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part The Links of London Jewellery

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Again tomorrow into the weekend, the original was too busy, not the spirit to write something,Links of London Sales, but thinking about it, you code a few strokes. Movie star Ray Lui is a friend of my industry friends, on rumors he and of remarriage Mrs. Yang Xiaojuan Internet rumors it is bewildering and marvelous,Links of London Sales, do not know these speculations rumors are out from where this simple talk, to correct the fallacy of hearsay defects.
It is well known, Ray Lui counted three marriage, three years ago,Links of London Jewellery, I wrote about things, first with movie star Kathy Chow are not registered in the United States Las Vegas chapel wedding, the second time he and singer Kwong Mei-yun short history of the flash marriage, and the third married younger, he was ten -year-old Yang Xiaojuan, especially marriage and Yang Xiaojuan, the economic dilemma in 2097, to now rumors of one billion net worth of property,Links of London Sales, and the network Yang Xiaojuan wealth of background, the circulating rumors of the various versions of overwhelming speculation.
First Yang Xiaojuan,Links of London Sales, was born in Guizhou, while the family was rich,Links of London Jewellery, the network there are rumors that her father is a national senior cadres, and even network spread argument, said Yang Xiaojuan is the youngest daughter of former President Yang Shangkun, is really incredible. the real inside story; Yang Xiaojuan his father called YANG Fu-wen had, indeed, the relevant Mainland authorities cadres privacy plot will not say, and the Yang Xiaojuan father had already retired for many years.
Yang Xiaojuan once Peking top students, rich theoretical basis of the economic and trade operations Although she was born in Guizhou and studying in Beijing,Links of London Sales, and in the Mainland Trade Industry for many years, but you figure she resided in Hong Kong ten years. Yang Xiaojuan engaged in commercial trade, including light industrial products and liquor import and export, which also including the rumor of the Maitai,Links of London Jewellery, of course, the huge profits of the foreign trade business can be imagined. Yang Xiaojuan also engaged in the business management, opened a leather goods manufacturing plant in Shenzhen,Links of London Jewellery, domestic sales and exports of products including, many years of successful operation for her strong accumulation of wealth. Yang Xiaojuan
also really served as the person in charge of the commercial organization in Shenzhen, and with the size of her business to grow and develop,Links of London Jewellery, the scope of her business related to financial investments, costume jewelry, advertising, media, beauty and slimming cultural production, and many other fields,Links of London Jewellery, has a wealth of business theoretical basis for her, with the Guizhou people the kind of forthright fierce character, called the surf business community and beats. As to her exactly how much money no one knows, but I've heard in Shenzhen also folks hundreds of millions of assets, Ms. friend said Yang Xiaojuan property than she wants a lot more. Of course, this matter, nor is Ray Lui understanding through a friend.
Ray Lui and Yang Xiaojuan met in 2098, from a social friend two gradually developed into a circle of friends, was the face caught in the economic downturn,Links of London Sales, Ray Lui, Yang Xiaojuan to give spiritual counseling and encouragement, making Ray Lui and gradually re-excited and positive. in 2001 when they entered the marriage hall. Ray Lui hard work of marriage, participation and collaboration of Mrs. Yang Xiaojuan, Ray Lui full of energy into the work of filming and video investment, moving together of the two fly together! In addition, Yang Xiaojuan very enthusiastic about the social welfare charity, we can industry in Hong Kong charitable disaster relief activities to see in the picture, basically have the figure of the Yang Xiaojuan even they have to go to school son named Lvshan Yang Ah Wei's words; called charity Yin gentleman, a name for themselves really hero. advertising companies on the rumors outside of Ray Lui next year in the United States, and the rumors that the company's value after the listing of up to two billion yuan,Links of London Sales, Ray Lui has at least one billion net worth, in fact, this is not quite accurate.
the outside world Ray Lui said the advertising company is after marriage, the couple then around 2003, in cooperation with the Chinese-American Mr. Feng Huizhong touch media organizations, the main business of the agency by the taxi co-operation with provincial and municipal mobile touch installation of interactive equipment, has been to achieve the effect of advertising media. the company has successfully led by Duane Kuang, Qiming Venture Partners, as well as a number of Asia Sheng institutions, Ding Jia, Shanghai venture capital investment, the more odd investment institutions at home and abroad involved in supporting if the company in the U.S. NASDAQ listed, Ray Lui couple can get the number of interests,Links of London Sale, this is probably not the one billion figure can be accurately described.
remember Ray Lui once said that if the company is listed on success, he would film industry come up with billions battles, first to shoot the film on the Beach get a lot of business, including the famous beauty center, Adidas apparel agent, and even catering services and eyewear industry, etc., in a word; restless.
now Ray Lui couple and son, three,Links of London Sales, living in Hong Kong luxury mansion in Repulse Bay, called par business community rich in daily use, several luxury cars,Links of London Jewellery, Bentley also valuable,Links of London Sales, The Yang Xiaojuan luxury clothing Needless to say, only her collection of antiques and art on the abnormal valuable for some of the negative rumors in the outside world, Yang Xiaojuan often said to friends in the industry, my husband now, thanks to his efforts, he really did not eat soft rice
of course, according to friends of his say , the couple is relatively independent of the family finances, balance of payments all managed by his wife, except for a common cause investment,Links of London Sales! there is something more agreeable, Ray Lui's achievement of commercial development, is closely related with the his wife's business experience and relationships. In short, Ray Lui and the more than his younger teenage remarried wife, their marriage is also called the perfect match,Links of London Sales, is also very motivated the cleverness son reading, to strengthen the national culture and education of the son, Ray Lui son to the traditional atmosphere of a strong school did not choose to go overseas international elite, Ray Lui in the wife's urging, also enrolled in the Beijing University of Economics and Management of research programs to strengthen the theoretical foundation of business operations, of course, at home and abroad the industry's film and television work, he will also row of agenda planning a very full now, when a friend asked who is now the greatest wish is,Links of London Sale, Ray Lui very own can no longer had a daughter, of course, this thing needs a couple hard work
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