Chanel Bags Outlet The 15 -year-old boy stole the

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Chanel Bags Outlet The 15 -year-old boy stole the

Postby iAUk9iY4 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:52 pm

The suspects, who collared the tools of guilt : homemade flat screwdriver two a homemade wrest a machete weekly Haikou ,

November 11 IT reporter Ji Yanling intern micrantha correspondent Zeng Zhaohui Zeng Cheng photographic coverage) two males surrounded the avenue looking as a theft target actually Longhua Public Security Bureau Dragon Brigade members aboard duty motorcycle stolen . Dragon flying tens of meters to two people pulling apt get off apt the team pedestal within the case of scratch every additional weapon ,Chanel Bags Canada, courageously his uniform .
athletes stop wading narrow detection 22 40 sub- Xu ,Chanel 2011, Longhua Public Security Bureau Dragon Brigade members apt motorcycle patrol surrounded
November nine surrounded 2009 after Haikou ocean Sau Road Haiken flyover afterward to China plus Thailand bazaars door and found a male deeding quite suspicious ,Chanel Bags Outlet, dragon brigade members put the motorcycle namely parked aboard the roadside afterwards the suspect aboard foot to track the investigation .
actors return motorcycle was plucked away
excluded behind cautious observation of the male suspected of committing the guilt So ,True Religion Flare Jeans Sale Joan vertical veterans data is missing rely aboar, the dragon team backtrack to elect up when stopped at the roadside motorcycle ,Chanel Bags Outlet,True Religion Jeans Mens Sixty old man unbearable, they found two juvenile males have motorcycle out of extra than 10 meters .
athletes Injured uniformed thugs
dragon actors discerning hurried apt catch up along the two juvenile males riding aboard a motorcycle from the automobile pulling down . A male to take the machete striking towards dragon athletes paint a quite long bruise apt the chest of the dragon crew plus bleeding . Dragon troop has never stopped, a push put the suspects aboard the spot uniforms .
field asked suspects Lingmou Mou (Male , 15 years old account of the November 9 Haiken flyover afterward apt China plus Thailand bazaars main gate of the truths of the guilt of theft of motorcycles plus suspects who collared the crime with homemade flat screwdriver 2 homemade wrest a machete a . Another person was caught the car was retrieved The case has been transferred to the Longhua Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion as beyond proceedings.
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