True Religion Sale Public officials accused of occ

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True Religion Sale Public officials accused of occ

Postby zEKfCrws » Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:41 pm

Haikou, a public commander back the Wenchang family to dig fish ponds cited the commentary

villagers apt reflect their own farmland occupied according digging the allowable position atmosphere puddle;

the public digging fish ponds to return home as the weekend fishing; Provincial Public Security Department, involved amid the investigation

WASHINGTON Tan livestock Town, Wenchang City undertakings stack village magnetism Hau Kuang village, the villagers because of a 200 square meters of fish ponds sparked heated dispute The villagers focus of heated discussion namely the use of the 200 square meters of fish ponds and digging of fish ponds amid people's individuality The villagers,Ghd Straighteners Sale May baby intracranial tumor, digging fish ponds as a ingredient of Haikou public officials,merely the destruction of the pregnant land of others, three periods excavated into the puddle among order to return family over the weekend fishing and leisure,True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Sale,excavated fish ponds land namely collective wasteland. It is reported is the Provincial Public Security Bureau has sent personnel apt investigate the material The
reporters Chen flag text /

a public lawful villagers pointed out namely an area of ​​digging the lawful position air puddle

rations fields of the old mother barely he dug on the jaws 'official position,climate puddles'. Yesterday morning, this reporter went to the United States of filial allegiance interview Kuang village. Yang said Zhao Ming, the 1st half of 2005, the same village among Haikou Yang returned apt his family the use of one excavator to excavate fish ponds among the village west of a farmland.excavated three periods before digging into what it is.excavate fish ponds of their household places kinds there are peanuts,True Religion Jeans Mens, a burden on peasants manual. In this manual, the chip of farmland district of ​​0.eight acres, and payable amid the agricultural impose
Young said Zhao Ming, Yang, as public servants,to occupy the land of others dug official position air puddle, and some should never
parties villagers referred to as fish ponds. Reporters on the scene apt discern which namely a rectangular fish ponds, fish ponds have been overran with water. Near the village housing side of the pond base, banana, coconut trees, etc.; in the other three sides aboard the pond base, covered with weeds. Villagers to plant bananas,True Religion Sale, coconut and other crops aboard the land bordering to the fish ponds. Not You can say that again the fish ponds, a water well. , Digging the mouth of the fish ponds Yang Yang, Zhao Ming said, the house of their kin never distant behind the fish ponds.
visits to the fish ponds at the same time the reporter also interviewed some of the Asked the fish ponds, respondents villagers do never paucity apt talk virtually likewise much, and later confirmed namely the fish ponds within Haikou Yang excavated The reporter next interviewed in the village,True Religion Sale Sixty woman was stepson driven, some villagers have been confirmed along the expression of the lawful position air puddle
Yang Zhao Ming said his family for the legal position ventilation puddle issue, had reflected by the relevant divisions of the Provincial Public Security Department,apt urge Yang apt restore farmland status quo ante,True Religion Flare Jeans,to empower him to continue agriculture
parties debated namely the digging fish ponds as the weekend fishing land is collective tilt

yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed on issues related to the Yang. The lawful position air puddle Yang said namely the jaws of the fish ponds of 200 m2 is indeed he who dug merely not the villagers said. Yang also said is the official position ventilation puddle Yang said that the Provincial Public Security Department because of the material who recently sent apt the village investigated.
Yang said he was digging fish ponds apt paddy fields, a lofty incline shrubland or Heath,in the meantime namely a collective manner. Yang later told reporters,ahead and later the digging fish ponds, he had to Yang Zhao Ming mama three times the money, up to a 200 yuan. For the farmers' burden Manual, Yang Zhao Ming, Yang said,
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Re: True Religion Sale Public officials accused of occ

Postby samenzhen » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:23 am

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