throughout the summer

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throughout the summer

Postby j1v8sw0k6g » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:17 pm

Walks away in the early summer garden , watching the shadows on the Nongzi the Rearranging are concentrated . Suddenly, a pale flowers slumped floor will lose Your face I can not help but surprise : flowering there is a summer , how long ago litter it ?
looking at the starry night sky , is still a deep serene , quiet hidden Yiu However, in the moment of quenching is not urgent defense of an orange meteor suddenly falling to left across the arc of the night , out of the long long regret I can not help but Wei Ran : Who says the universe is eternal , every day a meteor falling
look at flowers , seeking only to see the lush flowers in full bloom ; previous stargazing , and focus only on the flashing star Yao Yao . in fact , throughout the summer , ready to have the flowers wither ; continue to star with the fall of constant sky is in full bloom with flowers know a litter , it will be like before equanimity you ? If you shine with the star next fall of their own it also indifferent as before at the ?
Epiphyllum flower wise , it seemed to predict his own life only one night , they arranged for a night of the feast of life . select the hubbub interfere with the silence of the night , a beautiful gesture , completely invested , and enjoy the bloom a short life , dreamlike , Whirling Dancer and then make the United States while Xie and make the return, no regrets
meteor shower is the star the wise men , for the moments of life in preparation for a brilliant , brilliant space . it to the moment , arbitrary pouring wild sway each other, splendor points was brilliant from , The rich and go to dump the power of the universe at the moment of beauty , not to waste a little bit .
when we the trees yin concentrated summer long the limited sense of life suddenly wake-up call - it stung to hurt our hearts . the
life , such as mustard , a drop in the ocean in the vast expanse of the river of time , life is only the short segment from the mother to a fixed point , like flowers and stars fall at any time , during which was filled with silly troubles and empty , meaningless chores and desire .
why not only seize those things of beauty , beauty , emotion, beauty , lust , life every night like Epiphyllum , from time to time , such as meteor shower , so that a short life and beauty dance ?
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Postby Choreophy » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:49 pm

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