Chanel Bags Ipad Leather The male riding a motorcy

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Chanel Bags Ipad Leather The male riding a motorcy

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The this Yinjing ancestry the misadventure

□ reporters Du Wenyu text

newspaper Xuchang hearing a 26-year-old's life passing ahead a stopper was trampled Yinjing. The daytime he died three days, the families of his body was placed along the crash site, hoping to recover one explanation apt his death.
the afternoon of December 22, Xuchang city labor the northern section of East Road,on the pavement there namely a small shanty put up with plastic canvasing which is covered with bedding,blankets lying on is the corpse of directors Yachao .
his relatives, the 26-year-old Dong Ya-chao, who lives in Deng Township, December 19 by 10 am, he was riding a motorcycle the night shift,through the Yinjing,damaged manhole cover, he from the motor The automobile fell to the pavement Am apt eleven pm, his home received a phone call came, the folk must dead
the Yinjing by the east side of the road, the wellhead namely virtually 80 square centimeters, of nearly two meters deep, which the accumulation of a lot of waste Nearby residents said the manhole cover along least half a annual onward creature crushed,but nobody. A customary pass here pedestrian said, this does not cover the cellar well,just in the corner, the night light is not comely it is easy opportunity The vehicle police emulating investigation,judgment motorcycle after Yinjing, because the lid is destroyed causing the motorcycle soared after the fall,leading apt the accident The vehicle police deem that this was a unilateral occurrences in addition to the Dong Yachao personal factors the stopper Yinjing namely the inducement occasion of the chance
home members said the children died a mournful death, they bear some responsibility, Wei District Construction Bureau of the destroyed manhole cover shall be compensated. In addition, the child's element to work injury pension. From the 20th, and the home began to Xuchang City Construction Bureau,Chanel Tote Bags, Wei District Construction Bureau and additional divisions to reflect the situation,but three days after still not results. It namely understood that the responsibility of the section of the road in always zones of Wei Construction Bureau. 34 documentation requirements forward to Xu Zheng Ban [2006] bottom that covers lost,damaged shift, flip, shall arrive by the scene among two hours in a timely manner apt supplement installed,Chanel Coco,Ghd Midnight Deluxe Gift Set Online report false news of the Guangxi man was fin, replace. No pipeline inspection wells located in the metropolis aboard the road,Chanel Bags Ipad Leather, cover the failings in a timely form to fill a emptiness or fix occasioned at Xuchang City Construction Committee ordered to tell corrections,True Religion Jeans Mens Man -made simple rafts un,apt a good of 20,000 yuan; loss shall bear liability; at the same time be exposed aboard television stations,Chanel Bags Canada, newspapers and other newspaper middling.
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