Chanel Snakeskin Handbags Taxi driver mistakenly p

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Chanel Snakeskin Handbags Taxi driver mistakenly p

Postby pyZEB7fj » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:19 am

Blue Min / drew

cafes in four masked thugs mugging

30 minutes along four pm aboard November 29, Nanning City University of East Road, a determined Internet cafe mugging happened At that period four masked men broke into the coffeehouse three of whom control the Internet cafe cashier near the attendant,Chanel Bags Snakeskin,one armed with swords ruptured into the cashier, and 1029 yuan happening section in the cashier drawer stuffed pockets. Succeed,Chanel Shoulder Bags Online Hundreds of city manag, the four men escaped away.
plenary mugging lasted about 30 seconds. Sudden situation, so Internet coffeehouse attendant, and buyers were terrified However, Internet coffeehouse waiter rapidly call 110.
received a report on Yao police station the police soon arrived aboard the scene. The police discern from the video surveillance of Internet cafes throughout the lesson of a mugging four masked men with a pearly fabric two folk with a sword
fight to flee brother wrong to mobile call murderers

aboard Yao station ambition report on the values to the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center Command Center transferred a clue: the day 4:45 a brother disturb that was four The man was pillaged The driver was robbed of the time and soliciting the location, Internet cafes in the University of East Road robberies are alike
absent from The police immediately contacted the brother. The brother told police,Chanel Ipad Leather, the University of East Road, waiting for customers around 4:35 the same daytime he suddenly saw the side of the road a crucial Internet coffeehouse escaped out of the four men,Chanel Bags Outlet Man to save off the hands of children after the prize money d, these folk running meantime ripped off the face fabric emulated by the his automobile When he drove to an lane near Sau Ling Road, the four man asked apt get off. The shriek was gone the aboriginal because I gave the additional person's shriek namely my own.
repay cry the police captured a gang


the daytime

,Chanel Snakeskin Handbags,five pm,underneath the instructions of the police, the brother called his chamber phone number very intelligent called the telephone.
six o'clock that morning,civil civilian police and brother came to Beida Passenger Transport Center take the phone Under questioning, the man surnamed Tan,Chanel Bags Outlet, cafes mugging one of the perpetrators.
the money
Internet really mugging

Qinmou catch refused apt explain the whereabouts of three other perpetrators. After many times of trial, December 4 tanmou confessed: his associates in a 19-year-old guess Wang, Bobai County, who lives in a area of the popular Rd.
array never to arouse his suspicions, the police determined apt squatting in Wang downstairs. December five 8:00 am, squatting two days the police finally Wang Wang downstairs ready to work out caught behind
December 6 2009, the police arrested again surmise Momou.
suspects confessed: four of them per capita jobless to get apt know two weeks ago in the internet coffeehouse In the nightfall of November 28, because the money apt the Internet, they use a pillowcase masked robbery At current Qinmou, Wang, Momou, has been Jingfangxingju the additional suspects are still in the hunt
a scoundrel in the chart,captured in Beida Passenger Transport Center apt return the shriek Then, the other two culprits have been captured the additional criminals aboard the scamper (Guangxi News journalist Tan Yanyan correspondent Ma)
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Re: Chanel Snakeskin Handbags Taxi driver mistakenly p

Postby samenzhen » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:34 am

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Re: Chanel Snakeskin Handbags Taxi driver mistakenly p

Postby chanelbag08 » Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:43 pm

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