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like cinema tickets

Postby t3g3j65l1u » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:48 pm

Travel. The practice
text, photography Kuo Eagle
travel, I often realize that they usually live, how incomplete.
Cebu pier, the feeling I really like the sexy diesel flavor and taste of the sea, a heavy backpack to suppress shoulders, gloomy sky, and large areas of dark clouds gentle, calm, but at the same time, people full of hope and could not help but excited drifting on the sea of ​​gloomy weather, like a cello slightly melancholy sparse clouds, failing that, too light and lose the distant tone.
the sea, and to get along with her day and night, the smell of old vessels like the tacit understanding of conversational orchestra partner, if not violent wild waves, powerful machine of the crude would not be here, entangled with her, stay together; whispering rain, endless waves, the time that is Life can not resist the invasion, it would not deeply included in each rust the trace stained diesel engine. the sea and the ship, their mutual success, but also a relationship of mutual torture, accidentally awakened those, usually forgotten senses.
if only at such times, in those called not by name the edge of the bay, I will suddenly realize that the nose was originally used to sniff a variety or stimulation or light atmosphere, including the diesel smell or a crape myrtle flowers, rather than to lift up the glasses; ear was originally used to not selection and escape listening to all kinds of wonderful or noisy sound, not to grip the timid recluse headphones; like never stop knocking no one answered the door knocker, repeated in vain to tap keyboard, to write some of the things that used to feed the shredder, and fingers can also be used to hold an immediate departure, no room for people indecisive tickets.
so we do not travel most of the time. senses that we exist, what is the meaning?
this underground tunnel, its isolation, its dark, cold, its deadpan, the passengers inside the struggling anguish nowhere to hide.
I often see the shoes light Kam around tastes. remarkable cashmere scarf, her eyes did not fresh gas man himself immersed in a bloody fight among the PSP I was a boy of that era, like the men of such age, I have the impression bronze, most of the long stand-word face, skin color is also an out-and-out, they rounded obesity, slow bus in the car painted red and white but most of them have faded, they talked about the topic of most upright national affairs, to talk about openly, and the common Xixisuosuo talk about vastly different, it seems that to really change because of their conversation shred them in an upright manner to the elderly and pregnant women seat that look, now remembered more seems a bit unreal, I'm not saying that action, but that expression seems to be able to see the pool where the fish shadow of the temple, and let the sun seemed warmer so little that era, it seems even a child of the game are not enthusiastic about what the game more appealing to children's matters every day happening? I do not remember, perhaps, that when people have the clout to do game right?
I remember that time my own senses can be described as very active, summer will be issued after the rain, soil and grass blowing breath smell, like a vibrant soup intake through the trachea, it is restless disturbed, but also extremely safe. time I have used a straw basket, two white rabbits to overgrown weeds in the summer vacation on the school playground, put them free to chew on grass, while your feet up head on his arms his back lying on the grass, look Qiaoyun rolled, let the grasshopper jumped onto the chest hh now, it seems forever finds it difficult to find this feeling alone when old movies to see before the Soviet Union, can not help but will pre-empt for today's Russia, those who experienced that era, people think: that time, the Soviet Union really like a well-oiled, improved operating procedures machine? as if everything step by step, everyone in its place, peace of mind to enjoy life put Buddha pilots a comfortable seat belt even if the Soviet meritorious artists' imagination, they can at least imagine such a moment see, but are his wife betrays her husband, the murderer to fool the police of the plot of that era I was a kid, so I do not know their elders feel that way. only know that summer weeds, but also a place to enjoy growth, but no longer know where to where.
from here to there, really far the hh
travel and practice, this is one thing.
I do not believe in religion, or that I understand faith, spiritual The dogma of practice and form are entirely two different things. I see religion on human comfort, smile, such as that in the Vatican to see Pope John Paul II on Christmas morning tens of thousands of square believers Mass, when I remembered that he once said: : in the face, will want to, they believe a certain religion, but their souls not yet ready, I believe that life invisible, truly wonderful things, they did not even viewed his body, there is no soul.
their religion, like cinema tickets, when they need they need a huge sound and giant monster shocked look when you buy a ticket to see a movie. sky deities, temples for them, is the size of playing cards, the Plum love Secretary square piece open , but the effectiveness of different large can take control of a small, Zhu level officials, stern waiting for them to the opportunity to win money. say that this is their game of life exist, and the ugly, and more easily question the possibility of goodness and beauty, although the same desire, but did not dare try to find that better over time, they become an empty shell, the loss of their own, the loss of the soul.
the benefits of travel, then a few days, your relationships are simplified to the extreme, Sakon no one to meet you, regardless of what you have done in the past, have experienced what you have is how people, all in an instant the road to start again. you are innocent, you are strange, so you can perfect, could wanton play you like that a lot of people like to go to Tibet, Nepal, or prevalence of Buddhism in Myanmar, like the reasons in addition to the pagoda and the snow-capped mountains, of course, people clean smile and bright eyes that beauty is more essential than the sun bright skin feel more ecstasy than the valley response, the children are sweet nightmare laughter memorable and most of these moments, to make people understand what is most to make the shell deeply at that sleeping with grass aroma of the first rays of morning, the breeze is an instant flash of the car window barefoot children waving his hands, is a fuzzy gray dolphins jump in the side of the ship, the figure more flow that the nose of the child sent a colored pencil, I feel pretty good that moment
I said, travel can help you encounter the better.
good travel is lonely, lonely travel can people have more opportunities to face their own separate, the farther the distance, to his inner depths of the starting day, you will inadvertently in India that door in the corner stood a white bull snacks shop, or to catch a goat in Jordan ravine old woman in front of, that you most want to be met, that you remove the bear's heavy armor in the urban jungle and vibrant like a newborn travel
, practice, find themselves, are to the heart of the excursion, immediately on the road, looking more lovely, or have that is so cute you, is the miracle of the brave.
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