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Gucci Wallet

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:40 am

Following is the experience of the plus points:
Fireball: Without born 1:00. Low-level skills upgrade is so low attack.
Frozen surgery: without birth 1:00. Can slow down the movement and attack speed,Gucci Travel HandBags, the latter have better skills without the mind
Conversion: without birth 1:00. HP converted to 75 MP, and occasionally can be used with,Gucci Bags, but the skills to back a long time, it is better to sit on the floor. fireball
: Without the forbearance endure without the skills of late really cool.
frozen operation: 1:00 resume time is not long to freeze the enemy,Bailey Button Triplet 1897, the general attack. plus 1:00 to leveling with a friend with you can not add.
Teleports: 1:00 very good skills. shortcuts, on, under,Gucci Travel HandBags, Zuozuo, right right, we try bless it.
God of War: personal hobby. 5:00 per level of physical attack is equivalent to the soldiers, archers and other professional school is a Weapon Specialization. want to wash later point in the fixed group and can learn useful only for their own interests first, without recommendations, and they are useless.
flame gun: not added the early group of offensive skill, the knockdown effect. well PK can interrupt the enemy's Master of the caster. Some people say that winding can not learn, but you do not learn to 1:00 difficult to survive,Gucci Shoulder HandBags, unless someone with a short transitional skills you figure it out.
to spin Bingtan: without the attack is not frozen, back also and frozen, or without it.
winding operation: 9:00 is what characteristics of a good group of offensive skill,Gucci Shoulder Bags, listening to the name, the skill points left before the first point not up to that point was only 1:00 point, but is too small, the senior playing group of strange not to say winding long term resident of the blame can not be beat, especially cool.
flames flames: 1:00. group of offensive skill and still look good when put in body next to the metamorphosis of some of the fire. used cards Oh, plus 1:00 play even if, after there is a good skill.
pressure wall of water: without attack is high, can the enemy around push open,Gucci Hobo Bags, but the cast time to 2 seconds. have to play very advanced Master's students said nothing. late a lot of good skills, this move is the addition of only a 2 transition. best not to add it.
whirlwind ball: 1:00. very good back,Bailey Button Triplet 1890, but like said earlier,Gucci online, the latter skill more do not have access.
Blessing of: personal hobby. leveling of a fixed group of mad can consider this skill,UGG Classic Cardy 5829, but they are useless.
Palm Thunder: 1:00. can stun enemies,Gucci Wallet, but do not fill,Kids Bailey Button Triplet 1979, the fill is halo 3 seconds, we are mainly using his stun effect. good damage skills do not harm behind it.
poisonous vines: full. skills back to the fast, high damage not learn at least this skill not to mention that you are powerful Master.
power field: not add injury is high, but plus some people say. In fact, plus 1:00 brush Xiaoguai proficient without
group Ray Flash: full group of offensive skill,Kids UGG Bailey Button 6014, the damage is also high,UGG Gloves, reply to them to add full
rock storm: full cost good skills. attack highly skilled recovery is also good, with a blue relatively small, to learn the full.
Fire Mastery: 1:00 Do Cadogan late are the wind and to the case of skills. water
grasp: 1:00
wind to grasp: full above,Gucci Travel Bags, left a lot of points, it is recommended that the grasp of fill.
to grasp: the full nebula shocks: full team name of no blue old to sit down and ashamed,Gucci Travel Bags, or fill it. point there's been enough.
nebula shocks: 1:00 These are advanced skills I never learned,Gucci on sale, but analysts look much like the pressure of the water column, but the cast time of 0.5 seconds, the attacker can also count the plus 1 point for help with it.
stars all burn away: Without Master of cattle output skills, but put the skills slow to return long. first without a little plus. level high skill points and then consider.
Sundering: How much increase the number of injuries,Gucci Wallet, knocked down,Gucci Bags, lower mobile and less attack speed. Niu X, the effect will certainly be added.
Master the skills of the whole career is the most difficult to choose a points program so that everyone agrees with. individual points is better thought,Gucci Belts, maybe you see the plus point of experience for reference only but has.
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Postby DeanceInteree » Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:32 am

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