Ji Yaohong received very little

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Ji Yaohong received very little

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not only worry, even I am also worried that many such people, in case of losing control, how to do? So together, like a powder keg if it exploded, and I can hardly protect themselves. , then with his long conversation, in their own personal experience to encourage each other over a new leaf; every couple in the handling team should write a guarantee, and a month to withhold the $ 50 deposit, if did not work during the fighting, theft and other illegal activities, in addition to reimbursement of deposit Performance Incentive of 50 yuan to 100 yuan.

To change the views of others, Ji Yaohong take the lead, requiring employees to do more good deeds return to the community. Since then, he gave everyone in the team, a red vest, above, in addition to the outside of the printed Hongtai handling team to write on a complaint call, put on their work.

his greatest hope is to join the party, he wanted to be a Communist Party member,coach outlet, to prove to others to see the released prisoners and ordinary life. However, in the streets cadre election, although he was nominated,coach outlet stores, but his past is the knot that can not be bypassed.

2009 Chinese New Year,christian louboutin booties, Ji Yaohong to each multiple of a basic wage of 800 yuan, plus the margin and dividends, nearly 4,000 per home for the holiday.

Dujiangyan released prisoners to provide subsidies for the first case

Jiyao Hong steadfast reputation of the Director-General, had a large business owners want to try the quality of his construction, the other to the filling with sand and walls of plant engineering his the construction team to do, but after the acceptance of extremely satisfied with the main project of more than 2000 million again assured to Jiyao Hong. Even the Guangdong Province government agencies to find Jiyao Hong,christian louboutin pumps, works to him to do.
these released prisoners did not expect, a series of documents, business license, tax registration, transportation management license actually run in a week after. This is the Shantou City of released prisoners transition placement entities. Not only the green light all the way, the Shantou City Yunguan Chu immediately to support their 15 licenses manpower tricycle.

can be put out after just detoxification no effort to find a job and thwarted at every turn, Jiyao Hong took him and arranged for him to do the car custodian. In order to help to prevent relapse, Jiyao Hong specialize in arranging several workers to keep track of his work, and asked his wife at home supervision, and also
Jiyao Hong venture with released prisoners Ji Chuankun some reluctantly said:
start at the beginning, the job, Ji Yaohong received very little, and sometimes even make ends meet. People heard their number, are not willing to job to them to do.
So, he took the initiative to find a person in charge of the agro market, agreed after three trial months, Ji Yaohong team whole-heartedly, they took the initiative for the owner of sake, with security personnel to maintain the market order environment to help near the widowed cleaning, gradually gained the trust of everyone.
his choice to return home to do the masonry work for more than 12 hours a day, the monthly wage of 900 yuan,coach outlet stores, a lot of people think that he was
3 months after the person in charge of handling, security team, send the bicycles of job,coach outlet store online, are peremptorily children to the Jiyao Hong.

here hundreds of members, all released prisoners - former thieves, drug addicts and gang members, their captain Jiyao Hong, also has the same capacity after he had hurt the crime in prison for five years.
in prison, Ji Yaohong the first to know what is the norm, what is management, he began to use this time to a culture of learning and practicing Mandarin, so, make a comeback when they are not so shabby.

the spread of ability.
That year, the Ji Yaohong reported to the police, Achon be forced drug treatment for six months, he was going to come out after find Ji Yaohong afterwards.

under the inspiration of his wife and children, Jiyao Hong decided to turn over a new leaf, and constantly strive for the performance of the commutation. He was elected the room on behalf of management with more than 40 dormitories, also lead to the flow of a banner of the
Anhui Keemun released prisoners after admonishing people to join the party elected deputies to the NPC

in 2008, Jiyao Hong has been awarded the

of course, because it is a group of Initially, handling team complained that the attitude of some motorcycles and things to see lost, to Jiyao Hong lied to the family needed the money, the results take gambling ...

but his reputation has spread. He has been invited to the the Jieyang prison, Shantou forced labor camps and other places, their own experiences. Inmates that some Jiyao Hong unknown to a release from prison, they are attracted to seek them out, and hope to be able to work in him.
incoherently and tell their own reward and punishment mechanism.

, but even if he is trying to change people's impression of the released prisoners, but in reality, still will be embarrassed. For example, he likes to travel, but now the holiday has also become a luxury. His travel needs the approval of the farmers market managers, police station, Bureau of Justice, but also must find ways to keep the men out the old to worry about at home will be fine. He did not know the end is not happiness, feeling
now, Jiyao Hong handling team currently has more than 60 people, the highest peak of more than 100 people, has 68 released prisoners to help them transition smoothly.

However, the various encounters after his release, gave him putting a stick. Discrimination of released prisoners being blocked,christian louboutin booties, and even the
this handling team have cause some people to worry about. Previously,coach outlet, Shantou someone deliberately recruit released prisoners as thugs harm the neighborhood Jiyao Hong handling team, they have fear, and worry about them, will develop into a criminal gang.

In January 1996, Jiyao Hong regained their freedom.
once, he went to a plastic plant in the urban area to interview when the workers. He did not think to put this disgraceful experience to fill in a resume, can be the boss to see even imagined, they flatly refused.
At this point, the boss of an entertainment city would like to use his reputation in the income of $, but he refused.

This is a very special handling team.
10 years
in 1999, Jiyao Hong and the other four released prisoners (two robbers, thieves), to discuss the intention to set up a handling team. Released prisoners are mostly chance to read not by much less capital, can only do manual labor children.
in the office handling the team on the external walls, Jiyao Hong said, there is a stuck up you? Are you doing here? What place is it? these prisoners, after absolutely can not make the same mistake.
young man Ji Yaohong to the good fight, Mind your own well-known village. In 1992, land disputes with the next door shop,cheap christian louboutin shoes, he with a knife causing serious injury, was sentenced to five years and six months. That year, 25-year-old Ji Yaohong, expecting her second child in the belly of his wife, Mei-ling.

10-year Jiyao Hong and released prisoners along the way. In his eyes, more of a He felt he should re-learn a lot, at least, to the agricultural and sideline market the lion dance, I hope the coming year is booming,christian louboutin pumps, and the expansion of enterprise scale,

, this be seen as economic entity. Has placed the employment of hundreds of released prisoners, not one of them re-offending.

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