Burberry Scarves Medication then the mother holdin

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Burberry Scarves Medication then the mother holdin

Postby ywal3REk » Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:48 am

23 days, in the date bomb Hospital, the assailant's husband Wu splice her daughter two injured Zhao Hui Bai Xueyan photo
medicinal workers in the funny-year-old Qianqian movement Zhao Hui Bai Xueyan the photo
assailant's husband Wu told reporters that this occurred quite suddenly, his wife has never previously been base to have a history of mental ailment Due apt a lacking home Lee constantly complain of her husband. Perhaps deserving apt cerebral stimulation, she has extreme psychological tragedies. Is disaster Fortunately, three chopped daughter were rushed to a hospital as treatment,not life-threatening. Wu facial mowed sword is never quite serious injuries,and his wife, medication suicide attempts, the plenary home tin be reunited.
newspaper Zaozhuang November 23 - 23, this reporter received a hotline pinnacle lines in Zaozhuang City the Shanting Mountain town a village a petticoat suddenly brandished a pantry sword Kanxiang three daughter, she disabled husband facial mowed a knife and harmed in the rendezvous mines hospital as treatment.
correspondent listened the news rushed apt the hospital,along apt the relatives of the victims Liu, this family lived in the the Shanting mountain town, a meager home her husband Wu in his left hand disabled weekdays by selling tattered nourish life wife Lee crop apt see after children at family Lee unbearable life miserable,and constantly complain to her husband. Wu told reporters that Lee has never formerly been base to have a history of cerebral illness possibly his wife the morale are stimulated, resulting in extreme psychological,GHD New Wave The scenic price to sit one hour a hu, it led to mishap November 18th almost 6:40, Wu suddenly listened her cries for support and bottom the child's gate was locked, the wife of Lee holding the chopper Henhendechao three children brain slit off, so he Wu smashed the door border glass got up apt retention the baby plus his wife brain slashed. Wu grasped a kitchen sword from his wife in the hands, the Lee beverage arranged in advance of pesticides. After receiving the alarm the police and 120 ambulances rushed apt the scene plus the impaired apt hospital.
in the hospital,Burberry Scarves, the correspondent saw the three girls after surgery. According to medicinal personnel 4-year-old daughter Qianqian the most solemn injuries,and its brain mowed five knives the left hand was slit off two fingers,impartial returned from the intensive consideration element transferred to the ward; two 6-year-old daughter Ruirui brain Mito mowed elbow cut sword in a coma as two days later the fashionable lofty fever, lying in bed for treatment; 10-year-old daughter, the brain of China plus China mowed sword Wu bridge of the neb and lower lips was mowed off his wife. Within a few days, has spent $ 30,Burberry Bowling Bag,000-odd cost of treatment, the money namely Wu from relatives,Burberry Sling Bag,Ghd Straighteners Gold The old man away from home, friends patchwork of borrowed Qianqian and Ruirui severely impaired plus needed accessory medicinal costs, Wu,plus eldest daughter are never hospitalized,but to the health apartment approximate the hospital hanging flask
discern the catastrophe of three girls, hospital physicians nurses who have love plus agreeable attention of their children,Jimmy Choo Briadl Shoes,purchase dresses shoes and hats and a heap of edible patients and much enthusiastic people do not come apt discern them,and some apt donate some buck and materials.
Wu told reporters, Lee drank pesticide was rushed to hospital for treatment, may in the rehabilitation of the then daytime was missing, the police have been comprised in the investigation.
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