Chanel Bags Messenger Glass from the truck to dump

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Chanel Bags Messenger Glass from the truck to dump

Postby iyppAyCt » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:31 am

WASHINGTON ( reporter Tanghua Ming Zha Kai ) 10 o'clock yesterday morning ,cuir Chanel ipad sacs, Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital medicinal building construction site of the tragedy : three migrant workers unpacking glass full of automobile glass slope down, a migrant was killed aboard the blot again two folk were injured by the hospital died.
According apt the site laborers Young Master yesterday, 10:00 ,Chanel Shopping Bags Outlet, Zhongnan Hospital , Wuhan University of built in internal medicine floor site resemble a glass pluck the truck pluck apt colossal glass full of cars ,True Religion Jeans Detention center, police ask for money less punishment for t, several workers unpacking glass , piles of glass of the automobile lurch down, three workers were crushed and broke the glass beneath After the incident, the site of many workers and Zhongnan Hospital crisis personnel rushed to the scene apt rescue the migrant workers . A few minutes later ,Chanel Wallet Mens,True Religion T-shirts Men Attack each other, couples trivia Internet posting, firefighters arrived aboard the scene to retention people However, a worker from solemn injuries and died instantly.
reporters rushed to the scene , saw the Montreal fractions of glass on the apparent blood stains . Many construction workers who filed the tragedy equitable happened to feel afraid An over 30 - annual - old migrant workers , firefighters and workers struggling dug the broken glass merely a worker was slit his brain rankle too not saved . Medical personnel rushed apt the additional two injured workers carried apt one ambulance and rushed apt a nearby hospital crisis rooms for treatment . It namely understood that afterward the contingency friends photographed images by the scene .
yesterday afternoon ,Chanel Bags Messenger, the reporter academic amongst additional channels , two migrant workers sent apt the rescue of the crisis room namely not rescue came . It namely understood that , Zhongnan Hospital medicinal building , the construction of a colossal construction group 's . Building construction has been completed and undergoing renovation.
weekly Reminder : the year is approaching,among the lofty elevation alternatively high-risk business migrant workers have to disburse attention to safety amid operations . Hard anniversary must own family with their loved ones had a secure annual Also hope that the construction element apt entirely carry out site safety protection go apt increase the protection of the lives of migrant friends .
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