Classic Chanel Bags Farm false material cheating g

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Classic Chanel Bags Farm false material cheating g

Postby vy18rpbb » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:42 am

Guaranteeing the application materials

Haikou ruddy sloping ridge of tropical crops of some workers: farm guaranteeing application materials deceit

declaration of 72,chanel sacs prix 290 kg weight girls for weight lo, only eleven encounter the minimal absences conditions

Core Tip

the 1st 15 min of this annual Haikou plough approved 67 applications as existence allowances; the second 15 min of the furrow and increase within the 67 on the basis of declaration five Verified by the regional ministry sector, the increase among the second 15 min declared a five encounter conditions guaranteeing affirm surrounded the first 15 min of subsistence rations ratified by the 67, only eleven encounter the minimal needs conditions, many applications households Some of the home have a nailed income, and some furrow cadres home In this regard, the person among charge of the farm said in an interview with reporters, the cause so many people who are never fit apt requisition as existence budgets because the furrow workers' income namely relatively cheap life namely more difficult and reported apt the account amongst the regional town ministry confirmed. Yesterday, the local town administration namely responsible as an interview with reporters said that,whatever these applications households have been concession,nearly 4 million of the 56 formerly have been the 1st 15 min of existence allowances paid yet can never be revived
reporter Su Zhongwen / map

plough of
some workers pretended material cheating guaranteeing expenditure

Recently, there have been to Haikou City authority service hotline personnel, more than 20 families of cadres and family
reporting person, investigation and verification by local administration departments amid the two quarters apt assert the 72 inexpensive families only eleven encounter the minimal absences conditions. 61 does never encounter the minimal absences conditions of implementation of compensating However, the 1st quarter of 56 do not meet the minimal absences conditions to receive the existence budgets of staff,yet has yet apt be cheating guaranteeing payment to be refunded. Hope the relevant authorities to intervene surrounded a timely investigation into the matter.
regional administration

the receipt of the report to proceed immediately to the examine

yesterday afternoon,Burberry Totes Bags Man and his wife quarrel from, the Hainan Special Zone News reporter came apt Haikou Meilan District roughly Pozhen town government apt understand the situation acolyte civil businesses of the town authority Mr. Fu received the reporters. the
Fu told reporters that Mr. Slope Ridge tropical harvests field part of the staff reflects the town's organization department of civilian affairs staff, specifically down the in-depth investigation and processing. Survey: Slope Ridge field of tropical crops surrounded the 1st 15 min of 2009 apt pronounce a absolute low households 67,always ratified and have issued guaranteeing expense Declaration guaranteeing the numeral of families as the second 15 min of 2009 was 72. By the town department of civilian businesses investigation and verification, only 11 appropriate apt apply as subsistence allowances conditions, 61 conditions are never met. Learned of the survey the town has to acquaint timely processing,apt halt payment of guaranteeing expense for the second 15 min of the Slope Ridge tropical harvests field to be investigated to validate ahead making payment; Slope Ridge of tropical crops are likewise essential apt field the second 15 min of the 72 applications declared inexpensive households re-publicity, and adopt their supervision.
furrow contention account apt debate with the town confirm before reporting

yesterday,Classic Chanel Bags, workers reflected Reporters District Assistant Mr Foo, roughly Pozhen town ministry to cater the contact telephone digit and Haikou Slope Ridge tropical farm field Lu Shuji made contact.
Lu Shuji told reporters that they finished with more than 800 people the lives of a majority of workers are more complicated From the substantial situation in the field where,forward apt the difficulties of the workers, and gradually petition for guaranteeing the list reported up. The second 15 min of this annual a total field inside submit to roughly Pozhen ministry 72 alone subsistence allowances username,Chanel Flap Bags Outlet, the numeral has increased over the 1st quarter because these people's lives quite complex absolutely
afterward reported to the application account is how baked it? Lu Shuji said, that these lists are peppery as field with roughly Pozhen accompany coincided apt confirm ahead reporting. Payment of subsistence rations to take the access of territorial management, the list of reported first hurdle behind the town, so the field reported that the account namely behind roughly Pozhen admitted the. Now that so many folk are never compliant,subsequently returned to not report.
retard guaranteeing the application materials problems

amongst no babies alternatively only one daughter marital,yet life can never self-care personnel; There are also some alive in particularly complicated personnel. Mr Foo
told reporters that the situation of the investigation, the Slope Ridge tropical crops reported over the guaranteeing of application materials is problematic,sacs chanel France, mainly within the following aspects: First, many have a fixed income applied; bounce homes apt apply; Third, the authority fixed wages likewise applied; fourth, able-bodied people to apply; Fifth, there is likewise applied among other income.
town government issued about 4 million guaranteeing payment namely incapable to recover

Mr. Fu told reporters that the observe acceptance process,Chanel Tote Bags,surrounded accordance with the Haikou City, urban and rustic low as the payment of existence rations apt work amongst at least four steps: 1st the intricate thing I submit a written application; the second countryside (neighborhood) councils apt investigate council; town avenue a preliminary repeat of materials submitted; Fourth District Civil Affairs Bureau guaranteeing Center aboard the materials submitted as approval
has such rigid rules and processes, and why there want be so many homes to cheat the minimal needs of the phenomenon? In this regard, Mr Foo said rather reluctantly, First, from the administration, the farm does never belong to the town leadership of the town only operational guidance. Secondly, the town because of funding and manpower constraints, are unable to account of farms reported apt validate the workers continue to report, the town is still very important, specially sent down one of a careful investigation.
Bank on benefit of down.
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Re: Classic Chanel Bags Farm false material cheating g

Postby samenzhen » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:34 am

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