yak is an essential feature of

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yak is an essential feature of

Postby dr2fs1z760l » Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:26 am

survey: How do you see the Shangri-La rush yak out of town?


Beijing netizen said, in fact,louboutin, to some extent,abercrombie and fitch, the yak with the giant panda, are locally very special things, to think about the wild giant panda ran up the Sichuan a city,louboutin pas cher, then the city manager, not the giant panda and drove them off it? I think they are happy too late now! Figure out why the Shangri-La city managers want to yak out of town.

The practice of holding the pros and cons of almost flat. Overseas visitors how to look at the relevant departments to catch yak out of the city?

phone number 9 129 137 × × × × readers think: If there are no cattle and sheep Shangri-La, the original flavor to the so-called good environment is necessary to get rid of the yak, then it is too sad.

in the online thread, a small number of users relatively mild: reservations of yak, reflecting the beautiful characteristics of Yunnan Tibetan. More users in a questioning tone of voice to express their views: yak also called Shangri-La? Revealed his concern to some friends: yak, Shangri-La this last piece of pure land should become a cement cubes. Some users laugh at the tone of saying: I fly over 3000 km, is to see where the concrete road. Recommend people want to go to Shangri-La as soon as possible to the Shangri-La, because a few years later,abercrombie france, the Shangri-La is likely to be other places in China,abercrombie pas cher, into the same high-rise buildings,lunette de soleil, its own characteristics.
readers to support the yak out of the city. Some readers suggested that the yak should be returned to the ranch, rather than stay in the city. The end of the phone number 5716 readers, yak came to the city's reasons, is likely to be because of the lack of relationship between food and cities, after all, is not of their
on the Internet about this story thread so far,lunette de soleil pas cher, but also a thread in favor of the catch yak out of the city, the views of all users are also opposed to the yak out of town . The grounds of objection,chaussures louboutin, do not yak called Shangri-La?
In addition to expressing the views of the yak to leave the suggestions of enthusiastic readers back into the city how to yak. The phone number 139 × × × × 8 692 readers: I hope Diqing build the distinctive Tibetan tourist city, yak into the city must be taken to the listing appointment, it limited free-living in the city.

phone number is 136 × × × × 3693 readers think: the tourist city should have the characteristics of the tourist city, depends on the reinforced concrete depends on the debauchery in which is not the same as support to stay yak.
For these regular city yak in the end should not be to stay in the city,lunette de soleil ray ban, the newspaper will continue to focus on.

yak city is looking for food?

yak is an essential feature of
phone number is 137 × × × × 5 719 readers think: it is necessary to leave the yak also Shangri-La environmental good is actually very simple: a few more sanitation workers to resolve.

phone number 4 498 131 × × × × readers think: Shangri-La Yak should stay, so that better reflect the harmony between man and nature. Moreover, the original meadow human encroachment,lunettes pas cher, and their scope of activities was greatly reduced.
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Re: yak is an essential feature of

Postby samenzhen » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:53 am

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