Chanel Outlet The Lassa car rollover trampled cars

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Chanel Outlet The Lassa car rollover trampled cars

Postby uJiuhbdv » Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:59 am

The Lassa automobile rollover crushed automobile the automobile driver was slew
excavated the automobile firefighters open the body apt retention people buried automobile
was a cord automobile hanging out of the deformed body has about convert an iron plates. Day 24

8 o'clock,True Religion Skirts Shorts Jeans Hepatitis B viru, the Xinji Heng well line Metro train station, 50 meters west of a colossal truck pulled 80 tons of sand in motion a sudden coil,Chanel Outlet,one equitable behind the pearly car buried pressure by the bottom After about two hours of the rescue firefighters rescued a 20-year-old male driver was crushed cars. Unfortunately, the driver died aboard the blot
goods vehicle rollover buried surrounded sand cars

the 24th, 12 points, Xinji burn squadron of firefighters rushed apt the site, we saw a enormous trucks apt transport sand coil on the road sand within the pail pouring the ground
the scene,Men Chanel Wallet Sale,witnesses said colossal trucks in the process of moving a sudden reel a pearly car after pressure aboard the pedestal
firefighters with shovels digging sand to find buried by the bottom of the automobile A colossal crane arrived aboard the scene, the rollover of huge trucks, the tub is hanging from the scene. After the excavation of extra than half an hour, the pearly automobile from the sand gradually revealed.
scratched limousine driver, passed away

firefighters apt give up the spade and changed onward hand planing sand and broken automobile windshield pulled down. At this period the buried hand gel,noisily crying as firefighters,but buried no response.
Subsequently,Classic Chanel Bags, the firefighters use hydraulic nippers slit the dome tore off the body of the buried male exposed apt 120 emergency personnel on-site inspection apt make sure that he had died. Firefighters apt hinder the liberate of the steering cycle apt open the height the bodies of the martyrs from the car to explicit
10 am,Men more demolition relocation fake marriage to 87 year-old woman,emancipate personnel with a crane automobile hanging out of the sand. Crushed cars were buried,Chanel Bags Messenger,about became an iron plates do never perceive a automobile At current the occasion of the chance is still below investigation, the truck suddenly Rollover temporarily uncertain. It was learned that the huge trucks pull 80 tons of sand. ■ txt / reporter Lee Mohan ■ as / correspondent Wang Xiaolei Jo Hyun
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