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you know that UGGs Boots on sale

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Sing the global theme song for the singer was actually sexy the idol
mm Who comparable Adam Lambert sing praises the Chinese
comment writer: Haoge
Sohu Entertainment exclusively for Haoge blog starting
sweeping the globe, the latest disaster, a new global concept, the Chinese element to conquer the Chinese audience, dazzling Hollywood special effects to an imagined end of the world production of realistic and spectacular shock ending theme song is melodic, is expected to become the annual world's hottest hits.
2012 logical point. human refuge in Noah's Ark after experiencing some tension choking rescue and emergency, and finally heading for the calm sea,Cheap UGGs for sale, out of the survivors of the Ark of the golden layer on the printed film golden hue change,CHI Flat Irons, re-see the fresh air and sunlight access to the the newborn determination to re-create a new home. This theme of this disaster blockbuster perform to perfection: recycling after the destruction of human beauty, reflecting the endless human spirit, to give the power of human hope in a golden halo screen, the movie OST slowly debut of a highly magnetic male voice singing the 2012 theme song. Who is he? sound so fresh and strange and so full of publicity and the temptation? 1997 after played a more innovative, but also indicates the determination of the new star of American pop music Michael after recycling.
after Michael's death,Cheap NFL jerseys, the American pop music who is Relay Nova? in discovering and developing a number of excellent singer,UGG Boots Clearance, years, finally the first time that the star! mm This is the era of the U.S. media on the evaluation of Adam Lambert.
Adam b Lambert is the darling of the draft era, it is the strength to sing of him than Michael The singers have more individuality and self-Adam b Lambert Adam Lambert American Idol held in the past eight years, the most talked about and most controversial players. was born in Indianapolis,Cheap UGGs for sale, Indiana, USA, grew up in San Diego 10-year-old began performing musicals, after graduating from high school alone in the Hollywood career,UGGs on Sale, with solid vocals and a wealth of stage experience in the American Idol 2009 draft has not been decided at the annual championship of his fame has far exceeded the other contestants. week's American Idol live television,CHI Flat Irons, he gave the audience a whole new experience. he is extremely gorgeous splurge voice, varied stage performances, attracted the attention of global audience and the media he used a a concert-level performers to prove their strength. odds betting company to win for him out of even less than 1 Adam b Lambert, Adam Lambert is the first American Idol competition stage appeared on the U.S. Entertainment Weekly disclosing their sexual orientation. American magazine elected for the year,Uggs Clearance, one of the most sexy idol Adam b Lambert,Uggs Clearance, who already has a number of star growth potential. Houshengkewei should not be overlooked
Adam b Lambert excellent voice potential and strength of its singing super-dominant position of strength. media described the meaning of Adam b Lambert: ,Discount NFL jerseys, but never one like Adam so that these three o'clock the perfect combination of face is handsome,UGGs Boots on sale, fashionably dressed absolute influx of men every week of the classic works once a subversive interpretation of his voice and appearance of that yin and yang, both fascinated by how many fans do not know. However, while much attention, he is also on the
Adam Lambert's daring is also reflected in the super voice of him that can sing the song famous black and white Nova's fearless,Cheap NFL jerseys, he will be the whole song performed very modern and stylish sense in maintaining the original essence of the above by adding a strong ; You're too much! Michael Jackson should listen to this song! still go a long way
while Adam Lambert, this time by lyrical elements, is still the theme of love works can be described as comparable to Chinese version of the domestic strength of the singer who's voice is more suitable to cover the first songs? was charm? This is undoubtedly a choice problem, the poor state of the domestic strength of the old stars, the strength of the nova is inadequate. Sangzi Hao able to sing soprano in the old star Sun Nan, Bei jing,UGGs on Sale, draft singer Zhang Jie, Reno,Uggs Clearance, recovery can be a total of choice. In fact,ghd iv salon styler, Cantonese for Hong Kong and Taiwan singer to sing, then select the room and chance undoubtedly much greater, Jacky Cheung, Emil Chau, the strength of old stars can live up to expectations. In any case, the pattern of diversification of mainland pop music, the lack of an Adam b Lambert,ghd iv styler, this ultra-popular hegemony. see the pop music boom in the Mainland appearance behind the embarrassing lack of a leader.
adam Lambert -
special - miracle of the coming time (Haoge blog music box play)
album: 2012 time for skilled,Gucci Outlet, expert
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