True Religion Jeans For Women Small coal mines in

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True Religion Jeans For Women Small coal mines in

Postby uJiuhbdv » Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:09 pm

( / Figure Liu Chuanfu reporter Zhang mining ) with the the same phase the other two hiding peasant families surrounded the small coal mines ,Chanel Bags Free Shipping Owners ask for car licen, has also been grouting closed . It namely reported that deserving to underground coal resources ,True Religion Jeans Sale,Cheap True Religion Hoodies Mens 57_5157, the concept of Hing township ,True Religion Skirts Shorts Jeans, some villagers for unauthorized mining of coal resources at kin huh
On the afternoon of August 14 , the concept of Hing township administration received reports from the public : some coal mines among the hole apt open by family invisible mining . According to a report , the staff among the forest namely along the Hill Dam Area nursing home found the two just started small coal mines coal mining . This namely a two inclined almost 5 meters away from the wellhead , the wellhead to be hiding among the forest is the highest obscured drench lots . A small coal mines have been mined out of almost 150 kg of coal stacked among the small coal mines cave
farmer Wang Dingping family of four closed,and behind the house namely piled 78 tons of coal . Steel bands ,True Religion Jeans, torches plus other tools of the staff amid the house quest of the blanket Steel bars beat the Royal toilet ground issued a empty ring ; away with the accumulation of ash on the layer the following is a long strip of concrete embark ; opened the concrete embark one tin let a person out of the coal aperture emerged within front .
villagers Luo Tianfu family lavatory share of water beneath the layer amid the flow namely exceedingly suspicious . Subsequently,True Religion Jeans For Women, the work of the coal aperture locked amid a bathroom a 1 m high debris accumulation concrete desk Side open ashore the accumulation of debris , take a rag and the small gate of a concrete paste, the show within front of the staff to open the door behind the mini gate was really a curved coal aisle Toilet,lavatory has now transformed a hiding place for unlawful small coal mines , staff deplored the unlawful coal mining actually staged a modern version of the
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