we'd be applauding 24 Hours Seasons 1-8, but I'm not sure the Fourth Doctor's more violent actions at this point in the series' history have ever sat well with my own idea of the overall character of the Doctor as an optimistic pacifist. That's just a personal bugbear, but largely, I enjoyed The Face of Evil very much.Part of my dissertation remarked upon how the Doctor is basically what post-colonial Britain would like to be, extricating himself from his interventions in other Family Guy Seasons 1-9 with minimal fuss, and escaping from any consequences in his TARDIS. The theme of the Doctor being confronted with his past mistakes has been explored extensively since 2005, but I liked the way in which the true nature of Xoanon was related to an untelevised adventure for the Doctor.
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