school principal teacher Shi Qinghua

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school principal teacher Shi Qinghua

Postby dr2fs1z760l » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:37 pm

Light and Love Home school students are homeless ,christian louboutin pumps, orphans and disabled children , leaving the New Year in school more than 50 people . Yesterday, 9:00 , 60 users arrived at the school,christian louboutin booties, moved to a variety of gifts and festive decorations .
in netizens decoration classroom when a fat magician come up with a black hat,coach outlet stores, conjure up a variety of small animals with colored balloons , drew the crowd of children . 13-year-old Qiaoqiao (a pseudonym) in the students crowded conspire classroom blackboard , trying to see the magician in the hands of the balloon in the end can become small animals . The magician gave her a wave, and Qiaoqiao shy smile , turned and ready to be drilled to the crowd . Magician called her side , while the hands twisted a balloon , not a few , a cute little turtle in his hands . When the magician Little Turtle handed Qiaoqiao Qiaoqiao hands take over , whispers
Qiaoqiao said that she is an orphan,coach outlet, adoption by a good-hearted people . Later,christian louboutin booties, the good-hearted people died, she was living on the streets again ,coach outlet store online, until she met the stone teacher , came to the House of Light and Love ,coach outlet, and understanding of a group and she had the same experience as children . She liked the gift brought by the netizens .
organizer Ms. Wang said she is the moderator of a website . Two weeks ago, she launched an event. The post is issued in response to the finalization of nearly 60 people , we prepare the dumplings,cheap christian louboutin shoes, small gifts and lucky money , let the children have a happy New Year's Eve .
school principal teacher Shi Qinghua ,coach outlet stores, since the shooting of a drug advertisement , many volunteers find the school , hoping to do something for the children . Holidays,christian louboutin pumps, children heart will be depressed , these activities make children happy some , teacher said Stone .
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Re: school principal teacher Shi Qinghua

Postby tamara43 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:19 am

Some self-smart children may struggle in school because teachers ask for their answers and opinions which they'd rather keep to themselves, for this teacher need to be more polite.
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Postby oantwmti » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:29 am

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