UGG boots are made inside a range of styles Cheap

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UGG boots are made inside a range of styles Cheap

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Look at the the train
in Germany last year's Spring Festival,Based around the demands Cheap Gucci Belts, I wrote an article, location of the train station. Frankfurt is a city of 600,Gucci is undoubtedly the leader in the luxury eyeg,000 population.
2 by train in Europe, the most convenient railway station is open, one that did not enter the site to be the ticket, who can go directly to the site . railway station to connect the site within the channel,UGG boots are made inside a range of styles Cheap UGGs Online, the blue digital sign in the left side of the screen is the site number.
3, photographed the site from another direction channel. Frankfurt train station 24 sites .60 million the railway station of the city with a population of 24 sites, visible train passenger traffic
4, which is the site
5, and some train station through the underpass or flyover into the platform,UGG boots are made in a range of styles Cheap UGGs, a lot of the train station has escalators and elevators.
6, the German railway station and the city subway or light rail interface, not outbound on the subway, very convenient,This time Gucci affirms so prolonged to be in a po, which is the subway station in the lobby of the Cologne train station. electronic display boards showing the brightest subway stop.
7, which is a small city railway station, pay attention to the left of your screen there is a glass corridor, it is direct access to the bus station and taxi stand, rainy day visitors Lin Zhao.
8,UGG boots are made in a range of styles Cheap UGGs, look back at the railway station from the direction of the bus station. glass corridor covering the bus station from various quarters.
9, the airport is also connected with the railway and subway. at Frankfurt Airport aircraft, without leaving the airport, the train can sit across Europe. Frankfurt Airport train platforms.
10, some small railway station is still on the platform set the glass shelters.
11 open-style train station, passengers do not have a lot of time in advance to the train station waiting, not to China's crossing station, the train pulls into the recapture travelers pit stop, passengers package volume you hold me squeeze into platform to run the German railway station waiting room, shops, hotels, and other service facilities Tingduo aisle leading to the site, flanked by shops.
12 stations at the store entrance.
13 stations flower shop.
14,No wonder the girls plus the gals within the stree, optical shops.
15, Cologne railway station bookstore, there are a variety of Chinese newspapers.
16,This time Gucci affirms so long to become able to, which is the train station information desk. the dog seems to not wait
17,No wonder the ladies and also the gals within the, a train station outside the walls of the open-air cafe.
18, the station ticket office is open. Chinese banks have been changed to open service, do not know when the train station what the thick remove the glass.
19, the ticket office to provide free train schedules, in alphabetical order, a city a table,This Gucci Carry-on Duffel must be a nice assistant should you program to hit th, if you want to go to Basel, find the Basel timetable,This time Gucci affirms so prolonged to be able to, every day all go to the city's train very convenient in the table.
20 volumes of train schedules, free, around this train station is sent to the train on the table.
21, the railway station to have these three tables. yellow leave trips on the table,Genuine Uggs have zigzagging treads UGG Boots Cana, the white is to reach the table of the trips. the middle of the green table the zoning map of each site. waiting the convenience of visitors by region.
22, this is the train to leave the table, trips and leave what in which area of ​​the number of sites and the platform waiting time,Gucci is undoubtedly the leader inside the luxury, the front stop can be seen from the table,This time Gucci affirms so extended to be in a pos, the railway station a few minutes there will be a train, the density is very large indeed very convenient to take a train in Germany.
23, No. 7 train site parking location table. this site every train stopped at the A to G which area diagram shows a clear,Ugg Australia now also cater for youthful youngsters and males UGG Boots Canada, yellow is a first-class compartment, green second-class compartment, the red dining cars, every car on whether to allow smoking have a logo. visitors come to the platform to read the table after to know in which areas, car
24, which is the site of electronic signage. D is site area. you found the car in which areas,Based on the demands Cheap Gucci Belts, which area
25, we get on the train to see, this is the first-class compartment.
26,Everyone with your own locate for that low-cost UGG Cheap UGGs Canada, which is a second-class compartment of the young man is recount.
27, which is a second-class compartment of the box. the In 28
box in front of electronic display boards if the seat has been booked,Ugg Australia now also cater for youthful youngste, the display board will show the booking of the person's name and travel interval train in Germany a reservation spend money unlike China train tickets, ride tickets and standing tickets for a price.
29,No wonder the women and the gals inside the streets are all in UGGs Cheap UGGs C, this is the car's luggage rack. German does not seem to worry about luggage is lost
30 the masters of these parcels are bold and put the package on the carriage in front of the aisle.
31,Ugg Australia now also cater for young youngsters, the railway station ticket car ticket is quite strict, every station inspection time, but Germany tellers memory seems better than his experience of your ticket, not the second time and then experience.
32, the electronic display of the carriage in front of the departure and arrival station name is displayed to remind you not to under the wrong car.
33 food and beverage compartment is actually a bar, does not provide meals.
34, these drinking German visitors saw me taking pictures, with a toast to my greetings.
in Europe by train enjoy
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