but there is one person's heart said

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but there is one person's heart said

Postby askgo54k » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:22 am

1. Everyone has a Seine River, which divided our heart on both sides, the left bank of soft, right bank of the chill; left bank of the emotional, rational right bank; left bank of the home to our desire, hope and pray, All of the love-hate struggle and get angry, right bank of the home to the rules of the world lay at the heart of our brand - the left bank of the dream, the right bank of life. 2 in the world there is no empathy, you feel your heart and liver were torn bloody intestines are broken hinge. In fact, others have come to realize a little bit less than other people see your face horror, sympathy for a while, then had to comfort the comfortable, happy to have that happy, because you are you, I am me, he is a he. Our hearts, our own flesh body during their long, bittersweet, the taste of their own taste only they understand, do not pin their hopes on others, do not ask others to understand how you feel, scream louder is a waste of effort, do not blame others cold-blooded, blame themselves did not prepare. 3 this world who will not go? You loved, hated, including yourself, will go. There is nothing permanent my side, lost much more, get used to it. 4 Love is eternal can not be forgotten, but it could have given up. 5 did not expect is the most secure. However, there is no looking forward to how to live? 6 refused to neat, do not promise even more messy. 7 Who would not go in this world? You loved, hated, including yourself, will go. Nothing can ever my side, lost more, it will get used to. 8 Do not promise to others easily, because a lot of words, only people who will remember to listen. 9 Most people are self-inflicted hurt and pain. 10 She willingly give up in order to preserve their own heart, rather than to fulfill. 11 For people who are determined to indulge, you pull him one, not necessarily to help him. 12 live quite understand does not make itself more easily. 13 sad when they see the sun the next day, I felt yesterday, things are a nightmare, sunrise on the loose. 14 people's sorrows and joys, love and hate are related to flower, as you open your eyes to see it, it exists; you also can close your eyes when it is nothing. Think so, you can relieved. Too inflexible really not necessary. 15 is too paranoid feelings and sorrows and joys are too strong obsession, it is only fit so much because of pain. 16. Enyi situation is hopeless when a rope, tied it at your waist, it may one day be the most helpless bondage, you knew it, where the knot is untied. 17 All the old things are not valuable in itself, but the memories attached to it that the soul of the above. 18 between people, and then tune with each other but also to leave a distance, Ye Hao turned to each other. 19 hope to rely on their own, not others. 20.'s Power is limited, we can not all living beings, can only manage themselves well, the people who love their own. 21 We all want happy, and hope too hard but it does not know what to get the final. 22 is a sad sight, can not say, even bad things to describe, can it have weight, and very heavy. 23 never know too much not a good thing. 24 an idea down, putting at ease. 25 In fact, money is something warm, something than most of the world are reliable. It is one hundred hundred, a thousand is a thousand, unlike those illusory things difficult to measure it. Off than many things to be fair, how much you pay, you can exchange for how much. Money, what's wrong with it? At a minimum, to qualify as money money as dirt. 26. Kongrongrangli type of story, from childhood to teach us patience and sacrifice, but why we are failing to be the first wronged themselves? Why should we sacrifice? Love her, to love others. 27 A person to another person how, in the most critical moment is fiber cents. It was an instinctive reaction, there is no right or wrong, it can not be mixed with false. Like she did not wake up, when everyone is stuck in the side Ye, Ye Yun was stayed. Not that he do not care about Ye, but there is one person's heart said, the pros and cons at a glance, in which the said measure, the choice is all natural. 28 you know the most important single thing a woman is? Not a man, but the door key. 29 If you only have this glass of water, you drink it on their own; If you have a bucket, you just might think were the most important person; course, if you have a whole river, they can benefit economic common. Most of us have only the glass of water only, even if a little more than a cup, you do not drink a drop, but also understand how many people thirsty? They finished their own, and then assigned to your point, and finally had the thirst thirst. 30 Most people are a rope, and some people are very short, low cost, to fight several nodes, where there is always need it; some people are very long, can be used to do many things, but it is easy to like a mass of tangled into a mess, when required, must require effort to solve, but the extra length, always feel redundant; of course, more people were not as long or short cut a rope, used in the where appropriate, of course could not be better, but a change in use, it becomes waste. 31. Happiness is Qiurenderen, it is the most intimate things to themselves, who do not need to bother. 32 she thought she might start happiness, in fact, but that is before the end of the carnival.
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