that feeling is only eaten know

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that feeling is only eaten know

Postby Jsy775hgs8 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:12 am

Taste of the simple Expo USA Pavilion space kind of business into the VIP room door hehe is established three U.S. leaders frame the reception of the foreigner speaks fluent Chinese service in his guidelines down to the second floor.
bright on the second floor of space and a window separated from the hustle and bustle of the park is divided into open, suddenly people lay down their anxious mood, spacious and quiet space to wait for my visit next to a foreigner is to service staff to explain this work today, everything is calm.
U.S. Pavilion toilet specially to shoot, much like the look at whether the luxury, because before been to a lot of famous clubs, reception space is the form of general , once went to the bathroom feels his best of luxury will be blowing, it will immediately enhance the grade of the club, the American Museum still uses a simple design.
is to take the VIP channel, of course, to enjoy the VIP courtesy. For me, life has two kinds of happiness, is one kind of tourism, one is to enjoy the wine, the reception I visited wine red sparkling wine for the pleasure of California, heard this when I do the magazine, of course, This wine-loving friends, is the entry-level wine, but I really like this wine because of my own house is often held in small private parties, and sparkling wine are easy to get those who do not love drinking friends, because concentrated concentrated fruit and a touch of alcohol will only add to the party atmosphere.
drink pay attention to is the step by step, slowly tasting and slowly enjoy a wine I am unable to control the idea of ​​his jail sentence, although these years, the Tour of France, the Tour of Switzerland, I enjoy a lot of wine culture, but I'm not the kind of winery sales brainwashing people, drink wine preferences only know I will be urging the services in view of jail sentence students to different drinks waiter served a glass of chilled white wine, and asked after the pleasure of California white wine, sparkling wine before the cup feel real to enter on the feeling of delicate taste, a touch of grape and pear fragrance, I feel very suitable with seafood and to drink as an aperitif.
people love to drink red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat, this is the most pure taste dishes to me with white grapes, but the waiter turned out to be a red meat. I'm wondering Is it unprofessional? see the well-known winemaker Carl Bennuson coming was greeted to ask questions. Bit winemakers told me that he said in support of this wine Carlo Rossi brand has become a major global sales of leading brands tips from pleasure adventurous and creative spirit of California's breakthrough self. taste they know, then the white wine, red meat eaten, and a wonderful feeling, that feeling is only eaten know, really enjoyed watching
collection of Cabernet Sauvignon on the showcase in California pleasure red wine, I have long coveted when wine sent when there is no direct tasting, but the waiter to help me a cup of water, clear the mouth after tasting the best taste.
red Xia beads the first editor to ever heard of when I reported to topics, but never had the chance to enjoy before doing editor a lot of wine merchants long-term donated some wine to enjoy, but not every bottle of wine will be like, but really they like are friends, after all, happy to let everyone together to meet.
Cabernet Sauvignon California pleasure wine tastes of the most mellow and rich, because of his heavy side dishes are also sent full of cheese sauce, chicken wings, both with each other, the molecules in the wine and chicken delicious heavy impact of their own taste buds, will make people kind of can not stop feeling, like the poetry of the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi people and India. three movies first, to understand the United States will feel; second, selling an less the wine brought me pleasure.
visited China Pavilion, China Pavilion to be honest the evening is so beautiful, such a feeling of its territory in person and see on television is completely different, praise I would like to also go visit the first World Expo, hoping to shoot more film like.
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