Chanel Bags 2.55 The girls were anew students blac

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Chanel Bags 2.55 The girls were anew students blac

Postby c5ZIEo10 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:44 am

The Xihua AI Gang two days girls small star (a pseudonym) along the hospital three days after the poisoning symptoms have been eased significantly. the

□ Correspondent Jan Ventura

14-year-old junior high educate girl students again ask as money, had stole the cash along kin his parents base that less money will beat them. girls ingesting pesticide suicide. Yesterday,True Religion Bootcut Jeans Womens Part of college freshmen age was not true 14 -year-old prodigy is, Xihua Ai Kong,Chanel Bags 2.55,one among the 1st two days of girls small star (a pseudonym) forward the hospital three days after symptoms of poisoning are manifest ease,merely not yet out of danger. After receiving the agitate the police investigation, there are six boys XingJu.
household fewer money mama hammered her daughter apt be exposed, came family from educate on Friday afternoon.
October 28,sacs Chanel, the small star's father,stored along household surrounded 1900 greenbacks only 800 yuan, which is his go apt amass below The pair rushed asked her son, he never stole over. The pair thought that may be associated apt her star.
among October 30, Friday afternoon after school a small star household Supper,Chanel Bags Free Shipping, the father asked the micro star,micro star ambition not say anything, and depart their jobs do never eat. His mama immediately bayan beat her daughter, and granted apt bend on the floor Mother some lessons, small star agreed she stole the money, and tears, the same school a few man students commonly continue to ask for her money,not insult would have been abusive, punched and kicked The girl committed suicide quitting a suicide note said the school examine
aboard the morning of October 31, the father hurrahed Little Star as dinner,yet the small star did never get up. 8:00, the father saw the mini star lying aboard the desk to mark something, thought she was perform their homework no too concerned,then work out to his wife apt purchase medicine to go
10:00, the small star's father came household to discern his wife is seeing by a job among this periodical which namely a small star handed the mother's Wife see that I am die The letter is written the name of the man students, said these students constantly ask her (money), some of the hands and feet. And male students to ask as money,Men Chanel Wallet, there are three other female students. Small star letter said,
husband and wife either alarm the small star's father, hastily pushed her daughter's gate entered the dormitory smelt a pesticide taste,beverage bottles a mass of rainy lavatory paper aboard the ground Nearer the jaws of a small star, his father smell the savour of the pesticide omethoate The father asked the micro star amid the annihilate drinking what,yet the small star lying within bed without saying a word.
father went apt the small star apt the township hospitals,rescue Doctors as mini star after gastric lavage,cry the 120 emergency cry apt empower families to the small star to Xihua County People's Hospital Emergency Center.
family reported the police extensive investigation to Detention six boys
October 31, 2009, reporters rushed to Xihua County People's Hospital,saw the small star (pictured) are receiving emergency treatment, small star to reporters virtually her students compelled to ask for money issue, saying involving the same class man students, the digit of outside class boys, they every ask the small star money namely not colossal occasionally five,occasionally 10 $ 20.
Xihua County People's Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology, the attending physician Songyan Xiang told reporters that omethoate pesticide toxicity stronger after a small star drink, nausea,spewing chills and other symptoms of poisoning, they take rescue measures. However, after treatment, a small star's condition namely also prone to recurrent episodes and only until the scrutinized treatment two weeks, could really out of danger.
the afternoon, the small star of the family reported apt the police.
past few days, Xihua County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and Ai Kong police station visited the examine Yesterday, the correspondent academic from the county Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, of which there are 6 boys suspected of mugging have been Jingfangxingju,Chanel Outlet Shoe plant oven explosion asbestos r, the case namely under beyond investigation.
matter reasoned onward the shire Board of Education and the leading attaches great importance apt the shire township and education sectors guiding up apt the hospital to see a small star.
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